32 Cute Sew in Hairstyles For A Completely Gorgeous Look

A sew-in hairstyle is a protective hairstyle that is sewn into your natural hair after it has already been braided into a cornrow pattern that serves as a “canvas” for the hair extension sew-ins, which are then sewn into the hair via the cornrow canvas with a needle and thread.

Sew in hairstyles offer versatility, length, thickness, and color which you may not be able to achieve with only your natural hair. Simply put, these sew-in hairstyles help your natural hair be whatever you want it to be without stressing it. You can leave a small amount of hair at the required places to give it a more natural look and cover the cornrow tracks or use a closure or frontal. All that matters is your taste and the functionality of the hair extension when it comes to creating tastefully done hairstyles. Below are 32 prime examples of very beautiful, trendy, classy, and exquisite sew-in hairstyles for all hair types, face shapes, textures, and occasions.

Half Up Half Down Sew In

Just as the name suggests, the Half up-Half down sew-in is a sew-in style wherein the upper part of the hair at the crown is sewn into a top knot or a bun and the lower half stylishly cascades down. This sew-in hairstyle is very stylish and also versatile as the top half can be styled as desired. This hairstyle has grown quite popular in recent times and has been made even more popular by Ariana Grande. Any hair texture can conveniently rock this style as it is beautiful on both straight and curly hair. Due to its versatility of styling of the half-up, this style is suitable for all face shapes but most sought out for heart-shaped faces.

1. Sleek frontal half up half down

The sleek frontal half up half down sew-in hairstyle is made with a frontal hair extension; while a sew-in hair extension of your choice is used for the rest of the head. This style can last over four weeks with proper maintenance of the frontal weave extension. Be sure to visit a professional frontal installer for this sleek look.

This frontal half up half down gives your face a well-structured, classy, and sleek ponytail with no flyaways. Although it is not a very easy look to achieve because it needs to be very sleek, it, however, draws attention to the masterpiece that is your face when done properly. You can use curly, wavy, or straight weave extensions for this style. Maintain the frontal baby hair with edge control and sleek gels. This style is perfect for diamond, oval, round, and heart-shaped faces.

2. Side swept bang half up half down

Another classy half up half down sew-in hairstyle is the side-swept bang style. Perfect for square, oval, and diamond-shaped faces; this style can also be achieved with any type of long hair weave extensions if it can be styled into a side-swept bang for the front. With proper weave and edge maintenance, this hairstyle can last for six weeks or more, depending on how frequently you make your hair.

3. Bouncy double wand curls half up half down

For a girly look, this bouncy double wand curls style is a great choice. The half up half down can be perfectly achieved with bouncy or deep wavy hair weave extensions and with proper weave maintenance, you can wear this look for six weeks or more. The volume of the weave and the double wand in the front gives a very fun, girly, and pretty look that is suitable for all face shapes.

4. Kinky curly afro half up half down


For the Afro kinky queens who still want to show off a bit of their natural hair texture and maybe keep people guessing if they have a weave extension sew-in or not, a kinky curly afro half up half down is the right choice. Perfect for all face shapes, this style is classy, modest, and beautiful! With proper maintenance, it should last up to six weeks. Ensure to care for the kinky curly weave like you would, your natural hair. Keep your natural hair sleek and smooth at the edges with sleek gel and edge control.

Side Part Sew In / Deep Side Part Sew In

Side or deep side part sew-ins are sew-in styles that add volume to one side of the face. As one of the most stylish sew-in hairstyles, this style accentuates your preferable face angle and it is also a very easy, beautiful, and chic style. Perfect for square, heart, and diamond face shapes, this hairstyle can be worn to any occasion, depending on the color of the weave used.

It can be left to flow for less formal occasions or packed into a low ponytail for formal occasions. You can also use any kind of weave extension for this style, however, frontal extensions will be required to create the side/deep side part if you do not want your natural hair left out for the parting.

5. Bouncy curls side part

For a sultry flirty look, the bouncy curls side part sew-in is the first choice. This can be achieved with a bouncy curls frontal weave or a bouncy curls closure weave. If you are looking for a feminine, flirty and glamorous look, search no further. The weave can be any color of your choice, just make sure to tame and lay your edges, fluff the bouncy curls at the parted side for more volume, maintain the installation so you can rock the hair for longer, and voila! You are a stunner. Any face shape will look gorgeous in this and you can carry it for 6 weeks or more.

