45 Best Hairstyles for Round Chubby Faces to Make You Look Slim

The best hairstyles for round chubby faces are those unique styles that project a slim look on the round face. Although it can turn out to be difficult in choosing a fitting style, bob hairstyles, long hairstyles, pixie haircut, and crochet hairstyles tend to work out most of the time, and when the right choices are made, it brings out the beauty, elegance, and class in a round chubby face, thus projecting a slimmer look.

Knowing how to perfectly style your hair to make your face look slimmer will show how perfect having a natural round chubby face can turn out to be. In a bid to achieve this, always chose the right hairstyle, hairstylist, matching hair color, right accessories, matching makeover, and proper maintenance care.

It’s up to you to decide what is beautiful. And for you, the most important thing is your attractiveness and self-confidence. We want to show you different hairstyles that will make you look prettier and feel better. Even if you have always been happy with your femininity and this never caused any doubts in you, you can still look at it from a different angle.

Bob Hairstyles for Round Chubby Faces

This is the perfect hairstyle for women that have round, chubby faces. The hairstyle hides the chubby cheeks and naturally gives an elongated face shape. The bob hairstyle comes in different sizes, some short stylish sizes while others can appear medium and long. Below are the best bob hairstyles for round faces. You will find it easy and interesting to style your hair.

1. Chin-Length Bob Hairstyle With Bangs For Chubby Faces

Having a hairstyle with bangs shouldn’t be a problem for a round chubby face as it gives a perfect look to the face. The tip of the bang has to come close to the mid lip, shaping the cheekbone and making the face look slimmer. Side-swept bangs look perfect on a round chubby face but need lots of maintenance to appear stunning always. To achieve this, the hair should be trimmed after every two to four weeks, moisturized daily to give it a shiny look. The right hair tools like comb, brush, hairdryer and hair kits should be used to achieve a long-lasting look. It can also come in different colors to suit other skin types with round chubby faces.

2. Beachy Babe Bob Hairstyle For Thin Hair and Rounded Face

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This is one of the hairstyles for round chubby faces, which gives a soft face shape. The waves, which are an inspiration from the beach waves, provide a simple outlook with style. In doing the styling, the sea salt spray brings out the required texture. Since shorter hair requires more styling, the beach babe bob hairstyle requires a perfect style to bring out its glamour. The perfect technique to use to achieve a blunt parameter is the razored visible layering technique. It is a perfect suit for round chubby faces to give them a slimmer look. The hair color to be rocked depends on the choice of the person wearing the hair.

3. Totally Textured Bob for a Round Face Shape

The bob hairstyle that is styled having eye-skimming bangs is one of the popular hairstyles for chubby ladies. To get a good, round frame on the hairstyle, it was given longer blunt bangs and a front hair to the eye level. The hair will demand a lower maintenance cost if its root is darkened. Matching hair and skin color should be considered to get the best look with this hairstyle.

4. Shaggy Bob for a Round Face and Thick Hair

To give your hairstyle a funky vibe, add more shape and body. A medium-length hairstyle with bangs is sure to match your cheerful personality. The copper highlights in your hair will also brighten up your round face. Combing your hair with a wide-tooth comb can help ensure it is smooth from root to tip. This is best rocked by any skin color.

5. The Classic Blunt Bob for a Round Face

The chopped hair trend is an attractive option for those with round faces. It’s a simple yet effective look that consists of layered, textured hair. The neck-length choppy hairstyle is a trendy look that’s here to stay forever. Textured layers add movement to dark hair, and the ideal face shape compliment is rounded. It’s a flattering look worth giving a trial.

6. Razor Cut Bronde Bob for Fine Hair

This hairstyle is best at jaw length. This haircut adds texture to blonde hair, defines cheekbones, and creates an illusion of a sharper jawline. It is short and has weight removed. The bob-cut hairstyle is perfect for women who want a short hairstyle that will still leave them classy and pretty. It perfectly fits round chubby faces with the best matching hair color to the skin.

