Top 12 Websites To Read Literotica Online

Porn doesn’t always come in videos. Since senses are heightened when descriptions are involved, it has been found that sometimes, sexual arousal can be achieved by reading erotic literature rather than just watching porn. That is why you should consider Literotica for a different erotic experience.

What is Literotica? 

Literotica basically means erotic fiction and it goes a long way to give you the opportunity to choose the type of sex stories you would prefer to paint the right image that you will find impressive.

We have gathered some great Literotica resources written for gays, lesbians, straight and bi-sexual. So whether you like queer sex, sexy fan fiction, or you are all about a steamy sex scene that can put in the right mood, you will find someone to keep you entertained. Here are the 12 best websites where you can read Literotica online if you don’t want to do a paperback.

Websites To Read Literotica Online

Hyper Dreams –

This offers a whole new approach to erotic stories. The site allows users to interact and customize their experiences. There are many categories to choose from, so you actually choose what you can relate to by altering the story to fit your own personal imaginations. Once you supply the name and the features of your dream lover, then the site will create stories using those as the subject of the sex story.

Novel Trove –

This Literotica site offers stories with categories that will fit all people no matter their sexual orientations. It began as a site where people come to share free erotic stories and has since gathered numerous erotic stories readers find satisfying. With its wonderful categories, user-friendliness, creative design and nice text-layout, you will definitely find it very useful.

Indian Sex Stories – is where to find Indian erotica. It has only been around for some years now but has been able to come up with exciting erotic texts that you will find impressive.

Erotic Review –

This is a site to visit when you want coherently written erotica. The site’s editorial team ensures you get nothing short of exciting and appealing to your primary sexual organ which is your brain.


Libidia is a site to visit when you want to go on a shopping spree for sex toys and a little free erotic literature. Get a dildo that comes with fascinating sexual stories that will put in the right mind to put into service.

Solo Touch –

The site features masturbation stories. Whether it is done all by yourself or performed by a female or male partner as long as it has nothing to do with mutual or solo masturbation, Solo Touch has got you covered with arousing stories. It also allows random people to share their crazy sexual experiences which are usually appealing.

Chyoa –

Chyoa is basically communication and engagement. With it’s over 10, 000 engaging stories with 376,427 chapters and happy endings that make reading erotic arts interesting, you are going to be fully entertained. The site is all about adventure and what’s more is you get to choose your own exploit. So you will never run short of amazing stuff to enjoy.

Lush Stories – is one of the most popular websites to not just read sexual stories but also get to meet someone one. The site which considers itself as social media offers varying options so you choose what is actually appealing to you such as sex, gay/lesbian, seduction, etc and allows you choose

Literotica –

If you want a site that allows you to have a live chat with another user, Literotica might be your first choice. The site also has different arousing categories including erotic audio stories and poetry for those who don’t enjoy reading long literature or arts.

Nifty –

Nifty has thousands of sex stories all written for lesbians, gays bisexual, and other people with different sexual orientation. It is one of the oldest sites for erotica items, spanning since 1992.

BDSM Cafe –

As the name implies, BDSM Cafe boosts sexual contents or erotic literature that involve bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, submission and other related acts. It has pictures, galleries, novels, and poetry of BDSM. There are also helpful resources for starters of BDSM. Users can also get useful advice and the humor part of the sexual practice.

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MC Stories – has one of the best erotic sex stories online and will keep you engaged for long. It has numerous explicit sexual write-ups and languages which will interest any adult.


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