6. Feathered deep side part

So you want to rock a long straight sew-in with a deep side part but you don’t want hair on your face? Then feather it! This hairstyle is convenient and gives a fresh look in case you decide to pack the long weave into a low ponytail. This can be an everyday look or a casual occasion look. Straight weaves are much better for this sew-in and you can use any extension color. Perfect for square-shaped faces. This look can be achieved with a closure or by leaving your natural hair silk pressed out. Can last up to 8 weeks.

7. Asymmetrical blunt bob deep side part

Create a unique look for your face with this asymmetrical blunt Bob deep side part. You can create an extra effect by using a bright-colored weave just like in the image above. Suitable for all face shapes, this style is for the classy lady who doesn’t want to deal with too much hair on her shoulders. This sleek and stylish side part sew-in can be worn to any occasion depending on the weave color. A frontal or closure weave is ideal for this style and with proper maintenance, this style should last up to six to eight weeks.

8. Layered Bang Side part

For the working class lady with a smooth sense of style, this layered bang side part works magic. You can achieve this with your natural hair pressed out or with a closure. Works for Square, diamond, and heart-shaped faces, this sew-in gives you an elegant decent look and can be achieved with a straight or wavy weave. With proper maintenance, it should last up to six weeks or more.

Middle Part Sew In

Flaunting your face shape has been made easier with middle part sew-ins. Also called the center part, this hairstyle is timeless, easy to pull off, and super convenient. This style evenly distributes hair on your face as well as showcases your facial features. Bold and simple, middle part sew-ins are very versatile as they can be worn to any occasion, achieved with any weave, packed into an updo, a low ponytail, or simply let loose.

If you have a round face, the middle part is one of the best sew-in hairstyles for you. Check out these trendy and stylish middle part sew-ins.

9. Layered straight middle part

For an exquisitely natural finish, try this elegant, layered straight middle part sew in with a flawlessly smooth texture; which looks even more exquisite with the glossy silky weave finish. The ebony color works great with all skin tones and features a classic middle part that makes it look even more natural.

This can be achieved with a closure or a frontal for a more sleek look. You can also use any color of weave extension. With proper maintenance, this should last for over 6 weeks and works with all face shapes.

10. Short wavy textured middle part

This is a classy and beautiful look for the working-class mom who still wants to look chic and beautiful. There is something about this short textured style that gives off a classic 60’s appeal yet is contemporarily trendy. If you are looking to keep hair off your face and neck, this style is ideal for you, especially if your face is oval or square-shaped. Although low maintenance, this style can last over 6 weeks with adequate care.

11. Middle part curls

For curly-haired women who want a protective sew-in style that is close to their natural hair texture, the middle part curls sew-in is perfect. Try this funky and fun curly sew-in with a distinct middle part and a glamorous, glossy finish. The curly hairdo takes on a natural appearance thanks to the stylishly textured curls while the glossy finish complements your skin tone and also accents your facial features. This look is also suitable for all face shapes except heart-shaped faces. With proper curl maintenance, this sew-in could last over six weeks. A curly closure should do the magic for this style.

12. Wavy layered natural middle part

A wavy layered middle part sew-in is great for women with longer face shapes. The natural middle part brings symmetry to your face and softens your entire look. The wavy texture boosts the volume of the hairstyle, in addition to giving it stunning waviness and a natural, windswept texture. The soft natural looking middle part oozes elegance and confidence in addition to being girly and feminine. A great style for beach outings.

Leaving your natural hair silk pressed out for the middle parting is most suitable for this style, however, with your hair out, the maximum time you should wear this hair is 6 weeks, to prevent excessive breakage. With closures or frontals, it should last up to 8 weeks.

Sew In Bob Hairstyle

A bob sew-in hairstyle is typically cut short at the chin, jaw, or neckline. This style is a favorite among working-class ladies because it has a professional look and doesn’t come with the discomfort of a longer hairstyle. A sew-in bob is also generally believed to make a lady look younger by framing the jawline and removing length and weight from the face.

Suitable for all face shapes, a bob sew-in is best achieved with a straight hair weave extension, because bob sew-ins require very low maintenance, however, bob sew-ins can be achieved with any texture of hair, although, straight or wavy straight hair is the most commonly used weaves. Here are some cute sew-in bob examples.

