Who Is Ryan Newman’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Krissie Boyle Newman was the wife of NASCAR driver Ryan Newman, However, as it stands now, Ryan Newman does not have a wife and has no girlfriend. The 46-year-old race car driver who was born Ryan Joseph Newman and later nicknamed “Rocket Man”, was previously married to Krissie Newman nee Boyle.

They were married for more than a decade and a half before their separation and eventual divorce in 2020, a few months before the COVID pandemic hit its height.

Is Ryan Newman Married?

Not anymore, Ryan Newman is not married. For most of his 20s and 30s, Ryan Newman knew what it felt like to be a married man. Since 2020, however, the Rocket Man can no longer claim to know what that experience feels like. This is all down to his separation and, ultimately, divorce from the mother of his two daughters.

As of the time of this writing, there is nothing on the NASCAR driver’s social media platforms that suggested that he was in any romantic relationship. He has specifically stuck to his career and taking care of his daughters.

Ryan Newman Was Previously Married To Krissie Newman

Ryan Newman was previously married to Krissie Newman. Krissie Newman was born Krissie Boyle on October 28, 2007, in Vernon, New Jersey, United States. She is an American citizen and of the Caucasian ethnic group.

Krissie was born to the family of James and Joanne Boyle under the birth sign of Libra and has a brother named John Boyle. John is a police officer, but not much is known about what her parents did for a living. Krissie spent her formative years in Statesville, North Carolina, and attended an unnamed local high school.

After receiving her high school diploma, Krissie went on to Pennsylvania, where she acquired a criminal justice pre-law degree from Shippensburg University. Once she had bagged her degree, Krissie set out to put her degree to good use.

She began by working as a paralegal for a criminal attorney before clerking for a judge at Mecklenburg County Criminal Courts. It was while she was working as a judge’s clerk that she got set up with Ryan.

They Began Dating in 2001 and Wed in 2004

Ryan Newman met his ex-wife in 2001 on a blind date that had been set up by Krissie’s grandmother. The early days of the couple’s conversation happened on the phone, and after exchanging several phone calls, they decided to go on a proper first date. The outcome of the date must have been satisfactory for both of them because they began to date exclusively after that.

At this point, we should note that Ryan was a couple of months younger than Krissie, but it was an age difference that meant nothing to either of them. They would date consistently for the next three years before eventually saying ‘I Do’ to each other on January 3, 2004.

The finer details of the event itself have been overshadowed by subsequent notable events during the period of their marriage. After their wedding, Ryan and Krissie retreated to a resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for their honeymoon before returning to commence life as a married couple. While they were married, Ryan’s ex-wife was heavily involved in his career.

She went to every race and was subsequently dubbed the First Lady of NASCAR due to her involvement in nervous charity events that included seeing to the delivery of cat and dog food to animal shelters. She even waited tables and organized food trucks to ensure the food was delivered and also raised funds for various humane organizations.

Beyond her job on the NASCAR circuit, Krissie serves as the Executive Director at the Ryan Newman Foundation, a foundation set up by and named after Ryan. She also conducted the day-to-day at Ryan Newman Motorsports and used to regularly bake cookies for the team when Ryan raced for Stewart-Hass.

Ryan Newman Has Two Daughters With Krissie

Ryan and Krissie Newman became proud parents of two adorable daughters during their time as a married couple. The former couple welcomed their first child, a daughter, on November 18, 2010, before going on to name her Brooklyn Sage Newman. Less than two years later, they were celebrating the birth of another daughter, who was born on July 16, 2012.

Ashlyn Olivia Newman, Ryan, and Krissie’s 2nd daughter celebrated her 10th birthday on July 16, 2022, while her older sister Brooklyn celebrated her 12th birthday on November 18, 2022.

Despite their father’s celebrity status, Brooklyn and Ashlyn Newman are kept away from the glare of the spotlight, a fact emphasized in the press statement announcing Ryan and Krissie’s impending divorce.

The Couple Divorced After 16 Years In 2020

The idiomatic expression ‘All good things must come to an end’ has never been more apt or appropriate than when it was used to describe the impending divorce between Ryan and Krissie after the race car driver took to Twitter to announce that his more than a decade and a half old marriage to Krissie was ending, on February 13, 2020.

After just over 16 years of marriage, Ryan’s Twitter statement essentially said that the now-former couple was amicably separating but that they remained committed to pursuing a friendship, jointly running their animal rescue organization, and, more importantly, raising their two daughters together. As previously stated, Ryan’s Twitter release included a request for their daughters’ privacy to be respected.

Ryan Newman Crashed A Few Days After The Divorce Was Released

Many fans and observers believed that some force was trying to keep the Newmans together when Ryan crashed terribly during the final lap of the Daytona 500. The crash happened on February 17, 2020, just four days after Ryan had made the divorce announcement on February 13.

Thankfully, Ryan survived, primarily due to the Newman Bar, a safety measure NASCAR had implemented in 2009 after Ryan’s extensive campaign for car safety.

Krissie had prayed for a safe race, and her reaction to the crash, tweeting “omg,” led to many fans asking her to return to her husband’s side, with many believing that the emotional exertions that must surely come with ending a 16-year-old marriage must have gotten the best of the Nascar driver. Ryan was hospitalized for a while, but there was no record of Krissie having been at his side during that time.

There was no lasting damage or effect as Ryan fully recovered to race again in May 2020. Ryan’s statement mentioned that the couple was separating, but there hasn’t been any news on when the divorce was finalized. Ryan and Krissie have, however, stayed true to other aspects of the statement about remaining friends, jointly running their animal rescue organization, and raising their daughters together.



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