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If you are a pet owner, then probably you know how much your furry friend improves your daily life. Kids too love their pets unconditionally. Creatures, whether large or small, can potentially teach, delight and offer a special kind of companionship to the family. In fact, research has shown that close to forty percent of kids begin life in a family with domestic animals. Again, nearly ninety percent of all children live with a pet at some point in their childhood. It has been proven that on an emotional level, pets can help you decrease stress, depression, and anxiety. What’s more, health-wise, the prospect of owning a pet can help lower your blood pressure levels, reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke and improve your immunity. Simply put, having pets by your side offer incredible benefits.

However, you must always take great care of that particular animal you own. You should ensure that it has a proper diet, fresh water, somewhere suitable to live, protected from, and treated for injury and illness. Again, it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep it away from other animals, depending on the needs of your pet. But, sometimes getting all the information on how to take care of your pet may be hard to access. Thankfully, there are tons of useful pet blogs which can help you get all the information you need to know. Check out below for our top 25 pet blogs. The writers of these pet blogs share their stories, great pet-owner tips, and cute moments from their beloved pets.

Best Pet Blogs for Pet Lovers


If you are looking for somewhere to get all the latest and useful information for your dog, this is the place! It covers nearly everything from dog stories, important news events, information regarding various dog products, celebrity dogs among other pooch-related data. Most importantly, the blog’s active contributors are from all areas including, dog trainers, veterinary doctors and pop culture journalism and more.

The Conscious Cat

Owning a cat will provide you with a number of health benefits. For you to enjoy all the anticipated benefits, you must take good care of her. For highly practical tips on how to make your cat happier, enhance her health and nutrition information, enter the conscious cat blog. It is an incredible resource, filled with lots of helpful information that may help you enhance your friendship with your loved feline.

It is dog or nothing

Are you a dog owner who is in need of great news regarding dogs? If yes then this particular blog site is ideal for you. Here, you’ll get honest reviews of top products, giveaways as well as other helpful resources on how to make your dog happy.

Montecristo travels

For fantastic tips on how to travel with your dog, visit this blog. You will learn pet-friendly locations to visit, with recommended transportations and accommodations. The blog also shares tips, tricks, advice and can link you up to useful official travel sites and all the pet travel information you would require.

Rubicon days.

Not all dogs are friendly. So if yours is a challenging one, this is the best place for you to gain positivity as well as relevant information on how to tame it. It is a comprehensive blog which covers lots of topics including reward-based training, street dogs, international rescue and overall domestic animal welfare. Besides, you’ll be advised on the best nutrition for your pet.

Tenacious little terrier.

Did you know that you can go hiking with your dog and still enjoy the occasion? If you are doubting, visit this particular pet blogging site, and you’ll start to believe. The blog is packed with lots of tips on how to have fun with your pet. From pet-friendly sites, canoeing to sports and training, you’ll equip yourself with all the necessary information.

Watch the dog.

Join this particular pet blog and enjoy some of the experiences, Maggie, an eight-year-old has had on her dog-related travels. She has traveled across Asia, North America and Europe.

Petco Community.

This is a renowned specialty retailer which solely focuses on nurturing a healthy relationship between pets and humans. The information revolves around various pet products, services, and other experiences and tips on how to keep your pet mentally active, physically fit, happy and socially engaged.


All about pet sitting, home dog boarding, and day care. As you may have seen, this place is all about learning what dog boarding is about. Besides, it is filled with useful information on how you should take care of your pet.


At Dogster, it is all about helping dog lovers, and owners find the relevant information on vets, dog training, and breeds. You’ll also find some dog food recipes and much more.

EntirelyPets Blog.

A highly versatile pet blog which covers almost everything related to pets. Typically, it offers pet tips, contests as well as significant savings to aid you to make your pet healthy and happy at all times.


This is arguably North America’s largest non-profit adoption site for pets and boasts of thirteen thousand and nine hundred private and public animal shelters and humane societies who post their pets for adoption.


This is another fantastic pet blog which offers up-to-date information on all pets.


Based in the United States, Vetstreet ensures that responsible pet owners can have an easy time finding veterinarian approved pet health information. What’s more, it offers detailed expert advice on the available cat breeds, latest pet news, dog breeds and pet training.

Canidae: Pet food made by pet people.

If you love, care and value your pet, then this is the best place to visit and know how to take great care of your passionate animal. Here, you’ll get a variety of pieces that cover everything from nutrition, vet care, pet exercises, pet training and more.

Drs Foster and Smith Pet Blog

This blog site will provide you with comprehensive and up-to-date information related to pet animals, and how best to relate and take care of them.


If you are currently searching for tips on how to choose dog products, DogTipper offers you the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and understanding of top dog products.

Animal Friends.

Are you finding some difficulty taking care of your pet? Animal Friends is a modern and ethical insurance firm which donates massive amounts of its own profits to the animal charities globally every year. This is intended to help less fortunate pet animals who are in dire need of care, shelter, attention, and love.

Trupanion Blog – Pet Health Care and Advice.

This is a typically a pet insurance blog which focuses on helping pet owners with useful tips and advice regarding how to take care of their loved animals. It also covers articles about cat and dog health issues on a weekly basis.

Austin Pets Alive!

This is a non-profit generating organization entirely dedicated to helping in the rescue of animals. Its primary objective is to provide the resources, programs and the education required to help eradicate the killing of pets.

Petplan Blog.

Petplan blog is typically designed to help you solve the various pet behavior problems, diet options, pet traveling and different pet health conditions.

Good News For Pets.

If you have never appreciated the value of taking great care of your pet, this particular pet blog site will change your mind. It covers nearly everything on adequate veterinary care, how to care for your pet and how to select the highest quality pet products.

The Pet Collective: Youtube

This particular pet blog mostly focuses on entertainment, and as such, is the home to the latest trending pet videos, funniest animal clips online and the most interesting memes. Find some happiness by watching all these!


If you are seeking for the perfect place to purchase various pet supplies including clothes, food, training devices, toys among others, Petsworld is the place to go.

MedicAnimal Blog.

All experts agree that this pet blog site is the most trusted online retailers of many animal supplies as well as veterinary products.

The Bottom Line.

Arguably, owning a pet is one of the most delightful and enriching life experiences. Any creature which you take care of and nurture is bound to become your never ending and reliable source of happiness and joy. If you are a pet owner who would love to learn and know how to treat his/her companion animal, these are the best sites to extract that knowledge.

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