Marjorie Bridges-Woods
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The name Marjorie Bridges-Woods does ring a bell for a couple of reasons, first as being the third wife to Hollywood stand-up comedian, TV host, actor and the list could go on. Secondly Wood is popular for being a fashion mogul with a bag brand, Marjorie Harvey,(MH) and a fashion blog to go with it.

Although we began hearing about her following her marriage to the media mogul, her fame is not just built around her Harvey’s fame and popularity, Woods has also been able to make a name for herself as well as build a brand with her name beside her husband’s.

She is an independent 21st-century woman. Here is all you need to know about Marjorie Bridges-Woods, her bio, marriage to Steve Harvey, children and lots more.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Bio

As mentioned above not much was known about Woods until after her marriage to Steve Harvey, so you wouldn’t find much about her bio and early life online except that she was born on the 10th day of October 1964 as Marjorie Bridges. She got the name Woods from one of her previous marriages.

She is a fashion icon and runs her own fashion blog where she keeps fans hooked by taking them on her fashion adventures, showing off a bit of her luxurious lifestyle.

On the site, she also takes her fans and readers through her fashion excursion and as well provide them with tips on how to look stunning on just about any budget, thus she has a section on the site tagged under $100, which is carved out with the aim of showing  readers top trends that are under $100 and where to shop for them. Most of those gorgeous under $100 items are found at affordable stores, such as Nasty Gal Forever 21, and Wet Seal.

She also has her own bag brand MH (Marjorie Harvey) Handbags. Her bags have such names as “Bougie Boho in Yellow” and “Bougie Boho in White” and are so so affordable. And for those who think she just lives off her husband’s wealth, it might interest you to know that Marjorie Bridges-Woods has estimated net worth of #100 million.

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Her Children And Husband (Steve Harvey)

Marjorie Bridges-Woods
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Like Steve, Woods has been married twice. Her first marriage was to Jimmy Townsend but ended in divorce when he was sentenced to life imprisonment as a result of drug dealings and criminal offences. After her marriage to Jimmy ended, she then married Darnell Woods from whom she got the last name, Woods.

Before finally tying the knots with Harvey in 2007, the two were in an on-and-off relationship. The couple met in a comedy club and it was more or less love at first sight. In one of Harvey’s mother’s day tribute to Marjorie, he revealed that from the first day he set his eyes on her she left a lasting impression that even though he didn’t know she was, he knew that she would one day become his woman.

The couple has seven children altogether. While Steve has four from his previous marriages to Marcia Harvey and Mary Shackelford, Wood brought three from hers.

Harvey adopted Marjorie’s two daughters (Morgan and Lori) and Son (Jason), giving them his name, and the same went for Woods who has become step-mom to Harvey’s twin step-daughters (Brandi and Karli) and step-sons (Wynton and Broderick), interestingly, the couple have done a great job blending their family together.

Woods is a grandmother, her first daughter Morgan is married to Kareem Hawthorne popularly known as a.k.a DJ Bruckup. and together they have a beautiful daughter named Elle.

Morgan has a degree in Baking and Pastry from the Culinary Institute of America. She runs a blog called I Need Some Mo, where she shares easy but yet delicious recipes with the world. She has also appeared on The Steve Harvey Show and is the author of a book called Party Heart.

Marjorie’s second daughter Lori got engaged to Dutch professional football player Memphis Depay, in 2017. Her son Jason Harvey has a shoe line which goes by the name Yevrah footwear. Jason got married to a model Amanda since 2013 and they are parents to two adorable children – a daughter named Rose, and a son, called Noah.

Other Facts About Marjorie Bridges-Woods

Her husband gifted her a $500k Rolls Royce during her 50th birthday back in 2014. Steve revealed in an interview that it was actually his bodyguard who talked him into dating Woods.

Steve couldn’t attend President Trump’s inauguration because Marjorie took him far away to celebrate his 60th birthday.