40 Cute Pixie Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women

The pixie cut is a short women’s haircut of about 0.5 to 3-inches long but it is of so many varieties such as edgy short and long pixie cuts, curly, natural, undercut, and low maintenance pixie cuts, pixie cuts for thick and thin hair, round chubby face pixie cut, etc. It is a low-maintenance style that can be personalized to perfect any face shape and complement the features.

Cute pixie haircuts are always trendy but some stand out among others. The key to wearing short hair is understanding the nature of pixie haircuts. Even if you’re choosing a basic style, it’s very important to pick something that makes your face shape pop, along with selecting a flattering style for your natural features.

Edgy Short Pixie Cuts

Edgy short pixie haircuts are achieved with longer strands at the front and crown, while the sides and back are shorter. Some funky undercuts show a contrasting skin patch. The short pixie crop is simply stylish, showcasing your facial features to the max. Shorter hairdos offer a fuller look at the back of your head and lots of movement on top.

Have a look at some edgy short pixie cuts inspiration for your next hairstyling:

1. Asymmetrical Edgy Pixie Cut

The asymmetrical edgy pixie haircut is one of the most iconic haircuts. An excellent and edgy style, the asymmetrical pixie cut is longer on one side of the face than the other. It makes your face look slimmer and longer while drawing attention to your eyes and jawline. The hairstyle is best rocked with mild makeup for any event with nice earrings.

2. Side Slicked Edgy Pixie Hairstyle

Among the several ways to rock pixie haircuts is the side-slicked style. It needs to click the longer part of the hair to the side. It helps the wearer display the short, low cut on the other edge as it uniquely projects the beauty of the face. Use hair gel that offers hold and flexible features to hold the slick part. The style is perfect for young women with long faces. Any makeover with the right accessories of your choice can go.

3. Side Cut Edge Short Hair

This is a unique edgy hairstyle for women that love wearing short pixie looks. The style brings out the facial beauty as it doesn’t have much hair covering the face. A side cut on the lower part of the hair gives the perfect styling required. It has a way of communicating courage and boldness on the wearer’s face.

The hair can be rocked perfectly with short or medium earrings. Makeovers for this hair should be dependent on the event you wish to attend.

4. Edgy Pixie With Short Bangs

This classy hairstyle is perfect for round-face women that desire to project a long facial outlook. It takes an excellent hairstylist to give you the exact features needed in this hairstyle. First, the longer part of your hair moves towards the eyebrows and is trimmed on equal size. Then the sides are trimmed to a low cut to project the pixie shape. This hairstyle is best rocked with a long earring and bold makeup for classy events.

Curly Pixie Cuts

Curly pixie haircuts are cute hairstyles that are also trendy and easy to manage. Here, the hair is cut in layers to create volume and movement for a soft, tousled effect. It suits all face shapes, especially round and heart-shaped faces, and works great on short hair. It’s a fun style that women of all ages love for its versatility, depending on how you style it.

Have a look at the following curly pixie cuts for your next haircut:

5. Short Curly Pixie HairCuts

A stylish, sexy, and attractive short curly pixie cut is always a good choice and it’s easier to achieve than you think. If your hair is naturally curly, you have a couple of options: take a pair of scissors to the lengths of your hair resulting in a very short haircut with some curls, or opt for a haircut that uses only a minimal amount of styling products intending to create just enough fullness at the crown and along the forehead.

Please note that this style can be layered too or worn as it appears in the photo. You can appear sassy in the haircut with matching slight or bold makeovers with bold or dangling earrings.

6. Edge Curly Pixie Haircut

Edge curly pixie haircuts are casual curly waves above the forehead with a natural root. The curly hair cut creates a flattering frame around the top part of the face. A round face will have a perfect look on the haircut. You can rock the haircut with or without makeup and still look beautiful but bold earrings should accompany the look for a perfect finish.

7. Peach and Orange Low Curly Pixie Cut

Here comes the perfect way of giving your curly pixie haircut a new look. The top is uniquely styled in a lower natural style and a curvy texture. The sides linking to the back are lowered below the top level. Amazingly colored with peach and orange color, the curly pixie haircut gives an irresistible look. If rocked on good makeup, the style is ready to stand out at any event.