13. Blunt bob deep side part

The hairstyle carries a subtle elegance that is attractive without being too loud with a dignified deep side part and a smooth blunt bob cut, creating a stunning finish. You can treat yourself to this unique style by getting a well-blended mix of colors to show off and complement your skin tone.

Since it is a side part, feel free to add more volume to your preferred face angle. This bob sew-in can be worn to any occasion and suits any face shape, especially a square-shaped face. Get this look for a simple yet chic and classy allure. Lasts up to 8 weeks.

14. Middle part bob

We know middle part sew-in styles exist to flaunt your facial structure, this middle part bob sew-in makes showcasing your masterpiece face a lot easier. You can go all blonde or any color at all and have your face looking radiant. However, for professional outings, black weaves are best for bobs. You can have the tips curled inwards like the classic bob style or the trendy blunt cut. With proper care, this style can last 6-8 weeks.

15. Fringe bob

Bob sew-ins with fringes/bangs are classic and timeless. You can wear this look anywhere at any time plus, it is not hard to maintain and gives your face a transformed look. Another advantage of this style is that, with very minimal makeup, your entire face is already transformed.

If you are the kind of lady who does very little or no make-up, or your job requires minimal make-up, then a fringe bob sew-in is your best bet at looking good with little or no effort. This style can last 6-8 weeks with minimal but proper maintenance. Perfect for most face shapes.

16. Side swept bang bob

The smooth side-swept bangs of this style, turn this bob sew-in into a glamorously effeminate look. The choppy, angled bob cut keeps the look fresh, unique, and sassy. Churn up your bob sew-in game with this side-swept bang bob and retain your effeminate flair. For the lady who wants to look bossy yet cute, this style is your best bet. Works with any color of extension, this style should last up to 8 weeks without much hassle. Square face-shaped beauties should go for this look.

Curly Sew in Hairstyles

Curly hair sew-in hairstyles are simply gorgeous, feminine, flirty, and chic. For ladies with naturally curly hair, a curly sew-in is one of the best protective hairstyles, as you can maintain your natural look whilst protecting your natural hair underneath. Curls exude sensuality and a full head of voluminous curly hair does magic to your face and overall features.

If you want a more realistic-looking curly sew-in, leave some of your natural hair out at the required partings. There is a curly sew-in hairstyle for any face shape. Here are some examples.

17. Side part brushed out kinky curls

For a curly afro look, this brushed-out side part kinky curl gives you a subtle fierce but feminine look. You can use a closure for the side part or leave your natural hair out for a more natural look. This style will last for up to 6 weeks with proper care and is suitable for most face shapes.

18. Deep wave frontal curly sew-in

Curly sew-ins are ever stylish. This simply beautiful deep wave frontal sew-in is one of the curly sew-in styles every lady should try. With proper curl maintenance, you can wear this look for 6-8 weeks and the lightweight deep wave curls work well for ladies who do not want too much volume. The frontal sew-in also gives you versatile styling options to suit your face shape.

19. Versatile Leave out wash N go sew in

For a natural exquisite look for ladies with naturally curly hair, indulge in this versatile wash n go style that can be styled in different ways. With this sew-in, you can style your hair in an updo, a ponytail, an all back, a soft side part, or a middle part. Ensure to always moisturize and care for your hair so you can rock this look for up to 4 weeks. This style is really beautiful and flawless and you can style according to your face shape.

20. Voluminous wispy bangs curls

What other way to have a sensually fierce look than a burgundy voluminous curly sew-in with wispy bangs for a soft appeal. This look can be worn for 8 weeks and is sure to keep you looking beautiful and fierce all through. Ensure to care for your curls.

Side Part Bob Sew In

We already established how elegant and chic bob sew in hairstyles are. A side part bob sew-in helps add volume to one side of the face and makes a bob style more versatile. Side part bob sew-ins look very good as a lob: a lob is basically a long bob. Here are some beautiful side part bob sew-in hairstyles you can try. 

21. Side-swept lob

A lob is a long bob and when it is fitted with a side-swept part, you are sure to have a very exquisite look. For ladies who want their bob styles longer, a lob is perfect, and with a side part to highlight your features, you are good to go to wear this style for up to 8 weeks with proper care.

