Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd is an American professional journalist, columnist, and a best-selling author best known for liberally writing some of the most controversial articles in the politic sphere and never shying away from manifesting her feminism in the process.

Dowd is an established writer and her works in journalism has gained public interest for more than three decades running. Here, we have compiled some fascinating stories about her biography, husband, relationship with Trump, several awards won, amongst other amazing facts.

Maureen Dowd’s Biography

She was born Maureen Brigid Dowd on the 14th day of January 1952 in Washington, D.C. as the youngest of her parents’ five children. Her mother Margaret “Peggy” (Meenehan) was a housewife during her lifetime, and her father Mike Dowd worked as a Washington, D.C. police inspector. One of her siblings is the popular Kevin Dowd.

Maureen Dowd attended the (now defunct) Immaculata High School where she graduated from in 1969, before proceeding to the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. where she finished from in 1973 with a B.A. in English, before taking up a career in journalism.

Soon after her graduation, Maureen began her career as an editorial assistant in 1974, working for the Washington Star. While there, she rose to become a sports columnist, metropolitan reporter, and feature writer. With the newspaper company closing down in 1981, Maureen joined The New York Times in 1983. Initially, she was a metropolitan reporter before serving as a correspondent in the Times Washington bureau in 1986 and ultimately becoming an op-ed writer for the newspaper in 1995.

Dowd’s sharp, incisive commentary earned a loyal following. During her time as the White House correspondent, she covered four presidential campaigns, cutting powerful political figures down to size. In 1992, she was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize as a reward for her excellence in national reporting. In 1994, she was recognized for her contribution in women issues: winning the Matrix Award from New York Women in Communications; and in 1996, she was named a Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine

However, her biggest achievement came in 1999 when she finally won the Pulitzer Prize for her coverage and series of columns on the infamous extra-marital affair between Bill Clinton and White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. This led to other awards and international recognition, as she won The Damon Runyon Award for outstanding contributions to journalism in 2000, and became the first Mary Alice Davis Lectureship speaker in 2005 at The University of Texas at Austin.

In 2007, Maureen Dowd was ranked 37th on The Daily Telegraph’s list of the 100 most influential liberals in America.

Dowd’s Husband

Maureen Brigid Dowd has had a rich history of dating prominent public figures. In 1998, she had a brief but high profile relationship with the American actor and famous producer, Michael Douglas. When they broke up, they didn’t severe ties completely, they still remained good friends. In 2005, she began dating the famous American screenwriter, creator, and producer of The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin. Few months after, the couple broke up. In the same 2005.

She was once said to be involved in an intra-office romance with her fellow Times columnist, John Tierney. Since then, she has not been in any confirmed relationships till now. To say the least, the American columnist is yet to be married.

Maureen Dowd once revealed in an interview with the New York Magazine that her mother was worried about her marriage because even at the age of 53 (as at 2009), she was neither married nor living with a boyfriend.

Relationship With Trump

As a columnist, Maureen Dowd has covered more than seven presidential election campaigns, including that of Donald Trump. Her columns often times display a critical and irreverent attitude towards the Presidents; giving them nicknames in her columns such as “W” ( for President George Bush), “Big Time” (for Vice President Dick Cheney) and “Spock” (for President Barack Obama).

Few days after the 2016 election, Dowd said it’s impossible to wrap her mind around the fact that “the flashy, blingy, boasting, belittling, mendacious, megalomaniacal, shambles huckster once known in New York as the ‘short fingered vulgarian’ is now the 45th president of the United States.”

She also accused Trump of not replacing Obamacare with “something terrific” – despite all his promises – because he wanted everyone to be covered, and selling the D.O.A. bill the Irish undertaker gave him as though it was a “luxury condo”.

However, Dowd now claims to be less pessimistic than most Americans about Donald Trump’s rule and feels that he has actually been a revivifying force. She equally appreciated him for influencing a growing number of women to enter state houses and Congress. In 2016, Dowd wrote a book about the 2016 presidential race titled The Year of Voting Dangerously.

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Other Facts

Dowd’s columns have been described as letters to her (now late) mother, whom friends credit as the source of her sardonic, humorous, intellectual, and disputatious writing style.

Her columns are perceived to be an exploration of politics and gender-related topics: often using popular culture to metaphorically support and enhance her political views.

In 2014, Maureen, shared her encounter with marijuana as an opinion column for the New York Times chronicling the state of paranoia and anxiety she found herself in after taking a bite or two of an edible pot she had bought from a local dispensary.

In 2009, she was accused of plagiarism; as similarities were found between her work and that of an earlier published article by the editor of TPM, Josh Marshall.

In 2014, she wrote a column about Hillary Clinton titled “The Numbers Behind Maureen Dowd’s 21-Year Long Campaign Against Hillary Clinton,” for which she was criticized by numerous commentators for having an obsession with Bill and Hillary Clinton.