What Is The Origin and Meaning of Yas Queen, Why Is It So Popular Today?

If you don’t live in the US or haven’t been immensely drowned in the deepest end of pop culture, then you probably have little or no idea what the phrase Yas Queen means. There’s something else; it is not enough to bump into it on social media or on the very many gossip blogs out there, you have to live it and say it to be part of the gang.

Let’s say you accompanied a friend to a boutique and she comes out of the dressing room looking absolutely gorgeous on the dress she just tried on, and before you could scream ‘beautiful’ you get a ‘Yasss Queen!’ from the attendant. It is probably one of the signs that you really need to be pop-cultured, or at least, need to be taught the meaning of the phrase. This brings us to the following questions:

What Does Yas Queen Mean?

Still on the coolest phrase in the world, the Urban dictionary defines ‘Yas Queen’ as an expression of admiration, enthusiastic support, or excitement. But to us, that’s not enough, sit back and relax while we break it down further. The term is simply a sleek way of acknowledging achievements; feats which are usually applauded with common words like ‘congratulations’, ‘big ups’, ‘go girl’ and whatnots.

We’re getting closer; and so, bringing the cool phrase into the picture, the younger generation who so much fancy this dope and sleek phrase now prefer it to the cliché forms of applause. So next time you want to hail a friend or a sister for some well-achieved feat you may want to use that except you’re not in the Yas Queen! gang. Yas Queen is also used in the modern world to refer to anything fierce in a dope way. This means that a brave and sexy woman can be called a Yas Queen! There you have it, the picture just got bigger. Now we know what it means, let us find out how it came about.

What is the Origin of Yas Queen?

Before we begin, let us all thank a diehard fan of Lady Gaga who could do nothing but scream Yassss! upon seeing the pop singer who looked ravishing in a stylish outfit. Twitter star Jonny  Versayce was meeting Gaga, his idol for the first time, and was mesmerized by her poise; and all he could do was scream Yass Gaga! while he recorded the mind-blowing moment.

The video which was posted on Instagram went viral and sprinkled the Eastern region of the United States with drops of highly concentrated Yasss! in the process. The word which has been turned into the phrase Yas Queen! is now used in the contemporary world as a way of complimenting someone or something you admire so much.

Why Is It So Popular Today?

Social interaction comes with a lot of unwritten codes of conduct which guides those involved. With the invention of the internet, the e-world has gained strong grounds through a great influx of millennial internet users. The 1990-borns and above have virtually taken over the internet and have fashioned it to work on their own terms. This is why issues especially entertainment and fashion, trend the way they do, and also why a phrase like Yas Queen won’t be short-lived unless the younger generation says so.

The phrase has become a norm on the internet especially on social media platforms. You find it crested on wears like T-shirts and hats and it has even made its way to Television. If you do watch TV, you would know that the popular Comedy Central series, Broad City justifies this notion. But if you don’t, then someone really needs to be pop-cultured. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Broad City has got everyone interested in the show with their sleek usage of Yas Queen!. This has also caused many to think that the catchphrase originated from the comedy series. But this is not the case; they even admit that they learned the word from Johnny Versayce. Another entertainment production that has adopted the dope trend is the podcast, 2 Dope Queens, produced by WNYC Studios.

There’s something else you should know; the phrase is not just for anyone. Like we said, we live in a world where some unwritten codes of conducts direct our social activities. This may sound rigid, but for you to blend in with Yas Queen! you’ve got be part of the doper generation. If you had to search and read this post to understand, maybe Yas Queen! is not for you either. You may consider this a very bitter truth, but it’ll be even more bitter if you have no idea who Lady Gaga or Ariana Grande is.


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