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The Netflix reboot of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, titled Queer Eye has won hearts all over the world in a way that we expected and has turned many of its stars into household names. Luckily, Tan France is one of those stars who is enjoying the massive fame that comes with the TV show. This does not mean that before now Tan wasn’t famous. The fashion expert had an enviable profile way before he was cast on the show but his remarkable contribution on the show has turned him into a real star. Now he is one of the respectable voices representing the Muslim gay community which is why talking about his life on and off TV is worthwhile. Here are some fun facts you shouldn’t miss about the super talented dude.

Bio (Age)

Tan France was born Tan Safdar to Muslim Pakistani parents who were uncompromising to their religion’s (Muslim) beliefs. The designer was born on 20th April 1983 into an Asian home but was raised in England. He had his education in Hall Cross School, a co-educational academy based in South Yorkshire and then furthered in Dorchester College where he studied fashion.

After he was done with fashion studies in college, he decided to enlarge the range of what he has learned in school and as a result, he got a job at Zara. Later on, he moved to other retailers like Selfridges where he tried to grasp more practical experiences about manufacturing design, as well as wholesale business. His wide range of experiences won him a managerial position in his early twenties. That was followed by an offer to serve as a company director at Shade Clothing. In 2011, he established his own women’s clothing line named Kingdom & State– this was within 8 years of working in the United States. In 2016, he became a partner in Rachel Parcell clothing line that was founded in 2016.

Currently, Tan France has gone beyond designing to be a TV star. He is among the cast on Netflix hit Queer Eye. Other TV shows he has featured in include Nailed It!, Don’t Watch This and Crazy Ex-Girlfriends.

Net Worth

Tan is successful as both a TV star and fashion expert, so as expected, his income is equally impressive. It’s hard to pin down for a certainty the exact amount he earns as his salary since it is not known to the public but it is assumed that he collects around $300, 000 for each episode of Queer Eye. This has placed his net worth at around $1.5 million.

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Not much is known about Tan’s parent’s and siblings, their names or line of careers but the fashion mogul has mentioned that growing up, he was severely restricted by his parents from some societal norms. However, his long interest in the glitz and glamour of New York parties made him develop an interest in touring the city. As a result, he had to lie to his parents that he was visiting his friend in Leeds and would pack up his bag to New York every six months for four years. It was on one of those trips that he made up his mind to move to the United States. Today, he has enlarged his coast in the country and has become a famous fashion icon.


Tan France
Tan and husband Rob

Well, working in an extremely competitive industry like the fashion industry is demanding enough, and adding the weight of hiding your sexual orientation could make things worse than they already are. Apparently, Tan is not out to add such unnecessary baggage to his already-tiring routine. He is openly gay and is blissfully married to Rob France, an incredible illustrator and former nurse. The lovers met on a dating site and got married in 2007 – over 10 years now. According to Tan, his husband has been a source of motivation to his career. He was even the key person that convinced him to join the filming of Queer Eye.

His heartthrob, Rob comes from a Mormon home while Tan is a Muslim. His family lives in a cattle ranch in Wyoming. Currently, the lovers who live in Salt Lake City, Utah have no children yet and it is not known if they will want one in the future.


Tan France has a nice-looking frame with a height of 5 feet 8 inches. The handsome fashion guru’s body measurements and weight are not available but it is easy to notice that he has got a weight that matches his overall look.