8. Curly Pixie With Bangs

Curly bangs on pixie haircuts are a cute way of bringing out women’s fun personalities. It takes the idea of a forward-swept curly style with eyelash-level bangs. The sides are shaved to a lower level like an edgy pixie cut. Curly pixie hair cut with bangs can be rocked in different hair colors. However, it is more classy when rocked with long earrings and light makeup.

Pixie Bob Haircuts

The pixie bob haircut is a popular haircut that recently gained fame among young women in the past few years. It is a short hairstyle that combines the elements of a pixie cut and bob cut. The length is usually between the ear-length and neck-length (like in a pixie), while the shape is more bob-like. These haircuts complement many face types and hairstyles because they’re easy to maintain, look great on every face shape, and last very well.

Below are some of the fine pixie bob haircuts:

9. Choppy Pixie Bob Haircut

Add some expression to your hairstyle with the choppy pixie bob haircut. This unique haircut features bangs swept to the front of the head, creating a spiky look that’s perfect for a busy lifestyle. The top and sides are cut close, adding some length and structure to keep your style in place all day long. The haircut is best rocked by all face shapes on natural hair color. Light makeup, and bold earring to give it a classy look.

10. Thick Pixie Bob Haircut

Thick pixie bob haircut is an innovative style full of volume with center swept bangs thin strands added to the front and back of the hair. This haircut is perfect for thick straight hair that’s overgrown and you can have it cut at any salon. But with platinum color, this pixie juts make thick hair look great on all face shapes. In addition, the haircut is perfect on bold makeup to project the full facial beauty.

11. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

The asymmetrical pixie-bob is a playful, flirty, and airy look that can be styled in whatever way you please. Thanks to the long layers, the layered volume looks voluminous yet never feels heavy. This cut is perfect for any girl with long hair that refuses to stay up and needs an edgy look. Chubby, round, oval, diamond face shapes will step out boldly in this style.

It will add more beauty to a boldface wearer, as it has a way of adding length to the face. The haircut can be rocked on casual, party, and classic events dress with suitable makeup and simple jewelry.

12. Blue Pixie Bob Cut

This blue pixie bob with an undercut is a chic and sophisticated look, highlighting the top hair section and leaving you with many styling possibilities. The undercut grows nicely out to make you look classy. It is recommendable for anybody that wants to create versatility in their style. The haircut is perfect on a chubby face that needs a slimmer face. It can be rocked on bold earrings and official outfits with light face makeup.

Pixie Cut With Bangs

The modern pixie haircuts with bangs may look complicated to execute, but it’s quite simple. This style requires no additional styling other than a good blow-dry, and it’s even easier to maintain. It will be popular in the spring and summer months, allowing these styles to be parted on the right or left side.

Below are some cool cute pixie haircuts with bangs:

13. Smooth Pixie Cut with Bangs

This pixie style with bangs is the perfect look for women seeking a simple yet elegant short hairstyle. The easy short hairstyle is a modern and sophisticated haircut that would suit any office environment. This pixie cut is timeless, professional, and ideal for any event. All face shapes can try it on with simple makeovers and jewelry.

14. Pixie Cut with Wavy Bangs

Pixie cuts with a wavy bang are for women that want a classy hairstyle. The wavy bang is directed towards one side of the face, giving additional volume. The length of the sides and the back adds volume also but is lower than the front. It is perfect for any face shape and can be rocked with a classy outfit and full makeup.

15. Short Edgy Pixie With Bangs

The oval face shape is the most pleasing for this haircut because all short hairstyles with bangs tend to give out an oval face shape. The hairstyle uses bangs with good geometrical lines that balance out the curviness of a round face. It is done by covering a portion of the forehead, projecting a triangular shape of the uncovered part of the forehead.

The hairstyle is perfectly rocked with eye contact of the same color as the hair. Light face touch-up with accessories of your choice will complement your look.

16. Heart-Shaped Pixie Haircut With Bangs

It is the perfect pixie hairstyle for oval, heart-shaped, and round-faced women. To get the best look of this hairstyle, framing the face with a side-swept fringe and no clear gap at the side-parting is an effective way to reduce the width of your forehead. With its medium-length side-points and longer bangs, the short hairstyle pictured here creates a frame for the eyes, which brings the focus up and away from the longer chin. The hairstyle can be rocked with full makeup for any red carpet event.

