Valentine Day Delight To Fire Your Love Life Like Never Before

How it all started is still up for debate as historians have arrived at varying conclusions regarding the event that led to Valentine’s Day. It is only certain that in its earliest days, Valentine’s Day was celebrated as a feast day for Christians, for the remembrance and celebration of two or three early Christian martyrs named Valentine or Valentinus. Over time, the varying stories associated with these martyrs became a significant pop culture for the celebration of love and romance across the world. So Cupid stole the 14th of February and gave it to lovers. The world has not been able to recover this day ever since, and it remains a day of romance and something people look forward to every year.

While some people don’t take Valentine’s Day seriously, it is a big deal for many because love is always worth celebrating, and it is only okay to dedicate a day to it: for appreciating romantic partners, their companionship, friendship, and things of that sort that makes life meaningful and worth living. Many would agree that these values deserve to be celebrated every day, but Valentine’s Day is all we have, and it doesn’t come more than once a year. Given that, it shouldn’t be a bad idea to get the most of Valentine’s Day delight. The following are some ideas and inspirations that are guaranteed to add magic and glamor to your Valentine’s Day celebration.

25 Valentine’s Day Delight for a Memorable Celebration of Love

1. Finger Food

Valentine Day Delight
Have some finger food

Feel free to keep the cutlery aside and land yourself some finger foods. This may be the best way to start your Valentine. French Toast Cups, Peach Schnapps Squares, and King Oyster Bruschetta are our picks. Finger foods set the pace for a romantic, and nothing beats conversing with the love of your life over an assortment of delicious and delightful finger food.

2. Stay Indoor and Play Love Games

It’s lover’s day and should be all about you and that special person, so it is not hard to see how this can be a rewarding Valentine’s Day delight that would go a long way in polishing the feelings between two lovers. Instead of going out to celebrate and express your admiration for each other, you could opt for staying indoors and spending quality time together playing any of the love/coupe games out there: Fog of Love, Strip Poker, Sex Dice, and their likes. It could be regular games like Jenga, Scrabble, Monopoly, Truth or Dare, and what have you. These games are known to facilitate laughter while decreasing stress, creating more happiness, and strengthening relationships.

3. Romantic Dining Destinations

Valentine Day Delight
Have an unusual dinner

Sometimes the celebration is all about the destination. Get away from places you have always enjoyed to another place. It may even be from the living room to the bedroom. Have a nice dinner there and relish on the memories of your love, the things that have kept you two together, the good times, the bad times, and reconnect it all.

4. Get a Couple Massage/Spa Treatment

Spa treatments are known to leave people feeling rejuvenated and relaxed; the only thing better than that is getting this experience with the special one in your life on lover’s day. It’s a Valentine’s Day delight that can help any couple grow fonder of each other in addition to helping them regain their mental balance, improve their sleep, and release toxins. The benefits of a spa treatment which, amongst other things, include getting a massage, jet bath, waxing, and whatnot, are far-reaching. Nonetheless, it’s a luxury few people can afford, so it is undoubtedly a great way to spend your Valentine’s Day.

5. 9 1/2 Weeks Chocolate Strawberry Martini

Valentine Day Delight
9 1/2 Weeks Chocolate Strawberry Martini

This is a perfect cocktail that gets your heart stolen again and again by your better half. There is no reason why these chocolate-covered strawberries and whipped cream should not be your Valentine ritual. Even if you are on a strict diet that would frown on this, we think an exception should be made for this on the 14th of February.

6. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset Together

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For a couple drawn inwards, those who seek to make meaning out of things happening around them, this would be a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. There is a deep feeling of satisfaction and gratitude that comes from watching the sunrise or sunset. And sharing this experience with your partner is probably one of the purest ways to attain a deeper level of intimacy, appreciation of life, and the fact that you have each other. You shouldn’t just sit around waiting for sunset after sunrise. You could listen to a book together, see a movie, or stay indoors and play and couple’s game before capping the evening with a romantic sunset experience.

7. Spend Some Time Together In The Kitchen

Valentine Day Delight
Spend some time in the Kitchen

Something that can bring out the delight of your Valentine’s Day is when you spend some time in the kitchen together preparing what you will have for dinner. Instead of going out, have your dinner at home with phones, and TV turned off. It will be bliss.

8. Write a Love Diary for a Year As Valentine’s Day Present

This can make a great Valentine’s Day delight. You don’t have to write the diary for a complete year, it could be for three or six months before Valentine’s Day, and you can start right now if you want. Document the thoughts you are having about them, the conversations you had with the person, and any other significant event or thoughts you had. There is no better way to let the person know you think about them every day than this. The love diary should be given with other gifts or accompanied with any lover’s day treat listed in this piece.

9. Chocolate & Red Chile Cocktail

Valentine Day Delight
Chocolate & Red Chile Cocktail (Blog Cookaround)

The one thing close to the 9 1/2 Weeks Chocolate Strawberry Martini has to be the Chocolate & Red Chile Cocktail. The best part with this is that it doesn’t take your whole day to have it done. Just have the special person come over and spend the day doing whatever while enjoying this delicious cocktail.

