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For new moms, the past few decades have been a dream come true. This is because there are cuter, more dope, and adorable names available to give your baby more than ever and it’s largely due to people getting more creative and trendy with names. This recent development is saving new babies from being given formal and old-fashioned names. What’s more is that the names transition nicely into their adulthood. We have gathered 25 of such amazingly trendy baby girl names to make things easy for expectant moms. Check below.

Sweet Baby Girl Names For Your Daughter


This is a name for your baby girl if she is a happy child. The name is a Hebrew name meaning father rejoiced, or father’s joy. It is probably derived from Abigal and one of the most known bearers was the third wife of King David in the Old Testament. She was said to act with discretion and very pleasing to see.


This name probably means Son of Adam even though it is a baby girl name. The name has been around for quite a long time but became popular when the TV show Grey’s Anatomy incorporated a character named Addison.


Amelia means exalted or noble and its well-known bearer Amelia Earhart has proven this point by being the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone. It is an old German name.

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Derived from the old French version of Alfred or the old German name Alberich, Avery is a unisex name that means elf or ruler of elves and also means wise. It is popular among baby girls more than boys.


sweet baby girl names
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This Greek baby girl name means the oath of God or God is satisfaction. It is derived from Elizabeth and usually given to babies born to women of substance. Take, for instance, Elizabeth in the first gospel of Luke in the bible. She was the mother of John the Baptist. Also, Queen Elizabeth II is also a remarkable bearer of the name.


This a modern day name but its meaning is gotten from Greek Barbaros, meaning foreign or strange. However in Catholic doctrine, St. Barbara is a female who protects people against fire and lightning.


Barbaro is a name that will not go out of fashion soon. It has its origin from the imperial Roman personal name Barbarus which is from Barbaro. It a nickname describing a person who is non-Greek or Roman descent. In the Middle Ages, it meant a non-Christian, particularly an Arab or Saracen.


This lovable moniker has its origin from an English surname Ballif. It is unisex in the US but is a popular name for a girl. On the popularity scale, it is number 665th for boys while it is 83rd for girls born in America in 2007.


Just as the word implies, Blossom means to bloom. It is your first choice if you want a floral name to name your baby girl. It is girly, sweet and not as common as other floral names.


Another endearing name to give your cute little girl. It means cheerful and beautiful which will be nice for a lively baby girl. The moniker was made more popular than it used to be by Bonnie of Gone with Wind.


Calanthe is another delightful floral name. It is taken from the Greek Kalos “beautiful” and Anthos “flower”. It is the genus that many Asian Orchids belong to and the most elaborated of the hardy orchids with colorful flowers and charming evergreen vegetation.


This name originated from the Greek goddess of cultivation and fertility Demeter. Hence, has the same meaning as Blossom. It also means fertility. The moniker is a common name in France.


This is obviously from Cassandra, a name known to be born by Trojan prophetess whose prophecy about the fall of Troy was disregarded. Cassie can be used on its own and its meaning in English is the same as Casandra which is the unheeded prophetess.


This is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning for baby girls. It is gotten from the Greek name Calisto known to mean a Huntress. A famous bearer of the name is Calista Flockhart, an American actress.


This moniker owns its fame to Downton Abbey and Disney. It is a name of a flower from old English word dægeseage, meaning days eye. It is highly adopted by modern parents.


Dana is probably the female version of Dan which means Judge in Hebrew but nobody is sure of its source. It became most people’s favorite, thanks to famous author Richard Dana.


Elle is a French name meaning she. It can be a short form of Eloise, Eliza, Eleanor but can exist independently.


Evie means life or lively and as you might expect, its bearers are lively, fun and full of life. It is a Hebrew name and is derived from Old Testament first female who lured her husband to eat the forbidden fruit that caused the downfall of Man.


It is from Old German Adelheid, meaning “of noble birth”. Children classic book gave it independent fame it enjoys to date. Heidi Klum, a German actress and model is one of the famous bearers of this name.


This is a cute and adorable middle British name for a girl. It came from an evergreen climbing plant known as Ivy.


Jasmine is a charming flower that has an irresistible scent. It is a sweet baby girl name and you can tell that Princess Jasmine from the fantasy Aladin looks extraordinarily stunning.


Pearl used to be number 25 name on US popularity chart for baby girls but it took a nosedive to 1000th in 2010. However, it doesn’t make it less sweet and cute. It originated from mollusk used for making Jewellery.


Selena is derived from Greek selēnē, meaning “the moon” but because it’s first borne by Greek mythological goddess of the moon, the name means ‘moon goddess”. It is a powerful name and its bearers get easily noticed. A famous bearer of the name is American singer Selena Gomez.


Willow is an English name. It is gotten from a willow tree which is famous for its gracefully thin leaves and branches. Its bearers usually have a shy personality but they are stronger and more powerful than they look.


Zinna is a Latin name that is not very popular but seems unique. The name means Genus of Moth. It is also the name of a flower with a striking brightness of colors that bring life to any garden during winter.