35 Mohawk Fade Haircuts for Men

Mohawk fade haircut is the systematic blend of the 3 to 5 inches length of hair graded down from a long hair sitting on the top of the head with a gradual decrease in length of the hair on the side. More so, whether your interest is in short, long, or wild, hairdo, Mohawk styles would serve any of the interests you have in mind.

The faded mohawk style makes it a better pick against plain skin fades because it portrays a more stylish and sleeker finish and texture. Let’s introduce you to some elegant Mohawk Fade haircuts you should try out!

Best Mohawk Fade Haircuts

1. Burst Fade Mohawk

This haircut provides the uniqueness and stylishness you desire, showing off your thick locks. The haircut curves around the ear and drops at the back of the head. It does not continue down the neck; instead, it is left longer at the ears and drops down to the neck.

2. Short Mohawk Fade

Hoping to look all professional, with a clean, marginal, and fresh haircut, this would suit you best. It is just like the traditional punk style, although the hair at the top is spiked vertically. It is also mixed with a mid-fade, which makes it looks modern. For variety’s sake, you can decide to add one or two designs to it. It would interest you to know that it is a low-cost maintenance hairdo.

3. Taper Fade Mohawk

This is another punk haircut that is done by gradually tapering the sides. Depending on your choice, the Mohawk can be either left mid or high. Depending on your interest, the nice mix of the fade and the Mohawk can make for a good professional look.

4. Curly Mohawk Fade

The Mohawk fade even suits curly hair more. You can pick temple fade or burst fade for the sides while a curly hair mound sits in the middle of the head. You can style further with a beard or a hairline. The curl can also be rolled up to give you a modern summer style.

6. Low Fade Mohawk

This one starts around the temple, thereby leaving a lot of hair on the top. It is sort of a stylish but subtle look. You could apply hair gel on the locks to further style as you please, for different occasions, like parties and vacations. The hair makes up for what would be called a mature haircut, with neatly dressed and full men’s hair. This will make your hair not look over the top on most days.

7. High Fade Mohawk

This creates a very short haircut on the back and the sides, almost similar to an edgy style. The tapering begins very high on the head and later shortens faster than low or mid fade. The tapered below would make the hair at the center more pronounced. It is modern and fashionable, making it the most popular version of the Mohawk haircut.

8. Mohawk Skin Fade

The tapering, in this case, can be high or low, but the Mohawk is short. Keep the Mohawk short and start the fade high for a bolder look. An alternative, still within the borders of skin fade, is to make the fade low at first and make it short later on. This would make your facial features more pronounced, like that of models, and with that, you are set for that cool photoshoot!

9. Black Mohawk Fade

This is the usual mohawk haircut – it can be cut low, medium, or high to give a very cool look. The hair length is shortened gradually, showing the fade effect and leaving a noticeable hair on the top of the head, which gradually reduces in length as it gets closer to the neck.

10. Drop Fade Mohawk

The haircut curves around the ears and drops down to the neck, forming a drop-like shape on the back of the head. This alone gives a unique and stylish shape. More so, there is a handful of hair running down to the neck, which will be neatly trimmed.

11. Mohawk Fade with Design

After tapering or fading, you can try different design alternatives on the hair, Mohawk strips. Just maintain the design, shave line in any pattern of your choice, give it a little more fade, or any touch you desire. Just make sure that your barber is skilled to not come out with something unpresentable. More so, this style would require frequent trimming.

12. V Fade Mohawk

It can go with a high fade or Topknot Mohawk. This style shows the dexterity of the barber as the hair on top could be styled in a topknot or as you please, but the trick lies in making the fade into a stylish v-shaped razor fade. The hair could be spiked to give it a finished look, and maybe you can add a little bit of color. The V shape should be clearly emphasized by the two distinguishing parts on both sides of the high top.

13. Mid Fade Mohawk

This mohawk haircut with a mid-fade is fashionable and medium, not too conservative, and not too daring. It starts halfway up the sides of the head and gives a softer and more gradual fade that makes it look classy.

14. Afro Mohawk Fade

This is a blend of an afro with a nice and bold fade. The thick standing look of the Mohawk would be replaced by the afro, and the bold and tapering fade will add sharpness to the afro. The haircut is done in a classic afro pattern, but the hair length would be shortened gradually rather than a plain skin fade. Teenagers or young adults love to rock this style.

15. Long Mohawk Fade

When you consider a high, mid, or low fade with long hair on top, you can also consider several styles for long hair. This is a modern Mohawk, and you can use a burst fade on the sides. Be free to mix it with several hair designs, and hair extensions can be added to the hair in the middle.

16. Temple Fade Mohawk

You can use this on Afro, comb over, quiff Mohawk, and other styles where the hair can gradually fade into the skin. It was very popular in the early ‘90s. The haircut is characterized by clean, sharp cuts along the edges of one’s hairline and near the temples. This fade is also known as Blow-Out or Brooklyn fade.

17. Mohawk Fade With Hair Color

The Mohawk is peculiar/compatible with black hairs, blondes, and several hair colors. It would interest you to know that dyeing your hair would highlight the mohawk, thereby making you look very classy and making the fades more admirable. If you wish, you can ask your barber for a surgical line.

