Truth About Harry Joseph Letterman – David Letterman’s Son

Harry Joseph Letterman (born 3rd of November, 2003; Age: 20) is the only child and son of David Letterman, the renowned American comedian, and TV show host.

Harry is the fruit of David’s second marriage to production manager Regina Lasko. However, the entertainment duo had the boy way before tying the nuptials in 2009. Since he has grown into a fine young man, many fans of the legendary comedian have wondered if Harry can lay some claim to his father’s witty genes, but from what is obvious, the youngster is yet to show signs of following in David’s footsteps.

Summary of Harry Joseph Letterman’s Biography

  • Full Name: Harry Joseph Letterman
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 3rd of November 2003
  • Harry Joseph Letterman’s Age: 20 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Harry Joseph Letterman’s Parents: David Letterman and his second wife, Regna Lasko
  • Famous For: Being the son of David Letterman

How Old is David Letterman’s Son, Harry Joseph Letterman?

Harry Joseph Letterman was born on November 3, 2003, making his age 20. He was born in the North Salem part of New York in the United States of America, where he spent his formative years. It goes without saying that the youngster is an American by nationality, and his ethnicity is listed as Caucasian.

Harry is the only child of his parents and was named in honor of his paternal grandfather, who worked as a florist. The senior Harry Joseph Letterman died after suffering cardiac arrest in 1973.

Though Harry is fast evolving into a full-grown adult, the youngster still lives in his parent’s home in North Salem, New York. The Letterman estate consists of a 108-acre of land bought by the American comedian at the market price of $5 million as far back as 1994.

At 20, Harry is obviously still a student; however, because of security reasons, his parents don’t mention the schools he is attending in the public space, which is quite understandable considering that there was an attempted kidnap of him as a child.

However, we got an insight into Harry Joseph Letterman’s academic pursuit from his comedian dad. While America was observing the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, David, in an interview session with Howard Stern, let on that Harry was taking online classes. One good side of the stay-at-home order was affording him the rare opportunity to enjoy family time, David said.

Who Is Harry Joseph Letterman’s Mother?

Harry’s father has been identified as David Letterman. David is renowned as an American television show host cum comedian who came to public attention by hosting The Late Show with David Letterman. The comedian’s career took off in 1982, and for the next ensuing 33 years, his show remained one of the most watched programs on TV and is listed among the longest-surviving television talk shows.

The name of Harry Joseph Letterman’s mother is Regina Lasko, and she also works in the entertainment industry as a production manager. Lasko’s major works were witnessed in Another World, Saturday Night Live, and the Seventh Anniversary Special of Late Night with David Letterman, where she functioned as a manager.

Regina’s life work wasn’t enough to afford her the level of fame she enjoys today, which is all thanks to her association with one of America’s greatest comedians.

Harry Joseph Letterman
Harry and Regina image source

The Hilarious Birth Story of Harry

The hilarious birth story of Harry Joseph Letterman refers to a funny episode that played out in the labor room where Regina Lasko had her baby. David was on the set of Late Night with Seth Meyers when he recounted how he and Regina went to the hospital as early as 6 am on the day she was supposed to give birth.

According to the comedian, his son was yet to put in an appearance by 8 pm, and having spent the entire day at Regina’s side, he was rather too happy to hear the physician ask if anybody cared for food.

Totally famished at that point, David wasted no time in indicating interest in the food. When he was eventually directed on how to get whatever he needed to be delivered, the expectant father went ahead and placed an order for food worth $400 from a Chinese restaurant close by.

David said he chose to stay within hearing distance of Regina’s screams from the labor room while he relished the food in the hospital’s break room. The new mother, who got to hear the details later, didn’t take it lightly with David. According to Regina, it was unfair that David would be tucking into a delicious meal within hearing distance while she was practically screaming in the labor room.

Harry Joseph Letterman’s dad said that particular incident pissed Regina off, and she has not forgotten it to date. Eventually, their bundle of joy appeared around 11:53 pm amid applause from some hospital staff on duty.

Were Harry Joseph Letterman’s Parents Married at the Time of His Birth?

David Letterman and Regina Lasko were dating when she gave birth to Harry. In February 1986, the legendary comedian cum show host was still living under one roof with his former girlfriend, Merrill Markoe, who used to work with Late Night as producer and head writer. It was around this time that he started dating Regina.

Eventually, David called it quits with Merrill, leaving Regina as the only woman in his life. The couple went on to date for 23 long years before exchanging wedding vows on the 19th of March 2009. At the time of their nuptials which were hosted in Choteau, Montana, Harry Joseph Letterman was already a boy of six.

