Taper Vs Fade Haircut: Which is Best For You?

Taper vs fade haircuts are not easy to distinguish apart but they are in fact very different in terms of the hairstyle design. It is unanimously agreed that the two styles are the perfect ways to “spruce up” a look dramatically in a number of ways.

Taper Vs Fade Haircut: What is the Difference?

While you would not be faulted for thinking that the two hairstyles are one and the same, it is important to see the distinction in order to know exactly which hairstyle suits you best. We will walk you through some of the most noticeable differences between the different types of tapers and fades in order to give you a clearer picture of what exactly these two hairstyles consist of.

Fade Haircut

A fade is mostly recognizable in the way the hair gradually thins into a crisp bald cut. Although it bears some similarities to the taper haircut, fade hairstyles often result in a lower or cleaner shave which often ends in a skin/ bald cut.

Fade haircuts are characterized by the trimming of hair around the sides and back of the head either partially or completely while leaving a thicker or longer hair at the top. Be it as it may, there are still a number of stylish fade haircut variations that result in completely different outcomes. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Types of Fade Haircut

1. Bald Fade Haircut

The bald fade is without a doubt the neatest and most composed fade haircut you can get. It involves the gradual tapering of the hair from the top down the sides and back, resulting in a crisp and very neat look. It often comprises of sides that have been completely shaved off. In this example, everything from the smooth fade to the neatly textured hair on top contributes to the cool and composed final look.

Taper Vs Fade

2. Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

This is one of the most popular Mohawk hairstyle variations. It involves leaving a thick section of hair in the middle while gradually fading the sides to give it a fresher, more distinct shape. There is a world of options when it comes to personalizing the look, which is why it is one of the best ways to give your look a stylish boost.

Taper Vs Fade

3. High Top Fade Haircut

The main distinguishing characteristic of the high top fade is the high volume length of the top which is usually given a square-line or box-shaped design. The high top fade is a popular 90s hip hop hairstyle that is still a stylish option for people with large amounts of hair on top. Adding some crisp patterns on the faded sides is a good way of spicing up the look.

Taper Vs Fade

4. Disconnected Undercut

Instead of a gradual fade, these hairstyles are characterized by an immediate shift from thick hair on top to buzzed or trimmed hair on the sides. The hairstyle is perfect for those of us with thick or long hair on top.

Taper Vs Fade

5. Temple Fade / Temp Fade Haircut

As the name suggests, temple fades are usually focused on the hair around the temples. This leaves most of the hair around the head untouched and often noticeably longer than the faded hair. It is a great way to shape your look without taking off too much hair at the sides.

Taper Vs Fade

Taper Haircut

Taper haircut resembles fades to no end. The only key distinguishing factor between the taper haircut and a fade haircut is that tapers rarely end in a bald fade. As such, the hair is often left intact even around the hairline, leaving a more noticeable outline that is easier to line up with a crisp cut.

Types of Taper Haircuts

If you find fade haircuts a bit too drastic, tapers are softer but just as effective when it comes to making a guy look good. Here are some of the most popular taper haircuts.

1. Short Taper Haircut

Short taper haircuts contribute to most of the confusion between taper and fade haircuts. This is because they are often characterized by hair that is an inch or lower in thickness at the sides and back.

Taper Vs Fade

2. Taper with Side Part

A classier version of the taper hairstyle involves distinguishing the two portions of hair using a crisp side part. This is often accompanied by neatly styled hair on top and a crisp fade which helps to create a suave finish.

Taper Vs Fade

3. Classic Taper Haircut

The classic taper hairstyle is the epitome of stylish moderation. While the hair on the top is typically longer, the sides and back usually feature some prominent tapering to create a more distinct edge to the look.

Taper Vs Fade

Now that you know the difference between the two seemingly alike styles, it is a lot easier to know which of the two best suits your tastes and/or hair type. Both still allow a bit of personalization and are perfect for either formal or casual looks.

Often times, you will find various combinations of these with names such as:

  • Taper fade
  • Low fade
  • Low taper
  • Skin fade
  • Bald fade
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