7. Attractive Long Bob for Fine Hair and Round Faces

Even though the hairstyle looks average in its front side length, it has a shorter back. This hairstyle demands an experienced hairstylist who will carefully avoid using too much stack. To add movement in the finished style, the stylist needs to use a texturizing spray. This style is easy to maintain and gives the best look to round chubby faces.

8. Dirty Mixed Short Angled Bob for a Round-Shaped Face

A dirty mixed short angled bob hairstyle can be slimming and is recommended for round faces because they make a face appear longer. A mixed bob is a popular choice, but a more angled bob that flows over the jawline contours the sides of the face and creates the illusion of a longer neck. Adding some graduation through the back can create the illusion of more volume, making this bob haircut great for fine hair with a round face shape. This hair is perfect for fair and chocolate skin color.

9. Bob for Wavy Hair and Round Face

The bob for wavy hair is perfect for naturally wavy hair and a round face shape. It helps to add fullness, while the side bangs help to create a flattering angle for round faces. To style, begin by curling the hair away from the face, then alternate curling the hair in different directions, forward and back. Shake out the curls after styling for an overall look that seems natural.

10. The Inverted Bob

This is one of the simplest hairstyles for chubby women who don’t have much time to style their hair. The only challenging aspect is the trimming. It looks simple, but it is classy. The short length provides the required comfort. The hair can be styled in different colors. It is not restricted to blond or black color.

11. Feathered Long Bob

The feathered long bob is one of the long-lasting bob hairstyles. Presently, most hairstylists recall the style attaching current maintenance measures to achieve uniqueness. If styled to have a shoulder-length for chubby women, it has a way of covering their chubby chic and projecting slim and perfect beauty.

Long Hairstyles For Round and Chubby Faces

Choosing a long hairstyle for women with a round chubby face should be done with carefulness because it won’t achieve the desired beauty and slimmer look if done wrongly. Take your time and go through some of the long hairstyles for round and chubby faces to get your perfect look.

12. Ginger Wavy Long Hairstyles

This hairstyle is perfect for a classy lady with a round chubby face. Adding a ginger color gives it a unique feature; add the same color on your eyebrows. It is best rocked by a fair-skin chubby lady.

13. Half Pony With Curly Hair

Half pony is a prom hairstyle for a lady with a chubby round. It is a good hairstyle that fits perfectly for any event. The hair gets a good tiny braid from the edge while the rest of the body is styled to be curvy. This gives chubby faces a straight facial outlook. Be sure to get a nice hair cream to help maintain its curls. Before rowling the curly part apply the hair cream to bring out the sparkling look of the hair.

14. Long Curtain Bangs for Round Face

For women with round faces, long wavy curtain bangs can be fabulous if the hair is styled lower and layered to create volume. The hair can even be worn in the opposite direction of your face shape to inspire elegance and glamour. It also goes a long way in giving a slim face-like look to round chubby faces. It can also be worn in different colors depending on the skin shade.

15. Long Braided Hair Style for Round Face

If you want to look polished and slender, try contouring your face and going for hairstyles with the same effect. Two braided crowns will make you look like a princess; add dimension by pulling the braids apart down the center.

16. Long Layered Hair for Round Face

This is one of the best hairstyles for round chubby face shapes. With the side bangs that fall below the chin, it makes your face appear longer. To enhance this effect, ask your stylist to drop a few highlights around the face.

17. Long Brown Hair for Round Face

When choosing a hairstyle for a round face, opt for layers and long bangs that can be flipped to one side. These features will attenuate the roundness of your face. When opting for a natural brown shade, the final effect will look amazing. The hair has a way of hiding the chubby chic to give a perfect look. It fits perfectly on all skin types with round chubby faces.

18. Layered Ombre Hair

This is one of the perfect hairstyles for round chubby faces. Layers are ideal for women with round faces because they make their faces look slimmer and smaller. A one-sided fringe is an easy way to frame your face, while an ombre highlights the face shape and emphasizes eyes.