Round Chubby Face Pixie Cut

When it comes to hairstyles, the round face shape is unique. To make a round face appear elongated rather than broad, one should choose a length-heavy haircut. Here, we discuss how to find the right haircut for women with round faces.

17. Pixie Bob For Round Chubby Face

It’s no surprise that pixie bob for round chubby faces is the most customizable haircut of all time, as it is so simple to create. Bobs are easily pulled up at the nape and around the crown, forming a flattering, unique style that any woman can bring to her face. The hairstyle features a wavy look with an impressive length that projects a long look on the chubby face. In addition, it can be rocked in any color that fits your skin tone with light makeup and simple accessories.

18. Chubby Face Side Swept Pixie Hairstyle

Side-swept pixies are ideal for chubby faces, especially for those who want to make their sweet cheeks look slimmer. With its soft curves and gentle arc, the side-swept pixie can be styled in various ways. Not only is it easy on your hair, but it is also very comfortable to wear for any classy and official event.

Light or bold makeovers with earrings of your choice can be worn with the hair for a perfect look.

19. Short Curly Pixie For Round Chubby Faces

If you want a pixie cut or a whole new face, the short curly pixie for round chubby faces is the ideal accompaniment for anyone looking for a unique style to try out. This trendy style consists of a short chin-length cut that frames the face beautifully, so it looks polished and stylish. This trendy hair accessory is great for special occasions, too, as it will save time in getting ready and always makes an eye-catching style statement. Any makeover and simple jewelry can be rocked with the hairstyle.

20. Layered Pixie Cut For Chubby Round Faces

The layered pixie cut is perfect for women with a round face and double chin. It layers the hair, giving the face a slimmed-down look and adding a bit of volume. A layered pixie cut is versatile and adds lots of texture to your hair, but it’s not limited to just round-faced ladies. Bold and dangling earrings with makeup are a good match for the style.

Undercut Pixie Cut

The undercut pixie haircut is an adorable, sexy, and stylish haircut that cuts around the temple of the head, leaving some thick bangs. This low-maintenance look gives you plenty of styling options, from messy sideburns to chin-length light locks and various lengths.

21. Short Pixie Undercut with Shaved Temple

Short pixie undercut with shaved temple is a fun, edgy style that’s great for any occasion. With a slightly shaved temple, the shape will be a bit rounder than otherwise classical boxy or straight pixie designs. The cut is styled with soft layers and tapered to an angled bottom and sides to accentuate your cheekbones. You can add more glamour to the style with light makeovers, nose rings, and simple earrings.

22. Faded Undercut Pixie

The faded undercut pixie is designed to complement the traditional color of dark haircuts that works perfectly on any hair color. This style is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends within the hair industry. It has proven to work well on all skin tones. In addition, a fade haircut looks fantastic with undercuts because the sides tend to get longer immediately, allowing the layers to blend flawlessly into the top layer. Light makeovers with bold or dangling earrings add more style to the hairstyle.

23. Shaved Side Undercut Pixie

The shaved side undercut pixie haircut is a fresh and original choice for any woman. You can put it together with your favorite pixie cut ideas and color of choice, or let your imagination run wild. Whatever you do, you’re sure to turn heads with this fashionable new look. Light or bold makeovers can go with the hair, depending on the color with bold or dangling earrings.

24. Layered Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

The layered undercut pixie hairstyle is for ladies who love a trendy, edgy look that is sophisticated. This layered cut gives you fullness and volume in your hair yet creates a softer look around the edges. This undercut hairstyle is best worn with current hair color and medium to long length. It can be styled with bangs or longer layers.

However, we recommend this hairstyle for ladies with straight hair who want to create an elegant soft style, as it looks best when worn poker-straight. Light makeovers with any earrings of your choice will make you step out in style.

Low Maintenance Pixie Cut

Yes, if you don’t have time to do your hair or are looking for a low-maintenance way to keep your hair looking fabulous all day, then this might be the cut for you. Have a look at some of the low-maintenance pixie cuts and choose your next salon visit.

25. Older Women Low Maintenance Pixie Cut

This low-maintenance pixie cut is among the most elegant hairstyles for older women. The pixie is a sophisticated and unique short hairstyle that perfectly suits older women. This cropped cut enhances a woman’s best features, particularly the eyes and cheekbones. In addition, the texture of the cut adds height and volume to the crown area to create a face-framing effect.