18. Soft Feathered Faux Mohawk Fade

Justin Bieber wears a soft faux Mohawk hairdo with slightly faded temples and a moderately long and feathery quaff. The height of the hair on the top of his head has a golden highlight and slightly tousled locks. Though these are just personal hair designs that one can add to the mohawk.

19. Up-Sweep with High Taper Fade

Possessing thick, messy curls that could be fashioned into a stylish and fashionable Mohawk is one beautiful way to rock the up-sweep with high taper fade mohawk style. With lots of attention given to the hair volume that sits at the top of the head, the fade would clearly outline the crisp high and bring it to a beautiful finish by ending in a clear skin fade.

20. Cropped Mohawk Fade Haircut

The size of the hair on top of the hair is given great consideration. While a long top may be appealing, if what you have right now is not long, you could as well rock a short mohawk. With the right fades and outlines, you are sure to look astonishing too. Here, the cropped hair at the top could be given a spiky texture, while a taper fade down the sides would help highlight the outline.

21. Combover Mohawk Fade with Side Part

This is a neat and classy look with a well-styled combed-over top and a stylish side part that makes it look classy effortlessly. To maintain this neat look, a crisp bald fade has been used at the sides, making the hair look more composed and revealing nothing but skin.

22. Pompadour Mohawk with Razor Fade

This would require a smooth taper fade to emphasize the length and a bit of up-sweeping to create. The look remains a classy style where a razor fade is applied a few inches to the top.

23. Slicked Back Mohawk Fade

In a case where the top is too long, you can decide to style your hair further by styling it backward rather than clipping it short. A nice taper fade would do just fine in highlighting the sleek contrasts and bringing out the look. The result of this would be a classy, modern backswept haircut for men.

24. Blue-Crested Faux Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade
image source

For those that would like to make a statement each time they appear, this style would help crest your name on the sky, if possible. The stylish aqua blue shade, the long spiky crest on the mohawk, and the razor fade form a style that is absolutely classy and eye-catching.

25. Low Taper Fade Mohawk Haircut

This is one of the conservative styles of the Mohawk, with minimal tapering at the sides. The idea is to shave off just enough of the hair to make the sides shorter and highlight the top. The taper fade goes all the way around the head and outlines the hair using a smooth razor fade texture that stands as a better option than skin fades.

26. Fancy Pattern Mohawk Fade

mohawk fade
image source

If you delight yourself in art and would like to influence your Mohawk with some of it, a few geometric patterns here and there are acceptable. This style focuses on the center of the head, with the hair left extra short and spiky, with gradually increasing length, towards the center. A razor fade sets the right canvas for your artistic works and styles.

27. Mohawk Fade With Beard

The Mohawk could be worn with a nice beard to look more manly. The beard could be shaped to fit the mohawk or as desired. This would look so appropriate for parties, weddings, events, etc. Make sure to trim the beard  regularly so that it blends with the Mohawk

28. Thick Hair Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fade
image source

The length and thickness of the hair are greatly considered here cause it is what determines the desired look. Hence, thick hair is the number one requirement for this particular style. Balance the thick hair with a mid-low fade and use styling gel to keep the hair intact.

29. Mohawk Fade with Line

The mohawk could be highlighted and made more unique by adding a line cut just where the fade begins. This would make your face lines appear more visibly and add structure to your head. This is the perfect sharp and smart cut. It would require a bit of maintenance to keep it fresh regularly.

30. Curve Fade Mohawk

The fade could be shaped in a curved style to give the mohawk a unique look. Start the curve around the war, keeping the hair close to your neck longer. The fade would be a slight change from the regular mohawk, and it would make your head look round. The mohawk cut could be styled anyhow you desire.

31. Wide Mohawk Fade

This is a kind of classy punk style and is one of those looks that is common among rockstars. To achieve this look, take the mohawk till the start of your neck and get a mid-fade to maintain the volume. You can keep a beard alongside to style it the more.

32. Mohawk Mullet Fade 

This is another rockstar-themed Mohawk. You can get a spiky mohawk at the front while you leave long hair at the back. You can also add a low fade or skin fade to further intensify your look.

33. Fluffy Mohawk Fade

With long and smooth hair, you can take on this style of Mohawk. Make sure the mohawk is cut evenly throughout the length of your head. Apply hair gel on it to make it stand at the back. Keep the fade high to add volume to the style. You can style further with a beard, just in case you want to be more classy.

34. Textured Spiky Mohawk

For style, make your locks of hair stand up and stand apart. Then a high to low fade could be blended here to make it both casual and trendy. This style is usually suitable for short hair, although some people with long hair can also try it out to make a statement as it is quite eye-catching when done with long hair.

35. Bald Fade Mohawk

image source

This style is both easy and elegant and can be worn everywhere. The fade starts from the temple and runs till the middle or down to the end of the head. Though it is unconventional as a mohawk, it could be worn as a student or a working professional. It is also very suitable for men with thinning hair, especially at the midsection. Former English soccer player David Beckham has rocked this hairstyle on several occasions.

Generally, the mohawk fade haircut is a cool haircut for men. It can be styled with short or long hair, a taper fade, or an undercut. Exploring the different haircuts that you can get out of the Mohawk style and the soothing new look it would give you would be interesting. From looking professional to stylish and even down to fashion crazy, the Mohawk styles would fulfill your every desire to the uttermost.

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