19. Long Hairstyle with Large Waves

Women with round faces should avoid a curly haircut, as curls tend to emphasize fullness. To achieve a more balanced appearance, they should opt for a large-wave look that begins well below the chin level.

20. Long Bangs Hairstyle

If you don’t have enough time or patience to grow long bangs, you can wear bangs of any length. However, they must be at least level with your ears. Otherwise, clip them to the side to be able to open your forehead. It is unique in any color that matches your skin tone.

21. Eye Covering Strands Long Hairstyle

If you want to disguise facial fullness, try creating eye-covering strands. This look is often preferable to the option of wearing bangs that may make your face appear rounder.

22. Windblown Tresses Long Hairstyle 

This is the best fit for women with round chubby faces that have long hair. They can get a windblown look by letting it down and using hair gel to tousle it. A good hairstylist can help you out with this perfect look. To women with round faces, the wind blow has a way of adjusting their chubby chic for the required slim look.

Pixie Haircuts For Round Face

The pixie haircut is one of the recommended hairstyles for round chubby faces. It is most times regarded as a shorter version of the bob hairstyle. It is advised that once you know you have a round face, your pixie haircut should get to cover your ears. Most hairstyles that go with round shapes are not always perfect for people with round chubby faces. Below are some pixie haircuts that can be recommended for round faces:

23. Black Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Round Chubby Faces

This cut is versatile and can be colored with color gel in maroon and deep brown shades to create another gorgeous, low-maintenance, pixie cut. The black hair color is deep and rich, complemented by the black lowlights. The asymmetrical fringe that reaches across the forehead shows off the face nicely, while the textured layers add a trendy touch that is perfect for almost any occasion. This hair gives a classy look to any chubby round face rocking it, provided the color fits the skin.

24. Urban Chic Cut for Round Face

Pixie cuts for round faces can be styled in many ways: urban and modern or a bit more conservative. Silver-blonde hair and red lipstick are both popular styles. Alternatively, picking a short hairstyle with contrasting sides and sweeping long bangs to the side is a good choice if you’re looking for something a little more exotic.

25. Swept Back Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are particularly effective with a soft texture and full bangs. Blow-dry hair forward, then back for a casual, everyday look. A light spray should be used for control without added stiffness. It goes well on any round chubby face with the perfect color for your skin.

26. Bold Blue Pixie Cut

The bold blue pixie cut is the best fit for round-faced women with light skin color. A pixie cut’s versatility makes it suitable for the face shape and shorter hair. It looks very attractive in shouty colors like blue or any other bold color. Ensure that you go with colors that are a perfect match for your skin tone.

27. Pixie with Curls and Side Parting

Pixie cuts are effective for framing round faces. You will likely benefit from this style if you have a round face. To get the look at home, you may need to visit a stylist every week to keep up with your curls and waves. The seemingly jarring blonde shade will work well on anyone who looks best in warm tones. Blonde hair can be especially difficult to maintain since it has many variations. It’s essential to select the right shade for a perfect look and maintenance.

28. Vibrant and Creative Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is seen to be done with natural hair. To get noticed for your personality, don’t be afraid to stand out with your hair color. It is best worn with a single or mixed color that looks beautiful against your skin tone. You can frame your face with this hairstyle any time of year, whether you’re on vacation or just going to work.

29. Extra Short Pixie for Round Face

A short, black pixie haircut can be combined with a shocking pink color. This makes it perfect for any girl who longs to stand out in a crowd. To style it, start by brushing your hair in sections to the nape of your neck. Next, begin applying a quality gel to the strands, starting at the roots and working upward. Add more gel as needed until you’re happy with the look. The hairstyle and color are suitable for any skin color and give the elegant and classy look that every lady deserves. It can also be tinted to give the hair color you desire.

30. Spiky Pixie Cut

This spiky pixie cut is good for girls and women with round chubby faces. This look is so modern, making you feel more like a fairy. It can also come in different hair colors, but best with a soothing skin tone.