The bangs are styled to fall gently on the side, framing it as well. Light makeovers with simple jewelry can accompany this style for a younger look.

26. Brown Low Maintenance Pixie Haircut

If you have thick hair, you will love this pixie cut. This haircut is low maintenance and requires less time to style. Applying smoothening balm on the hair daily can bring out its shiny effect. It also looks natural and beautiful even when you can’t afford any smoothening cream.

All face shapes can’t get it wrong rocking this hairstyle with the right accessories and makeovers.

27. Parted Low Maintenance Pixie Hair

Parted low-maintenance pixie cut is perfect for anyone looking to make a change but not commit to something high-maintenance. With a bit of styling paste on the roots, this hair needs nothing more than a quick tousle, making it a great short look for women on the go. With the side bangs, it is suitable for all face shapes. Light makeovers and simple earrings will add to the elegance and style.

28. Wavy Parted Low Maintenance Pixie Hairstyle

The wavy parted pixie hairstyle is best suited for women with wavy hair who like to keep it short. This haircut requires minimal styling and upkeep, making it a good choice for on the go and those who don’t have time to fuss over lengthy tresses. Volume is added to the side of the forehead down to the eye length to achieve this style. It can be styled in any color that matches the wearer’s skin tone. Round chubby, diamond and square faces can go with or without a facial touch or accessories.

Pixie Cuts For Thick Hair

If you have thick, hard-to-manage hair, try a short pixie haircut. While you might not be able to find the most versatile hairstyles for thick hair with a pixie cut, a classic pixie or very short pixie cut is an excellent option for those with thicker hair. Thicker hair can be more challenging to manage when styled longer and so it may be better to go pixie. The limited upkeep also makes this style incredibly attractive.

29. Smooth Bob Thick Pixie Hair Style

Your straight, thick hair is beautifully enhanced by this smooth look that includes bangs and a few longer strands on the sides. A shortcut like this requires little to no effort for styling, so you may count on applying hairspray and letting it do its work. Round, oval, and oblong faces suit perfectly for the style. Studs, jackets, plugs with a light or heavy face touch-up will make you more beautiful with the style.

30. Layered Thick Pixie Haircut

This layered pixie hairstyle is not only pretty but also practical and convenient. Featuring a silhouette that’s both shapely and edgy, it’s no wonder why this is one of the best new haircuts around. Great for all face shapes with thick or curly hair, this cut can be styled in many ways using mousse, gel, or cream. Light makeovers with bold and dangling earrings can accompany this look.

31. Thick Curly Short Pixie Hairstyle

Slay any look with this thick curly short pixie hairstyle. Best for all face shapes with thick hair. This pixie cut will give your tresses more bounce and definition. Shape your curls with the help of some mousse, and then let them shine by wearing this look proudly. You’ll love how amazing you’ll look.

The hairstyle looks good on chubby women, bringing out their facial beauty. Makeovers with bold and dangling earrings best accompany the hairstyle.

32. Edgy Thick Pixie Haircut

When you have thick hair, all the pixie haircuts that come your way tend to be more on the advanced side and require extra maintenance. But this haircut is both edgy and approachable, so it’s an excellent choice for any woman who wants to try a modern, edgy look that isn’t too difficult to maintain. The haircut has thick and voluminous hair on the top and an edgy cut on all the sides to the back.

It is a perfect haircut for any oblong, oval, round, diamond, and heart face shape. Makeovers and earrings of your choice can be used to rock the haircut.

Pixie Cut For Thin Hair

You can counteract it by chopping off your locks and getting a short, full-bodied hairstyle if you have thin hair. While many products on the market will help thicken your hair, we’ve found the most effective hairstyles for making thin hair look full.

33. Undercut Curly Parted Thin Pixie Hairstyle

A curly pixie cut may seem simple to some, but it’s a hairstyle that can make you look distinguished and stylish even with the thin hair effect. There are many variations for this haircut, as well as different styling techniques. The blue color will work for women of all ages, and with nice makeup, it will blend into any skin tone.

34. Layered Thin Pixie Hairstyle

This hairstyle is unique for those people who have thin hair. If you are one of them and want to experience a layered, thin pixie hairstyle, this is the right style for you. This haircut is ideal for any occasion, whether professional or personal. It keeps all face shapes in fashion. Makeovers with studs, jackets, plugs work well for this haircut.