22. Deep side part layered bob

Layered bobs are very feminine, beautiful, and sultry. The voluminous side part gives off a comfortable sensual appeal and is great for all kinds of casual occasions. For ladies who love short layered hair, this style is perfect and if you have a square or an oval face shape, the side part layered bob will pop your face beautifully. You can wear this look for 6 weeks or more. Wavy straight extensions are best for this hairstyle.

23. Highlighted bob with side part

Switch up your side part bob sew-in with some subtle inflections of color. Straight textures usually look better with mixed or blended colors as you infuse bold streaks of color into your hairstyle. This radiant bob uses a combination of radiant golden baby highlights with a brown extension. Suitable for most face shapes and should last over 6 weeks.

24. Curly side part bob

Who says a bob sew in style has to be straight hair. Rock this curly bob with a vintage appeal. Perfect for ladies who love to have their curly hair not too lengthy. With a sultry side part, you will enjoy this look for 6-8 weeks with proper curl and bob-cut maintenance.

Straight Hair Sew In Hairstyles

A straight hair sew-in hairstyle is one the easiest to install and maintain. With quality weave extensions, this hairstyle gives a sleek and classic look. For ladies who do not like sew-ins with too much volume, this hairstyle is perfect. For people with naturally straight hair, this style is perfect as it complements their natural look.

Straight closures and frontals can be used to achieve straight hair sew-in hairstyles for a sleeker smoother look. This style, which is suitable for most face shapes, can also be used to add volume and length to naturally straight hair. The following are some beautiful straight hair sew in hairstyles.

25. Leave out deep side part

This sleek leave-out side part gives a natural look. Be sure to lay your edges as you add volume and appeal to your face with a deep side part and your natural hair being left out at the parting. This comfortable classy look is suitable for any occasion and wonderful on oval and square face shapes.

26. Middle part straight sew in

A middle part straight sew-in is sultry and beautiful. Use a sleek soft extension to give your face an effortless classy appeal. You can leave your hair silk pressed out, or use a closure. Whichever way you choose, this style will work for you and is also very suitable for both formal and informal occasions. The lifespan of this hairstyle is 6-8 weeks.

27. Kinky straight

Keep it fresh and natural with a simple kinky straight hair sew-in hairstyle. A black sew-in extension is the best color as it helps to hide undergrowth if you are leaving your hair out. This effortlessly natural hairstyle allows you to wear your straight hair in a smooth volume. You can rock this look for up to eight weeks, plus you can flat iron the sew-in to switch up the look. Works with any face shape.

28. Layered mixed blonde

This layered mixed blonde straight hair sew-in is for the confident woman who loves to rock her straight hair with layered colored weaves because they reduce weight and add a smooth volume. With a classic middle part, this look complements your face without much ado. You can wear this hair for 6-8 weeks and if you have an oval, square, or a diamond shaped face, you should try this look.

Sew In With Bangs

Another gorgeous sew-in hairstyle is the sew-in with bangs. Bangs are also called fringes. This style is characterized by full hair on the forehead which could be a full bang that covers the forehead or a side bang which is usually swept to cover one eye. Nicki Minaj rocks a full bang pretty easily.

One of the best things about bangs is, you can rock a bang no matter your face shape. This means there is a sew-in with bangs style for every face shape. For example, dramatic side bangs can add more dimension visually to round-shaped faces while soft wispy bangs can help you contrast a sharper jawline. Bangs transform your face shape and highlight your best features. Check out these lovely sew-ins with bangs.

29. Sleek wispy bangs

Sleek long hair with wispy bangs will never go out of style. This classic celebrity look adds an allure to your outfit and is suitable for any occasion. Wispy bangs give your face a soft feel and a classy appeal. Can be worn for 6 to 8 weeks and are suitable for most face shapes.

30. Ponytail with bangs

A ponytail with a bang is a show stopper. In the image above, the top knot pony and bangs with complimentary sideburns are so beautiful you may not want to change the look in a hurry. Give your looks a boost with this style and ensure to care for the ponytail section to keep it sleek. Due to the fact that your natural hair is left out to create the ponytail for this look, you can wear this look for 2-4 weeks. Suitable for all face shapes.

