Who is Jai Malik Wiggins Jr? All About Yung Miami and Jai Wiggins’ Son

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. is the son of American rapper Yung Miami and her late baby daddy, Jai Malik Wiggins. Born on the 26th of June 2013, Yung Miami’s son, Jai, is currently 10 years old.

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr was born to a celebrity mom, which attracted the spotlight, and that is his only claim to fame. He is yet to forge a career path but has his whole life ahead of him to make the right choice. He will be doing so with the support of just his famous mother, as he lost his father in 2020.

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr’s Bio

  • AGE: 10 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: 26 June 2013
  • BIRTHPLACE: Miami, Florida
  • BIRTH SIGN: Cancer
  • ETHNICITY: African American
  • FATHER: Jai Wiggins
  • MOTHER: Yung Miami
  • SIBLINGS: Summer Miami Luellen (sister)

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. Was Born in 2013

Yung Miami’s son, Jai Malik Wiggins Jr., is 10 years old as he was born in 2013 to the American rapper and her then-boyfriend Jai Wiggins. His place of birth is said to be Miami, Florida, United States of America, which makes him an American national.

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. is believed to be getting his formal education, but the school he attends has not been made public. More details about Yung Miami’s son will be made available as he gets older. For now, he is enjoying his childhood and the perks of being raised by a dotting mom.

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr
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Jai Malik Wiggins Jr’s Parents were Never Married

Yung Miami and Jai Wiggins were believed to have been dating when they welcomed their son Jai Jr. The relationship was, however, a toxic one that led to domestic violence, with Yung on the receiving end. The duo never got married but remained together for a long period of time.

They were together for a couple of years after Jai was born before they decided to call it quits for good in June 2015. Violent conduct on the part of Jai’s father was the major reason behind the split.

During their time as a couple, Yung Miami complained about the harsh treatment she endured from her baby daddy. According to the rapper, he harassed her a lot and once made a threat to yank her hair extensions out of her head.

He also hit her on the face in public after pulling her out of a car. This made Yung get a restraining order against him. He also enrolled in a batterer assessment and intervention program for domestic violence with parenting classes on the side.

As a result of Jai’s violent behaviors, Yung Miami got sole custody of their son. Her baby daddy was, however, allowed to play a role in his son’s life. The batterer and parenthood course for domestic violence Jai Malik Wiggins Jr.’s father enrolled in helped him in being able to co-parent with his ex.

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. Lost His Father in 2020

On Monday, June 15, 2020, seven-year-old Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. received the news of his father’s death. Yung Miami’s baby daddy died from injuries sustained during a shooting. Sadly, authorities didn’t make the details of the shooting public, thus, speculations ran rife about what caused it.

One of the rumors even held Yung Miami responsible for arranging the shooting, but the claim didn’t hold any water. Another report suggested that Jai’s father was shot while trying to defend his sister.

Meanwhile, an aggrieved Yung Miami took to Instagram to mourn her demised baby daddy. In spite of their rocky relationship, she acknowledged him as a great dad to his son. Part of her caption read: “Babies 1st words are DADA & that’s what you are a FATHER to Jai. You & Jai is peanut butter & jelly always together one thing about you, you don’t play about your son!”.

How Many Siblings Does Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. Have?

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. has one sister named Summer Miami Luellen from his mother. Summer Miami Luellen was born on October 15, 2019, to Yung Miami and her partner, an Amercian producer named Southside.

Summer is already a star on Instagram, with more than 247k followers. The page is filled with adorable pictures of the little angel. Her first birthday was celebrated in a grand style, with photoshoots and all.

Is Jai Malik Jr. on Instagram?

Just like his little sister, Jai Jr. is on Instagram and can be found on the platform with the name @_princejai. However, his sister Summer has a lot more followers than him, as Jai has more than 78k followers, while she has more than 247k followers.

Jai also has a YouTube channel named Lit Kid Jai. On the video-sharing platform, he has garnered 1,25k subscribers as of May 2022.

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. is a Budding Model

Jai Malik Wiggins jr.
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At such a young age, Yung Miami’s son is already making her a proud mom. The rapper took to social media in September to share the milestone. She expressed how proud she is of her son nailing his first fashion show, and she was there to show her support.

Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. debuted on the runway at the Rookie USA Fashion Show on September 10, 2021, as part of New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The event where the young lad walked as one of the models was a star-studded affair with many celebrities and their kids in attendance. In spite of the tragic events of the previous year that robbed him of his beloved dad, the young Wiggins looked dapper in a red Nike hoodie and pants.

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