10. Go for a Hike

Going for a hike on lover’s day could make a memorable Valentine’s Day delight. It is a resourceful way to spend time with your partner as going up and down hills amount to a good cardio session with many health benefits. Also, you get to explore nature for sightseeing.

11. Monkey Love Shot

Monkey Love Shot for Valentine's Day Delight
Monkey love shot

Having the banana monkey love shot in the name of love is a perfect one for any good Valentine. If you want to have it sweet, fruity, and with a hint of chocolate, that may be a good idea too. One shot of this drink can create a lot of happiness that would, in turn, inspire a lot of cherished memories.

12. Visit Haunted Locations

If your partner has a thing for the paranormal, you should consider this as one of the activities that would make the day memorable for them. There are many establishments known to stage the spookiest of ghost tours and flightseeing adventure, employ the services of any located in a convenient area and have a memorable and scary Valentine’s Day delight.

13. Shrimp Avocado Salad

Valentine Day Delight
Shrimp Avocado Salad (Photo: California Avocado Commission)

For avocado lovers, this is a step further. Made with nice flavors and juicy cajun shrimp, this is another thing that you will continue having even long after Valentine’s Day is done. Now, we are not saying you should spend the entire day feeding on shrimp avocado salad. It is only one of the meals you should consider including on the itinerary to make it memorable.

14. Try Skydiving

This is scary for many people, but if it is something you and your partner are curious about, it will amount to a cool Valentine’s Day delight. Apart from the fact that the shared experience can last a lifetime, the chemicals stimulated by skydiving are known to fight off depression, facilitate good sleep, and improve mental health, amongst other benefits.

15. Red Velvet Cake

Valentine Day Delight
Red Velvet Cake (Photo:

You can treat yourself to a multi-layered red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. You can even make it better when it is finished with a chocolate drizzle. Again, this should be only one of the treats included in your plans for the day, don’t sit around and eat this all day unless it’s all you want to do.

16. Volunteer Together for Any Community Service Project

For a couple passionate about contributing to their community in a meaningful way, this would be a fulfilling Valentine’s Day delight. It doesn’t have to be any massive undertaking; things like volunteering to offer free dog-walking services, walking kids home from school, and mowing the lawns of the elderly would yield lots of satisfaction and positive feelings.

17. Scotch Beef Steak and Chips

Valentine Day Delight
Scotch Beef Steak and Chips

Lovers easily get impressed by almost any good effort their partners put in. However, there are still ways to impress your partner and leave a lasting impression or even a hunger for another Valentine. That is with the scotch beef steaks chips. Even though we recommend you make this yourself and be a little creative about it, you can also order from a place you can trust if that is hard for you.

18. Plant a Tree Together

There are many beneficial reasons to plant a tree other than the fact that they clean the air and produce the oxygen we breathe. They are one of mankind’s greatest weapons in the fight against climate change. So for an environmentally conscious couple, nothing can be more romantic than planting a tree together in the name of love. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day delight.

19. Get that Special Gift

Valentine Day Delight
Get that special gift

Not flowers this time around or cards or jewelry. If they must come, they should not be as the main gifts but as compliments. Think outside the box, get something personalized that will last a long time, and make your partner always remember you. It is best to get something that has a practical use.

20. Give a Gift of Freedom

Yes, couples are meant to celebrate lover’s day together, but for a couple that has a family with so many responsibilities, you should consider giving your partner the gift of freedom. Freedom from all his family responsibilities; s/he should have the day all to themselves and do whatever they please with it. It is a thoughtful gift that guarantees a Valentine’s Day delight.

21. Take It Back to Where It All Started

Valentine Day Delight
Take a trip to where it all started

Sometimes it starts with an embarrassment or something cool. No matter how it all started, going back to the place it all began, is another way to add great flavor to your Valentine. There is great magic in going back. Spending some time there and talking about the first meeting is another magical thing.

22. Walk Back in Memory

Go through old pictures

If you are unable to go back to the place where it all started, you can as well take a trip down memory lane by watching the first movie you watched together, listening to the old songs you loved, and going through old pictures. There is so much that the past has to offer. Trust us, the past can provide all the Valentine’s Day delight needed.

23. Go for Bungee Jumping Together

This is a good alternative for skydiving and undoubtedly a thrilling experience that any couple can pull off on lovers’ day. It is also a good way to release stress, learn to overcome fears, feel alive, and make a lasting, beautiful memory.

24. Try something Crazy

Valentine Day Delights
Crazy Lovers

Apart from skydiving and bungee jumping, try something you have always feared doing or something crazy but memorable. Just make sure you don’t put yourself or your partner in harm’s way or against the law. Once it’s safe and good, just do it!

25. Soak Up In All Kinds of Music

Valentine Day Delights
Lionel Richie

Let the music keep you warm as you keep each other warm all night long. Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie, and all the good old days’ songs. It is the ultimate Valentine’s Day delight.

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