David would have missed their private Courthouse wedding ceremony as, according to the comedian, he had not moved two miles from his house when the mud hooked his tires. However, he still managed to get to the venue in time for the exchange of vows.

Far from being David’s first wife, Lasko is actually the second woman he would take to the altar. The American television show host was once married to his college sweetheart, Michelle Cook. Their wedding took place in 1968 on the 2nd of July. Their union went on to last for nine years before it ended in divorce in October 1977.

With the way Harry Joseph Letterman’s parents are going, we would not be wrong to say that David finally met his match in Regina, as their union has endured for 36 long years – 13 years as a married couple and 23 years as lovers.

Harry Joseph Letterman and his Celebrity Dad Share a Strong Bond

Harry Joseph Letterman
Harry and David image source

Often times when David Letterman is on air, the comedian tells people how his life was significantly changed by the birth of his son, Harry. The talk show host has proved his unflinching love for the youngster over and over again.

Talking in a past interview, David said his love for Regina is quite strong, but it cannot be compared to what he feels for Harry. According to the father of one, a man would surely love his wife, but the real thing will only start happening with the arrival of your child.

At his grand age, Harry Joseph Letterman’s dad has continued to be grateful for having the opportunity to spend good family time with him. “I feel very much secure whenever Harry is around,” David said. With that, it is glaring that Harry is the most important person in his father’s life.

David’s love for Harry is obviously reciprocated. There was an account of a time when father and son went for a walk in the Province, and it happened that the comedian took a hard fall, hitting his head in the process. Reports said Harry never left his father’s side throughout, he stayed put until the ambulance arrived and rode with David to the Rhode Island Hospital Emergency Department.

Fans of the American comedian have come to the conclusion that Harry is the type that loves to shy away from public scrutiny and is rarely seen making public appearances with his parents. However, he has been spotted with David and Regina on a few occasions. A good instance was when the family of three attended the New Year celebration in St Barts.

Why Was Harry Joseph Letterman Kidnapped?

Harry Joseph Letterman was nearly kidnapped for ransom in 2005; he was 16 months old at the time. The ugly incident occurred during the time David employed an unidentified painter to work in their family home. The man, who was later revealed to be Kelly Allen Frank, was to undertake the painting of the gigantic Letterman home.

On getting to the house, Kelly abandoned his assigned duties to start plotting to kidnap little Harry. To finalize his plot, Kelly brought in the baby’s nanny and one of his friends, who frowned at the idea.

It was thanks to his anonymous friend that the police got wind of the attempted kidnap on time and were able to nip it in the bud. The friend went to report the plot at the Teton County sheriff’s office, though he was still arrested and faced charges of solicitation to kidnap.

The Abduction Plan Details Revealed

When the true story about the kidnap plans started coming out, we got to know that Kelly intended to take both Harry Joseph Letterman and his nanny so as to have a capable hand to take care of the baby in captivity.

The findings soon threw media outlets into a reporting frenzy. One credible account said Kelly had already laid his hands on the keys to David’s family house, and he planned to move Harry while he slept. As the case unfolded, it came to the fore that the painter planned to ask for a ransom to the tune of $5 million to release Harry and his nanny.

Needless to say, all these revelations came as a huge shock to the popular comedian, who couldn’t fathom why a man he opened the doors of his home to would be plotting to kidnap his only child. David couldn’t express enough gratitude to the Teton County sheriff’s office for acting swiftly and arresting the situation.

While the prosecutions were ongoing, it was revealed that the Kidnap attempt was not Kelly’s first brush with the American authorities. The painter previously went behind bars in 1999 for six long years. His offense was holding his love interest against her will. The attempted kidnap earned the painter a 10-year jail term at Pondera County prison, but alternatively, he could pay the sum of $600,000 as bail.

The painter was barely one year behind bars when he staged a prison break but trust the American authorities, who wasted no time in recapturing him and bringing him back to jail. After he became a free man in 2014, Harry Joseph Letterman’s kidnapper was re-arrested as he violated his parole without wasting time.

Harry May Not Have the Letterman Witty Gene

Considering that David Letterman is listed as one of the greatest comedians to come out of the American entertainment industry, people expect his son to inherit what has been described as “the funny gene.” Did the great comedian pass on his witty gene to his only child, fans often ask?

