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American Grammy Award-winning songstress and actress, Mariah Carey, is a fabulous star, no doubt. She gained international fame for her vocal power, five-octave vocal range, her distinctive pattern of using whistle register and melismatic style. While she has experienced an audio track malfunction while lip-syncing in front of a live audience which almost caused her career to deteriorate, she has already eclipsed many singers in her class to be ranked among the elites in the industry. Here are some facts about the Always Be My baby singer who currently revealed she suffers from Bipolar II disorder.

Mariah Carey’s Ethnicity, Sister, Parents

She adopts her birth name; Mariah Carey, unlike many famous singers. The songbird was born on March 27, 1969, in Long Island, New York. Carey comes from a home that is not just ripped apart by divorce but also faced discrimination for its race. Her father was African American and Afro-Venezuelan origin while her mom has an Irish background. The couple (Patricia, an Opera singer, and Alfred aeronautical engineer) met and married back in 1960. Their wedding caused a feud between Patricia’s family who disowned her for marrying Alfred, a black that according to them didn’t deserve her. Apart from the discrimination that came from her maternal home, Carey’s family also faced blatant racism within their community for their descent.

Alfred and Patricia later parted ways after the birth of Carey’s brother Morgan. The then three-year-old Carey and her brother Morgan had to live with Patricia while Alison, her elder sister moved in with Alfred.

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Emotionally depressed by all the early bad experiences, Carey found consolation in music by singing away her sadness while still in elementary school. She made good grades in subjects she was passionate about including Arts, Literature and Music but didn’t quite do well in others.

By the time her mother was able to relocate the family to a more affluent part of New York where she joined Harborfeilds High School to further her education. The singer shifted her gaze from just singing to writing songs and poems.

While hoping to shine someday, Carey took up side jobs to support herself, working as a waitress and backup singer.

A year after her graduation from high school in 1987, she got signed to Columbia Records after impressing the records’ executive Tommy Mottola with her demo tape. She released her first album titled “Mariah Carey” three years later (1990). The magnitude of the album led to its more than 15 million copies being sold, winning the US best-selling album of the year 1991.

Her four singles from the album also ranked number one, winning the first musical act to have their four-album to achieve such feat after The Jackson 5.

The album also won the singer her first two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female, and Best New Artist for Vision of Love. Her second album followed in 1991 and by 1993, she was already working on her third album.

Early and mid-2000s saw Carey take over the music industry with more amazing albums. She won three more Grammy awards around this time including Best Contemporary R&B Album, with Brian Garten and Dana John Chappelle for “The Emancipation of Mimi,” Best R&B Song, with Jermaine Dupri, Johnta Austin, and Manuel Seal Jr., for “We Belong Together,” and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for “We Belong Together.”

So far, she has won five awards for her musical works and has had many nominations as well. More so, she has more than ten successful albums to her name and remains a singer to reckon with.

Apart from the outstanding music works that have earned her the nickname Songbird Supreme, Carey has done memorable films. She has also been involved in social works and activism.

Her Boyfriend Or Husband

Mariah Carey
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Mariah Carey has had a fair share of failed relationships common among celebrities. She was first married to her longtime lover whom she dated while recording Music Box, Tommy Mottola in 1993. Their relationship was an enviable one until the two started having problems with their varying creative ideas with regard to her album. Also, Carey got tired of Tommy always wanting to be in charge of affairs. Their love life finally broke down in 1997 and they legally parted ways in 2000.

Before this time, Carey, on the other hand, started dating Luis Miguela in 1998 – a year after they separated. But sadly, the affair ended in 2001, almost as quickly as it started. While she was recovering from the emotional trauma from the entire emotional turmoil, Nick Cannon walked into her life thanks to their musical collabo “Bye Bye”. The two fell in love at first sight and despite their age disparity with Mariah being older by 11 years, they married in 2008. Three years later, she gave birth to their twins Monroe and Moroccan. In 2014, their love went bad and Mariah separated from Nick. In 2016, they legally ended their marriage and at this time Mariah was already dating Australian billionaire James Packer. The same year their divorce was finalized, James Packer proposed to Mariah with 13.2 million diamond ring. They have ended their engagement and Mariah didn’t waste time to sell the pretty precious stone. She is currently dating famous entertainer, dancer, and choreographer Bryan Tanaka.

He has participated in the singer’s choreography during some of her performances. They probably met way back in 2006 when he performed on her Adventures of Mimi tour. Tanka has also worked with Beyonce’s choreography and has performed as her backup dancer once.