31. Voluminous Pixie Cut

To create a long pixie with Old Hollywood glamour, style hair up towards the back and side. Create volume by blow-drying hair and applying a styling mousse. Use a large barrel brush and practice to perfect your technique. The hairstyle is mostly worn by older ladies, actors, and actresses in movies.

32. Lavender Pixie Cut

When deciding on a pixie cut for round faces, you should consider the shape of your face and choose a hairstyle appropriate to it. The lavender pixie cut has a way of conveying class to a person’s appearance. It is best worn in shouty colors that suit the skin tone to give the best looks.

33. Colorful Rockability Pixie

This pixie is complemented by long layers of deep black hues on the shortest layer of hair. These create a pretty base for softer colors and allow thick hair with natural waves to achieve greater volume. For the right look, you can use a good quality volumizing product.

Crochet Hairstyles For Round Faces

Crotchet are hair extensions that are fixed to the hair using a bobby pin, beader, or latch hook. The hair extensions here are usually fixed through cornrows. Crochet hairstyles braids, twists, and updos are a popular protective hairstyle option among African-American women. They’re cute, versatile styles that don’t require much maintenance. And with the right cut and style, you can look like a million bucks. If you have a rounder face, you know that flattering hairstyles can sometimes be hard to come by. Below are some beautiful crochet hairstyles for round chubby faces:

34. Shoulder Length Crochet Goddess Locs

This gorgeous faux locks are alluring due to their shape and texture, not to mention the length of the locks, which is at the shoulder. The brushed-out style of the locs subtly sweeps from the shoulder, and the medium length adds some extra oomph to this low-effort hairstyle. It is more unique when the color is the same as the color of your eye contact. It makes a round chubby face look slimmer and natural.

35. Goddess Locs Bob

Bob-shaped faux locks are flattering for a round face because they narrow the face by balancing out the top of your face, creating length and giving the illusion of a thinner face. It can be worn by ladies with round chubby faces in a mixed or single color.

36. Beach Wave Faux Locs

The great thing about crochet faux locks is that you can wear them straight, curly, wavy, and everything in between. These faux looks are always amazing on round chubby faces since the waves add dimension to the look. It is easy to maintain and lasts long-serving the best purpose all through.

37. Crochet Asymmetric Faux Locs Bob

An inclusion of asymmetric cut to a crochet faux bob hairstyle gives an additional unique feature. It has a magical way of straightening a round chubby face and projects that desired beauty from a woman.

38. High Top Curls

This hairstyle elongates the face and makes it slimmer. The short hairstyle adds volume at the top, creating angles and shadows that shape the face. This hairstyle needs proper maintenance to retain the curls and can be worn in any color.

39. Voluminous Curls

If you want to achieve crochet hairstyles that look natural, you need to cut and layer your curls, so they frame your face. A crochet hairstyle with voluminous curls will give a good fit around a chubby-faced woman. The hair will take more attention to any admirer than the chubby chics. Be sure to use good hair cream to bring out its shiny look and maintain the curls.

40. Crocheted Soft Curls

This crochet hairstyle features choppy layers and soft curls and makes round-shaped faces look longer. It creates volume at the top of the head, giving a broader appearance to the forehead because the hair is below-the-shoulder length. The hairstyle can appear in several colors. It is advised to use a color that will match your skin tone and makeup.

41. Curly Afro Crochet

This look is fun and flirty, bringing out a girlier side to you no matter what you wear. The thick, fluffy curls look natural, soft, and wonderfully textured, making your round chubby face look softer, more delicate, and slim. Good hair cream should be used to avoid tangles, ensure a shinny look and durability.

42. Sculpted Beach Blonde Curls

If you have dark skin tones, choosing blonde highlights can give you a unique look that blends well with your dark skin tones. For example, if you want to add volume to your looks, go for crochet braids hairstyles featuring thick, voluminous locks. The voluminous hair gets to cover the chubby chic of round faces. This makes it one of the best hairstyles for round chubby faces.

