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Meghan Mccain is just like Tiffany Trump and other children of American politicians who are making waves on their own despite having parents with remarkable profiles. In fact, for the larger part of the media personality’s life, she has been a public figure not just because of who her father was but because of what she has accomplished in the media sphere. She first stepped into the spotlight in 1996 during the Republican National Convention and has now become a media force with ties in different organizations such as radio stations, newspaper, and TV. Some of the offices she has held include serving as co-anchor of a talk show, among others.

Biography (Age)

Meghan Mccain was born on 23, October 1984 to American politician and military officer John McCain and his wife Cindy Lou Hensley. She grew up in Pheonix, Arizona, in the United States where she was born. Her father was a presidential candidate in the US 2008 presidential election and served as US Senator for Arizona until his death. He died of brain cancer in 2018 at age 82.

The late politician who was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam war raised his children in the Baptist faith. Despite this, Meghan McCain attended a Catholic School. She went on to join Xavier College Preparatory and later obtained a bachelor in art history at Columbia University.

Meghan has long worked hard so it’s no surprise that she has built a great profile over the years. With an initial plan to become a music journalist, she started working for herself in 2007 as a blogger writing about music, fashion, and pop culture. She also published her own book. In early 2009, she joined The Daily Beast as a writer. As her media passion grew, she began a talk show titled Raising McCain and this drew more attention to her. In 2015, she was offered an opportunity in Fox News as a contributor and by the following year, she began to co-host Outnumbered, a TV show that touches on different topics affecting various perspectives. She began hosting The View On Fox News in 2017. Currently, nobody can argue that she is not successful considering her growing net worth estimated at $4 million. Also, her accomplishment has reflected on her profile and she is now described as a versatile host, veteran blogger, and columnist.

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Meghan Mccain comes from a rather large household and like many homes in America, her brood is a mix. She has three siblings and she is the first of them all. Her siblings include brothers Jack and Jimmy and sister Bridget whom her parents adopted from Bangladesh.

But her mother wasn’t the only wife that John Mccain married. He had a first wife known as Carol McCain. She had two children from her previous marriage before marrying John McCain. In the course of their union, the late senator adopted her two children. The first of the children is named Dough; he used to be a Navy pilot just like his dad but now works as a captain for American Airlines. The second child is named Andy and he is a chief operating officer at Hensley & Co, the family’s beer distribution company. Andy also has a link to many Arizona sports having served as the chairman of the board for Fiesta Bowl and Arizona’s host committee for the Super Bowl.

Apart from the two children who were adopted by John McCain, his union to Carol also produced one biological child named Sidney. She works in the music business in Toronto. She is the eldest child of the late senator and was born in 1996. This makes her Meghan’s half-sister.

Married, Husband, Boyfriend

Meghan McCain
Meghan and husband Ben

Fans hoping to learn more about Meghan’s marriage might really not get it from the talent TV host. This is because Meghan is always somewhat close-mouthed about her private life. She is married to a man known as Ben Domenech, the two got engaged in July 2017 and walked down the aisle in December of the same year. They wedded privately in McCain’s family ranch in Sedona, Arizona. Ben is said to be a blogger, conservative writer, and Television Commentator. There is no information about their children, so it is not known if they have any or are planning to have any. Hopefully, they would since their marriage is relatively new.

Body Measurement

The View’s co-host has a petite body frame but success isn’t measured by the size of the body so it’s not surprising that someone her size has accomplished so much in her young life. Having said that, Meghan Mccain stands at only 5 feet 1 inch or 155cm in height. The beautiful media personality also doesn’t have the slimmest frame given her height. She weighs 60kg or 132lbs. Her waist, chest and hip measure 29, 40 and 38 inches respectively. Her other body measurements such as dress size, shoe size feet size are not available. But it is easy to notice that she is a beauty with brains.