Who Is Carolyn Elizabeth Davis and Where is She Now?

Carolyn ‘Carly’ Elizabeth Davis is the biological daughter of Catelynn Lowel and Tyler Baltierra, stars of the American reality television series 16 and Pregnant. She is also the adopted daughter of Brandon and Teresa Davis who was born on May 18, 2009, and is now-14 years old

Carly’s birth parents became known following their appearance in 16 and Pregnant. Yes, they were teenagers when they had her, and their pregnancy journey was documented on the show. After her birth, her parents were left to decide whether they wanted to keep her or give her up for adoption. They chose the latter, and so far, it has proven to be the right choice, as Carly is doing great with her adoptive family.

Summary of Carolyn Elizabeth’s Biography

  • Full name: Carolyn Elizabeth Davis
  • Nickname: Carly
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: May 18, 2009
  • Carolyn Elizabeth Davis’s Age: 14 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Carolyn Elizabeth Davis’s Parents: Catelynn Baltierra, Tyler Baltierra, Teresa Davis, Brandon Davis
  • Siblings: Graham, Nova, Vaeda Luma, and Rya Rose
  • Famous for: being the first biological child of reality TV personalities Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra

How Old is Carolyn Elizabeth Davis?

Carolyn “Carly” Elizabeth Davis is 14 years old. She was born on May 18, 2009, in Port Huron, Michigan, United States, and her birth was documented on the widely-watched reality television series titled 16 and Pregnant as her parents, Catelynn and Tyler, were both teenagers at the time she was born.

To be more precise, the young couple were both 17 years old then and lacked almost everything it took to take care of a child. As a result, they were forced to take a painful decision that was in the best interest of their daughter – give her up for adoption.

Carly’s adoptive parents are Brandon and Teresa Davis, who currently live in North
Carolina with her and another of their adopted child. According to reports, the 14-year-old was given the name “Carolyn” after both her biological and adoptive parents agreed on it.

In line with her biological parents’ reason for giving her up, Carly has a stable life as her adoptive parents are raising her just right, providing for her all she needs to have a normal life. Thankfully, her biological parents have also remained in touch with her.

Following a decision by Catelynn and Tyler, the reality television cameras are not allowed to film Carolyn because they want her to have a normal life away from the public.

Who are Carolyn Elizabeth Davis’ Parents?

As we have already established, Carolyn Elizabeth Davis has two sets of parents – biological and adoptive. But we’ll be focusing on her birth parents, Catelynn Lowel and Tyler Baltierra, in this section.

The couple’s love story dates as far back as when they were in middle school. They gained public attention as a result of their appearance in the TV show 16 and Pregnant, on which their pregnancy journey was chronicled right to the point when their child was born in 2009. This made Catelynn the sixth teenager to have her child on the show, and her baby’s birth marked the end of the show’s first season.

Because they were very young then, many people believed that they would eventually part ways, and even though they are married now, they almost did. They experienced a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, so much that they called off their wedding after they got engaged.

Thankfully, they were able to mend their relationship and subsequently get married on August 22, 2015. The duo has remained together since then.

Meanwhile, after 16 and Pregnant, Catelynn Lowel was cast on Teen Mom, the show’s spin-off series, and she featured in all of its four seasons until it ended in 2012. Three years down the line, she returned for the fifth season of the series, which was then renamed Teen Mom OG.

Catelynn has also appeared on season 3 of Couples Therapy alongside Tyler, her husband. The show is a documentary television series that follows four couples as they try to get help with their troubled relationships from psychoanalyst Dr. Orna Guralnik.

Catelynn and Tyler Continued Their Education After Their Daughter’s Birth

Following the delivery of their first child at age 17, Catelynn and Taylor did not put their lives and education on hold. They continued their high school studies and eventually graduated in June 2011. Moving on, they both enrolled in Baker College, where Catelynn majored in social work. On the other hand, Taylor majored in psychology with a minor in creative writing.

Having been together for most of their lives, the couple has done everything together, from school to work to raising a family. Together, they wrote a book that tells their story straight from the horses mouth. Titled “Conquering Chaos”, the book was published in March 2015.

Why was Carolyn Elizabeth Davis Given Up for Adoption?

We already know that Carolyn Elizabeth Davis’ birth parents were very young at the time they had her. The young lovers were only 13 when they started dating. About three years later, they discovered that Carolyn was pregnant. They had no job and no means of earning money with which they could care for their child.

As a result, the best option for them was to let a couple that was capable of raising her and giving her a better opportunity at life have her. However, their parents were not in support of giving up the child, but that did not make Carolyn and Taylor change their minds.

After Carolyn Elizabeth Davis was born on May 18, 2009, her birth parents handed her over to her adoptive parents immediately without attempting to bond with her. Reports even have it that Catelynn and Taylor refused to look at her before she was taken away to meet her new parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis. The entire process was shown on 16 and Pregnant. 

Although Carolyn’s biological father and mother gave up their rights as her parents, they still keep in touch with her and also receive pictures of her as she grows, thanks to an open adoption agreement they have with the Davis family. They also get a chance to meet with her once every year.

Carolyn Has Four Siblings

When she was three years old, Carly’s adoptive parents decided to adopt another child, a son. Thus, they adopted Graham Davis. There’s no information about Graham because his adoptive parents are not known people and prefer to live a quiet life.

On the other side of her family, Carolyn has three biological sisters named Nova, Vaeda Luma, and Rya Rose Baltierra (born in September 2021), who are all products of her birth parents’ marriage.

Following the birth of Rya, who is the last child of Taylor and Catelynn, Catelynn told Celebuzz that they were proud to announce the birth of their final little princess, adding that “Mom, baby, and dad are doing well, and Rya is adored by all that meet her.” She also did not fail to mention that they were blessed beyond belief.

Before Rya’s birth, Catelynn lost a child through miscarriage and was immensely grateful that her fourth baby arrived healthy. According to her, they wanted it to be a boy since intended to hang their boots afterward, but that notwithstanding, they remain grateful for their girls.

Despite being another couple’s child now, Carolyn’s parents still consider her their first child. Thus, Rya is counted as their fourth. Meanwhile, Carly has met her sisters.

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