31. Skull cap with full bangs

The skull cap full bang is a good choice for ladies who want to wear their sew-in extensions without having to bother about too much maintenance or hair all over their face. This super comfortable sew-in gives you an edgy and sultry look. It is lightweight and easy to wear and is suitable for most face shapes as it highlights the face and pops your accessories. Invest in really beautiful jewelry when you rock this style. With proper care which the style is less demanding, this hairstyle should last 8 weeks.

32. Wavy curls with side bangs

The wavy curls with side bang sew in gives you a luxuriously beautiful look. In the image above, for example, we see just how sultry the big wavy curls look in addition to the glorious side bang, adding a chic look to your style. If you have a round, oval, heart, or square-shaped face, this style is perfect for you. With proper maintenance, it should last 6 weeks or more. Wavy curl extensions are the best for this style.


How long does a sew-in last?

if you are new to sew-in hairstyles, you may be wondering about the lifespan of sew-ins or how long should you wear a sew-in before you take it out. Typically, when sew-in hairstyles are well maintained and properly cared for, they can last from six to eight weeks, depending on the style and weave extension used. If you used a frontal, you can check with your stylist for periodic repositioning. Also, if you left your hair out, you will need to constantly moisture the part that was left out to prevent breakage.

Because sew-in hairstyles are usually or primarily worn to give your natural hair a break from braiding or products, the time frame of six to eight weeks is ideal. This is so that, your hair gets enough time to regenerate and anything more than 8 weeks can become unpleasant and cause oil build-up on the scalp, itching, and dry scalp.

What is a closure sew-in?

Closures or closure sew-ins have become extremely popular and trendy, since the boom in the human hair extensions market. According to private label extensions, closures are a full coverage protective hair attachment that protects your natural hair. They mimic your scalp by having a transparent net base with hair extensions attached in strands to the net. The nets usually come in various skin shades in order to perfectly blend with your skin color.

This hair attachment comes in different lengths and textures to suit the hairstyle, as well as having various partings. Some closures have just one way part, others have middle and side parts but they are usually placed at the middle of the hair or at the sides because the closure patch is usually just about 4×4 inches in size.

A closure sew-in, therefore, is any sew-in hairstyle that makes use of closure for finishing instead of leaving your hair out or using a frontal. They provide full coverage for your natural hair, in addition to adding a natural look to the sew-in hairstyle. Closures are used to achieve, middle or side part sew in hairstyles.

How long does a closure sew in last?

With proper care by washing, detangling, combing, drying, and proper storage, a closure sew-in can last from 6 to 14 months. This of course depends on the product and its quality or durability. Also, less processed closure sew-ins last longer than processed ones. For example, a closure that has been bleached will not last as long as a closure that is not bleached. Take into consideration too that, the frequency of use also affects the lifespan of your closure sew-in.

What is a frontal sew-in?


Frontal sew-ins are like closures, but they are bigger and more versatile. A frontal is a hair strip that stretches from ear to ear, mimicking your natural hairline and creating an illusion of your scalp. They can also be 360 to cover the whole edge strip and the nape of the neck for a more versatile look as you can pack up your hair into an updo or a ponytail.

Typical frontal sew-ins stretch up to 13 inches and are more versatile than closures because they allow you to part your sew-in hairstyle into the middle, side, deep side part, crescent parts e.t.c. The most popular frontal sew-in type is the lace frontal. However, frontal sew-ins are of two types, lace and silk. They also come in different textures; straight, curly, wavy, kinky e.t.c They can be installed with frontal glue or can be installed glueless.

How much are sew-in extensions?

Sew in extensions come in different qualities, lengths, and textures and as such, all have different prices. Sew-in extension prices can range from $100 to $1000. Typically, human hair sew-in extensions cost more than synthetic or fiber sew-in extensions.

Also, for sew-in extensions that come in bundles or grams, the price of 2 bundles or 200 grams is lower than the price of 3 bundles or 300 grams. The good news is, you can get durable and beautiful sew-in extensions without breaking the bank.

How many bundles do you need for a sew-in?

The bundles you need for a sew-in depend on the style of the sew-in. Typically, you need 2-3 bundles for most sew-in hairstyles. And the fuller or more voluminous the sew-in is, the more the required hair bundles. However, for most voluminous sew-ins, 3-4 bundles should be enough. Be sure to check with your stylist on the number of bundles you need for a specific sew-in style.

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