35. Pinky Bob Thin Pixie Hairstyle

This hairstyle is considered one of the most for thin hair, making your appearance bold and intelligent. Multiple layers in the short-length hairstyle make your hair look puffy and bouncy. In addition, the pinky shine makes your hair vibrant and adds some sparkling effect. Light face touch-ups with simple jewelry would be best for a perfect look.

36. Shaved Thin Pixie Haircut

The new shaved thin pixie hairstyle is great for women looking to have a unique hairstyle. A great haircut will make your face slimmer and showcase your beauty. This is an excellent style for fashion-driven women with a round face. Makeovers and the right accessories add more spice to your look on this haircut.

Natural Curly Pixie Cuts

Natural curly pixie haircuts are short styles for women with short hair. This cut would be great for anyone looking for a natural hairstyle. The hair is left in its natural texture and is styled into short curls.

37. Natural Pixie Curly Afro Haircut

This natural pixie curly afro is the choice for you if you’re looking to create a spunky, bouncy, and curly look. It features ready-to-wear synthetic hair that offers pre-blended highlights, which gives a natural look. This curly style is recommended for women with natural hair or those that want to start their natural hair journey. It can be rocked on all face shapes with a mild makeover.

38. Curly & Classy Pixie Hair

The short curly hair option won’t overwhelm your features. A few loose curls will caress the top of your forehead while the rest of your hair stays short enough to be considered a curly pixie. Perfect for the simple woman who is too busy to waste time with complicated curls. All face shapes can rock the haircut with makeovers, bold or dangling earrings.

Long Layered Pixie Cuts

Consider layered long pixie haircuts for your hair because they are a beautiful way to wear short hair. Many celebrities are now sporting this trend, as the perfect pixie look can be glamorous, elegant, and sophisticated. Here, we share the best hairstyles for long-layered pixie cuts.

39. Asymmetric Long Layered Pixie Hairstyle

This is one of the stunning pixie cuts that features a slightly longer top with a relaxed asymmetric silhouette and soft layering, leading to slightly shorter sides. The defined layers on the crown help create height and depth to give your hair that fuller look and feel. Adding casual ruffled waves will put effortless style to this chic everyday look. Try using products to accentuate your natural texture or add those curls.

40. Vintage Layered Pixie Cuts

The natural round shape of this layered pixie cut can easily be manipulated into a retro-inspired style. This sixties style is perfect for oval, square, and heart face shapes with wider foreheads. Vintage hair needs height and volume and the best way to get this hairstyle is by blow-drying your hair from the under. You can wear the hair down or gather it up around your face. Best rocked with medium-length earrings and unique party makeup.

Questions You May Have About Pixie Cuts

What is a Pixie Cut?

A pixie cut is a hairstyle for women, short mainly on the sides and back and a bit longer on the top with blunt bangs styled to the side of the forehead.

What Are Other Names For Pixie Cuts?

The pixie cut is also called a pixie crop, or pixie do. It is a type of women’s haircut that is mostly sized around half an inch to 3-inches length with a longer top and short side-swept bangs.

Who Are the Famous Celebrities With Pixie Cuts?

Celebrities such as Emma Watson, Katy Perry, Michelle Williams, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence, and Miley Cyrus have been known for their pixie cuts. However, the hairstyle became rampant in the 1950s after Audrey Hepburn, the English film and fashion icon, who was introduced into the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame, was spotted with the cut.

Will A Pixie Cut Look Good On Me?

If you get the right style, a pixie cut will look good on anyone, irrespective of your facial or body structure. If you’re not ready to take a significant haircut risk, start with a classic pixie look using your natural hair color before experimenting with more asymmetric styles or unnatural colors.

Which Face Shapes Look Good With Pixie Cut?

A pixie cut can look good on many face shapes, but it generally looks best on those with oval, long, heart, and round faces. If you go for a style that fits, it will indeed look good on you.

Are Pixie Cuts Low Maintenance?

From a day-to-day perspective, pixie cuts are low maintenance since they are typically a simple wash-and-go cut. However, if you want it to look crisp and sharp, you might have to visit the stylist every 4 to 6 weeks for a trim.

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