Top 25 Recipe Blogs That Every Food Lover Should Know

Food is a necessity for human survival. However, being a necessity does not mean that it is not something to be enjoyed. In fact, the food world is a beautiful place to explore with limitless recipes and tasty profiles to try. We do realize that it’s a big world out there. So, we’re going to help you traverse your way into this wonderful realm by giving you the top food blogs on the web.

Best Recipe Blogs

Spoon Fork Bacon

If you are a mild opposite of vegetarians, then you are going to love the Spoon Fork Bacon blog. Even the name of the site already gives you a hint that these guys love their meat. The blog offers a lot of meat-based recipes from bratwursts to grilled steaks.

Recipe Diaries

Eating healthy is not something that is easy to do. After all, some of the tastiest ingredients are not exactly what we can call as “healthy.” Thankfully, you can always check at Recipe Diaries for recipes that are healthy and nutritious. The site is also a great source of ideas if you’re looking for low-carb recipes.

Simply Recipes

There’s no really one theme for this food blog. They have a range of recipes from Mexican to Italian recipes. However, if there’s one thing that you can be sure – if it’s on their site, there’s already a good chance its a great recipe with a lot of “repeatability” factor into it.

Kitchen Confidante

Do you want to create recipes that look like it came from a Michelin star restaurant? Well, this is the blog to learn it from. Not only the recipes are good, but you’ll also learn how to present it like a pro.

Love And Lemons

This blog is known for its recipes, which are usually bright, light and fresh. After checking a few of their recipes, it’s easy to spot that these guys love their lemons.

Skinny Taste

If you are easily bored with your recipes, then this blog is worth following. The author highly believes in creating recipes that are season dependent. This also means that you’ll always be eating something fresh, which makes all the difference in the world.

Jo Cooks

While there are recipes out there that will require some exotic ingredients to taste really good, but it takes a lot of skill and creativity to turn easily obtainable and everyday ingredients into a culinary work of art. And that’s what so special about this blog.

Deliciously Ella

Most people assume that recipes that are mostly plant-based, comes with no processed ingredients and vegetarian are not-so-tasty. Well, that’s because they haven’t visited Deliciously Ella.

I Am Food Blog

If you only had one blog to follow that will give you recipes inspired from different parts of the world, then this blog is it.

Cooking Classy

Hash recipes are becoming more and more popular these days. If you want to try this cooking style, then this is the blog to get recipes from.

A Family Feast

While comfort foods may not be the healthiest, but you can’t really argue about how good it is. If you need a fix for comfort food cravings, then this blog will give you plenty of recipes to choose from.

Tastes Better From Scratch

There’s a lot of instant food items in the grocery store – instant noodles, instant pancakes and instant pies. However, we all know nothing can beat a “homemade,” and that’s what this blog is all about.

David Lebovitz

While you may not recognize who David Lebovitz is, but once you start trying his dessert and sweets recipes, then you may become a cult follower of his. You have been warned.

Fuss Free Flavours

Don’t have time to whip a good meal that requires a long preparation time? Well, Fuss Free Flavours offers plenty of recipes that are not only tasty but are also quick to make.

Love And Olive Oil

There’s a lot of try recipes to try offered by this blog. The great thing about them is that they are tasty and doesn’t hurt your wallet to make.

Joy The Baker

If you are looking for a hearty treat that can only be quenched by a southern style baking or cooking, then this is the site to check.

Food In Jars

As the name suggests, if you want to make recipes that you can serve or store in a jar, then this the site worth checking. It’s a unique way of preparing food. Most of the recipes are also easy to digest, which is great for people with digestive-related problems.

Chocolate And Zucchini

How do pies, cakes, fresh ginger lemon drinks and cupcakes sound to you? If your sweet tooth is trying to tempt you, just give in and head to this blog.


What’s unique about this blog is that it’s not only a stockpile of recipes. It comes with a lot of insightful ideas, images, and stories. It’s not just a recipe blog; it gives you an experience.

Cookie And Kate

Being vegetarian is kind of tough. We all know creating a tasty meal with all veggies, and non-dairy ingredients is a difficult challenge. Nevertheless, Cookie And Kate is doing a good job at it. And, you can too, just head to their site.

What’s Gaby Cooking

If eating fresh greens and ingredients is your thing, then you’d love this blog. What makes this blog even better is they offer great healthy recipes for appetizers, drinks, and desserts.

Pinch Of Yum

Pinch Of Yum is a great blog to check out if you are into creating dishes that are healthy, delicious, interesting and practical to make. Recipes with pasta, lentils, curry, and noodles are the big favorites for these guys.

Honest Cooking

Honest Cooking is basically an Internet-based culinary magazine. They feature more than 900 beverage and food writers hailing from all corners of the globe. This means that if a recipe is featured on the blog, then you know can literally trust the experts.

Smitten Kitchen

A blog that carries unique recipes with a lot of cultural fusion. They have pizzas, hummus, and even cakes. Aside from the recipes, they take time on teaching you how to present your culinary creations.

How Sweet It Is

As the name suggests, the blog’s recipes are mostly centered on creating unique-looking and creatively inspired sweets. They also feature a lot of beverage recipes and meal recipes with fresh ingredients. It’s definitely worth checking out as they are one of the top food blogs in the market right now.

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