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There are many ways to describe a humble beginning, one of them is Tarek El Moussa. A huge motivation for people who come from an average or below average background.

A difficult start has always been the reality of people with little or no support, but for Tarek, nothing was going to hold him back despite the challenges. However, the same cannot be said about ex-wife Christina El Moussa who had an easier childhood and began exploring the real estate industry straight out of college. Thankfully, they have both achieved their ultimate goals; becoming successful real estate moguls, gaining fame, and being dad and mom.

The two TV personalities and real estate agents who host HGTV reality series Flip Or Flop can’t be easily forgotten in a hurry as a couple for the charm they brought on TV as lovers. And though they have parted ways, Tarek and Christina remain the host of the show and still create serious buzz. But why did their marriage fail in the first place? Let’s look at their previous relationship, its breakdown, the products of the affair as well as what led to their separation.

Ethnicity, Religion 

Tarek was born and bred in Califonia. His birthdate was August 21, 1981. The TV star has a Moroccan descent from his dad and his mom is white. The real estate investor has always avoided revealing his religion and this aspect of his life has caused different speculations with many suggesting he is a Muslim given his last name Moussa which is a common Muslim name. Others, on the other hand, speculate he is possibly Jewish or Christian but none of this has been verified, so the true faith of the business mogul remains unknown. That said, Tarek’s ex-wife Christina is a White-American. She was born in Califonia as well with given name, Christina Meursinge Hacck. Her religion is Christianity.

The Duo’s HGTV Show 

After flipping houses together for years, Tarek El Moussa made up his mind to send an audition tape to HGTV in 2011. Shot by his friend, the tape showed him and Christina discovering ruined houses, renovating them before selling them off. Sounds quite interesting but the network didn’t think so. At first, the HGTV executives were not sure of the future of the show given the crash in property rate at that time that led to over 6.5 million people losing their homes. 12 months later, it finally considered the couple’s proposal and approved a weekly time slot dedicated to property business in Southern Califonia. Tarek’s ex-wife Christina became the professional in charge of designs while Tarek played other roles. The show which launched in 2012 won people’s heart and its first season garnered over 1 million views. To date, it remains one of the most watched shows in the nation.

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Tarek and Christina El Moussa – Marriage, Kids, Divorce

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Former power HGTV’s couple, Christina and Tarek met in college and wedded in 2009. They have two kids, a daughter, Taylor Reese El Moussa born in 2010, and son Brayden James El Moussa born in 2015. Their relationship was a typical example of a couple that preserved through good times as well as bad times. One of the good times was upgrading their careers through Flip or Flop show and taking over the real estate world while the bad time had to do with health; cancer, loss of pregnancy and complications.

The dark days started in 2013 when it was discovered that Tarek had Stage II thyroid cancer; a fan who was a registered nurse noticed a lump on Moussa’s neck while enjoying the Flip Or Flop Show. She couldn’t let that pass and so contacted the network to make him see a doctor. Tarek followed the advice and was handed a cancer diagnosis.

Consequently, doctors suggested radiation treatment. To be on the safest end, the couple agreed to bank Tarke’s sperm and try In Vitro Fertilization(IVF).

However, the first attempt flopped. But this didn’t make them quit. They tried the second time and unfortunately, Christina lost the pregnancy through miscarriage.

The couple sought for a different doctor and got the result they were searching for in the third attempt.

Interestingly, their son James El Moussa was welcomed in August 2015. Their story inspired many and a lot of couples looked up to them. But just when people thought things had gone right for them, they shocked the world with the news of their breakup citing irreconcilable differences in 2016. Of course, this kind of breakup doesn’t go without rumors, so there were stories of Tarek becoming very abusive and even went to rehab for alcohol abuse. The actual reason remains uncertain but apparently, they have both moved on and dating other people.

Christina is allegedly dating Ant Anstead, a hot UK native, most known for being a presenter on ‘For the Love of Cars’ and they are already talking marriage. Meanwhile, Tarek has fallen for his children’s nanny, Alyssa Logan – though this is still unconfirmed as he is still single.