Venus Williams career, other facts
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The Williams family is best-known in the tennis court as The Johnsons are in wrestling. While their parents remain among the notable coaches in the tennis court, Venus Williams and her sister Serena Williams have maintained their spots as the top faces of women’s tennis since the 90’s. In fact, the family’s success is proof of their fighting attitude alongside their athleticism.

Venus William is a talented tennis player who has earned a place for herself as the No. 21 in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) singles rankings. This is not to say that she has not been on the top list in the past. In fact, she was ranked world No. 1 by the WTA on three occasions with her first being on February 25, 2002, which made her the first female African American to do so in the Open Era, and the second after Althea Gibson. There are a lot more to know about the multiple award-winning tennis player. Read on to find out more about her personal life.

Venus Williams Biography

Venus Ebony Starr Williams was born on June 17, 1980, in Lynwood, California, and her journey in the Tennis game started when at the age of seven, she was discovered by a professional local player, Tony Chesta. When she was age ten, Venus was sent with her sister, to Rick Macci’s tennis academy which is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, where her family moved to. Venus was later withdrawn from the private tennis academy by her father who decided to coach her by himself while she receives proper education.

Venus William’s first professional game on the tennis court was on October 31, 1994, when at the age of fourteen, she played against then world number two- Sánchez Vicario. Even though she lost the game, she was able to make up a set and a service break against Vicario. Her next match was in the following year when she played three tournaments and lost all. However, she was able to reach the quarterfinals after beating then world number 18, Amy Frazier.

Venus experienced her first success in 1997 after she managed to reach the Tier I tournaments quarterfinals, thus winning a position for herself in the Top 100. She also made her first single title win in the year’s IGA Tennis Classic in Oklahoma City, where she defeated Joannette Kruger. By 2000, Venus Williams was already set to take over the game as the top best player. She defeated Martina Hingis to win the Wimbledon thus leading to her first singles Grand Slam victory. That same year, she teamed up with her sister Serena to win the women’s doubles title at the event.

In sum, Venus Williams has garnered about 22 Grand Slam titles, 13 in doubles, 2 in mixed doubles and 7 in singles. Added to these are her 4 Olympic gold medals and 5 Wimbledon singles titles. She has an estimated net worth of  $95 million. Despite the set back which she suffered in 2011 when she was reportedly diagnosed with Sjögren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder, reports also have it that she was able to make over $40.5 million in prize money from her career in tennis.

Her Father and Siblings

Venus’ successes were not without the help and support from her family, particularly that of her father and siblings. Her father Richard Williams is the number one fan of his children. As a tennis coach, he learned his skills from a man named “Old Whiskey,”. After his training, he decided to make it a family legacy that would be passed down to his children. Much determined to make his plans to make his daughters famous in the game, Richard wrote a 78-page plan detailing his daughters’ future career in the game.

Venus younger sister Serena is also a successful tennis player who has been able to make it as the world number one in singles on eight deferent occasions between 2002 and 2017. Venus played 27 matches against her sister Serena, out of which Venus won 11.

Venus other siblings include Yetunde Price, Isha Price, Lyndrea Price, Dylan Starr Williams, Richard Williams III, and Ronner Williams. The last three are Richard’s children from his previous marriage with Betty Johnson, while the first three are Oracene Price’s children from her marriage with Yusef Rasheed whom she married after divorcing Williams in 2002. Dylan Starr who happens to be the youngest of all was born in 2012 to his mother  Lakeisha Graham whom Williams married in 2010 after separating with Price.

Yetunde Williams served as personal assistant to Venus and her sister Serena. She was, however, killed in 2003, after suffering from severe gunshot wounds from being shot at by gang members protecting a crack house in a suburb of Compton where she and her boyfriend were chatting in an SUV.

Boyfriend, Married, Husband, Son, Gay

Despite being a familiar face in the tennis world, the private life of the American professional tennis player Venus Williams remains of major concern to her fans. Well, for those who care to know, Venus Williams is not yet married but she has not identified herself as gay.

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Venus has dated a good number of good-looking young men. Apparently, her first date was a Cuban model named Elio Pis. The two first met in 2012, when Pis was modeling for EleVen Fashion line. Although there was no information as regards the reason for their breakup, Venus was later seen with a golfer whose name is Hank Kuehne. Their relationship only lasted for about three years before they broke up.

Venus family, husband, boyfriend, son
Venus Williams with her boyfriend, Nicholas Hammond

Venus’ new boyfriend is Nicholas Hammond who according to reports, is the son of socialite Dana Hammond. It is also said that Hammond on his own is an established financier who happens to be about 12 years younger than Williams. The couple is yet to be officially married as husband and wife and they are yet to have any child (son). In a nutshell, Venus Williams is not married, she is neither gay nor does she has a husband of her own.