43. Medium-length Marley Crochet Twists

Short twists, such as Marley twists, can be a great way to rock medium-length hair, especially if you wear your hair short to avoid putting too much pressure on your hair roots. These short, thick twists are very chic and girly; you’ll always have the option of adding one or two embellishments in the form of hair jewelry which adds to its beauty.

44. High Top Crochet Braids

Get that natural A-line frame every time you wear your braids down by holding the top of your hair a little higher. Your delicate features will complement the dark color and golden decorations attached to thick, smooth braids. The extremely long style of this hairstyle is adorable to round chubby faces.

45. Thick Dusty Brown Twisted Crochet Braid

Modern ladies can bond with their long hair while giving it a stylish look they deserve by adding the rare dusty brown hue braids to their hairstyle. This will add a lot of styles, making it more tasteful and random. Thick braids will only make the hair thicker and more manageable for future use. It makes a round chubby face slimmer and adds elegance to the person rocking it.

Which Haircuts Suit Round Faces?

There are a lot of hairstyles that give a perfect and unique look to round faces. Also bear in mind that round faces are not in any way a bad look. But identifying the right haircut that will bring out the beauty in your round face is very important. Few of the haircuts that can give an excellent fit to round faces include:

  • Comb over bob cut.
  • The classic French bob.
  • Shaggy lob cut.
  • Airy voluminous bob for thick hair.
  • Short pixie with spiky hair on top.
  • Short angled haircut with wavy stacked layers.
  • Chin-length chic haircut.
  • Edgy French crop haircut.
  • Short afro haircut
  • Side undercut

Do Bangs Look Good On Round Faces?

Bangs, also known as fringes, are hair locks or hair strands that rest on the front hairline, covering the forehead mostly above the eyebrows. It also comes in different lengths, and depending on a person’s choice, some shape it into an arc to look scanty, straight, full, or scattered. The style also comes in blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, curtain bangs, and many more. Women with round faces should consider adding fringe or bangs to their hairstyle. Bangs lengthen their faces and make them look more oval, as well as slim down their chubby jawline and cheekbones. For example, women with round faces can opt for a chin-length bob that tapers gradually from front to back or side-swept bangs that will draw attention up to the eyes.

What To Consider Before Making Use Of Bangs For Round Faces

In choosing bangs for round faces, the curvy lines and wispy layers are your best bet. Other things to consider in selecting bangs for round faces include:

  • Maintainance: The fringe benefits are real, though there are some drawbacks. If you have a round face, you need to trim your hair every two to three weeks. You’ll also have to wash and style your hair every morning with dry shampoos, making you carry it about mostly on travels.
  • The rate at which your hair grows: Some people with fast-growing hair tend to lose the style of their bang as their hair grows. To keep your style at a point, you have to always visit the stylist most time. Most times, you tend to lose the desired shape you have given your face.
  • Lifestyle: Before choosing bangs as your hairstyle, you have to know if your lifestyle will still keep you classy at the end of the day. As bangs always take little or more time to get ready before you hit the road, it might not be suitable for one who is always hitting the road. For a sportsperson, it becomes scattered after the day’s job. These can alter your looks on bans as you always have to clip them or leave them looking unkempt.
  • Hair type: Bangs also vary according to hair type. The bangs that a person with fuller hair may get won’t be the same for a person with scanty hair. Before getting bangs, always check if your hair will give you what you desire.

Short Hair Also Looks Good On Round Faces

A short hairstyle is one of the unique hairstyles for round chubby faces. The short hairstyle looks good on all face shape. To round faces, if not well-styled, can give a wrong look, but if a good hairstylist does it, it looks amazing. Short hair for a round face can come from any hairstyle, even in braids, and still achieve a unique look. Most of these short hairs include :

  • Short wavy hairstyle
  • Short canopy hairstyle
  • Chin length haircut
  • Messy bob with subtle highlights
  • Pixie haircut with lowlights
  • Fun feathered pixie bob
  • Short choppy hairstyle
  • Pixie with super short bangs
  • Messy uneven bob
  • Comb over pixie
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