David was discussing the possibility of his son demonstrating some rib-tickling stuff, sitting down to write jokes, or even attempting to be funny on the set of The Ellen Show, and fans were all ears. According to the American show host, he has been quite patient in waiting to see some signs of wittiness from Harry that will indicate that the youngster would one day follow in his footsteps. This led him to let on a few incidents he witnessed with the boy at home

He was alone with his son at home one certain time when he asked the young man if he already ate breakfast, and in a baritone voice, Harry responded, “I am not sure.” There was another instance where David was trying to find out why Harry didn’t like going anywhere with him and if it had to do with his overgrown beard, and Harry answered that it was his dad’s behavior and not his beard.

Harry Joseph Letterman’s dad also narrated the experience he had with him when he was just a fourth-grade student. The entire family went down to Easter Island to see Moai, and a drunken man suddenly burst into the restaurant where they were eating; the incident was so scary to Harry that the young man flew back to their hotel room.

A month later, David received a phone call from his son’s teacher, who said she needed to clarify something with him after Harry had written a theme for the school about Easter Island. According to the teacher, the only thing Harry wrote on his paper was that a drunken guy chased him out of their hotel.

She just wanted to know if it actually happened. With that said David concluded that his son evidently found the drunk more impressive than Moai.

What is Harry Joseph Letterman Currently Doing For A Living?

People who are really enthusiastic that Harry Joseph Letterman may become a comedian cum talk show host like his dad may be disappointed to know that he is already 20 and has only ever recorded a single appearance on TV – his father’s Talk show, The Late Show With David Letterman.

It is obvious that Harry is yet to settle for a career path. Reports said the young man, who is currently in the process of acquiring his college degree, is concentrating on his education for now. However, even though he is yet to make his choice of a profession to follow, Harry’s name would always ring a bell thanks to the influence of his entertainment mogul father.

Harry will definitely make a choice at the right time, and if he decides to take to the entertainment industry, David would be ever ready to hold his hand.

Is Harry on Any Social Media Platforms?

Harry Joseph Letterman is quite distinct from the children of other A-list celebs in the entertainment industry, who are quick to display both their personal and professional lives on social media. To date, the youngster is yet to register his presence on any of the popular platforms.

On the flip side, you can locate his father on Instagram at @letterman, where he has a lot of activities going on. Currently, he can boast 405k followers and 850 posts.

Key Facts About Harry Joseph Letterman

  1. Who is Harry Joseph Letterman?
    • Harry Joseph Letterman is the son of renowned talk show host David Letterman and production manager Regina Lasko. He was born on November 3, 2003, in North Salem, New York. He is 20 Years Old and a student at Brown University.
  2. What is Harry Joseph Letterman’s current educational status?
    • Harry Letterman is currently a college student at Brown University. His college journey started in 2022.
  3. What was a significant scary incident involving Harry Letterman in his early childhood?
    • In his early childhood, when he was only 16 months old, there was an attempt to kidnap Harry by a man hired to paint parts of the Letterman’s home. The kidnapper intended to demand a $5 million ransom, but fortunately, his plans were foiled by the police.
  4. What are Harry’s future career plans?
    • Harry is currently majoring in business and economics at Brown University. While many fans of his father hope he will follow in David Letterman’s footsteps, Harry is yet to announce his future career plans.
  5. Who is Harry Joseph Letterman’s mother?
    • Harry’s mother is Regina Lasko. She is known for her work as a production manager, with credits on shows like “Another World” and “Late Night with David Letterman: 7th Anniversary Special”.
  6. How tall is Harry Joseph Letterman?
    • Harry is 6 foot 1 inch tall, which is equivalent to 185 centimetres.
  7. What was the reaction of David Letterman when Harry left for college?
    • David Letterman admitted he was devastated to see his son leave for college. To cope with this new phase of life, his first conversation with Harry after leaving for college humorously involved meeting “the guy who sells weed” to ease any tension after moving out.
  8. Are David Letterman and Regina Lasko still married?
    • Yes, David Letterman and Regina Lasko have been together for over three decades and officially got married on March 19, 2009. They are known for maintaining a private and loving relationship.
  9. What is the estimated net worth of Harry’s family?
    • While Harry Joseph Letterman is still in college and has not established his own career yet, he comes from a wealthy family. His father, David Letterman, is estimated to be worth around $400 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.
  10. How does David Letterman feel about his son?
    • David Letterman adores his son, Harry. During an interview, he spoke about the nature of love, expressing that while he is in love with his wife, the real connection happens when you have a child. He also expressed joy in being able to spend more time with Harry during the quarantine period and described him as a “goofball” and “very entertaining”.
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