Sydney Brooke Simpson Bio: Who is O. J. Simpson’s Daughter and Where is She Now?

Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of the former American NFL footballer O.J Simpson and his late wife, Nicole Simpson. 

Sydney first appeared in the spotlight back in 1994 when her mother, Nicole Simpson, was brutally murdered. She was just nine years when the gruesome incident occurred and had to face media scrutiny as her father stood trial for the incident. Sydney has since then kept a low profile but managed to make a name for herself regardless of the unfortunate twists of events in her family.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Bio Summary

  • Full name: Sydney Brooke Simpson
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 17th October 1985
  • Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Age: 37 years old
  • Nationality: Black American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Religion: Christian
  • Education: Boston University
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Parents: O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown
  • Siblings: Justin Ryan Simpson (direct brother), Jason Simpson (half brother)
  • Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Height in Inches: 5’8″
  • Profession: Entrepreneur
  • Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Net worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Being the daughter of former football player O.J Simpson

Sydney Brooke Simpson is Currently 37 Years Old

Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on 17th October 1985 to the late Nicole Brown Simpsons and Orenthal James Simpsons, popularly known as O.J Simpsons. She went to Gulliver Academy, where she completed her high school education before proceeding to Boston University to study Sociology, graduating with a Bachelor in Arts Degree in May 2010.

Apart from her, Sydney’s parents had four other children: Justin Ryan Simpson (her brother) alongside step-siblings – Arnelle Simpson, Aaren Simpson, and Jason Simpson. However, Arnelle Simpson died barely two years after her birth by drowning in the pool in her family house, and Aaren died at a young age in 1979. Her grandparents are Eunice Simpson, Jimmy Lee Simpson, Louis Hezekiel Brown, and Juditha Anne Brown. Sydney also has many extended family members. They all shared in the brunt of the unfortunate incident that claimed two lives and rendered their lives unstable for several years.

Sydney and familyy
Sydney and family (image source)

She is the Daughter of Nicole Brown and O.J. Simpsons

Tragedy never ceased from the Simpsons’ family, and as such, Sydney had a rough childhood experience. She lost her mother to death in a murder case that accused her father of being the only suspect through the investigations. However, she still maintains a good relationship with her father regardless of him allegedly taking her mom away from her at a very young age. In 2018, Sydney, alongside her father and brother, was spotted on a Florida beach spending time together. The trio looked very cool with each other in what looked like a thanksgiving reunion.

Her father, O.J Simpson, is now a retired professional NFL player, actor, and media personality who made an amazing and successful career before becoming a convicted robber. He first married Marguerite L. Whitley in 1976, and they got divorced in 1979. From the marriage, they had three children, two of which are dead. He then married Nicole Brown in 1985, and the marriage still hit the rock in 1992, producing Sydney and Justin.

The Death of Her Mother and the Charges that Followed

Just two years after her divorce from O.J, Nicole met with her death alongside her friend Ron Goldman. The two were found dead on 12th June 1994 in Nicole’s house, having been murdered by an unknown culprit. Following her death, many controversies insinuated that her ex-husband O.J had a hand in her death. O.J was not only accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole but also subjected her to an abusive marriage for seven years before divorcing her in 1992.

Hence, he was taken into custody and handed 33 years imprisonment in 2008 but was acquitted on 1st October 2017 after being granted parole. O.J Simpson’s famous trial prompted the release of the sitcom called The People V. O.J Simpson: An American Crime Story, which became very popular. Nonetheless, the Simpsons managed to stay away from the public to the extent that Sydney is said not to own a Twitter or Instagram account.

Sydney Brooke Simpson is an Entrepreneur and Real Estate Expert

After her studies, Sydney moved to Atlanta to work with Canoe as an Events Coordinator. She is currently the owner of Simpsy Properties LLC, a real estate firm that rents out housing in Florida. She also runs a restaurant which she bought in her name, and it has been keeping her quite busy in addition to her real estate venture.

image source

The infamous former NFL player’s youngest child has been trying to pick up her life and put the tragic experience of losing her mother behind her. She is was said to be in a relationship with Robert Blackmon, who is a local politician in Florida, a Real Estate investor, and a colleague of her brother Justin Simpson. The couple rarely made public appearances as they strived as much as they could to keep their affair private. However, the politician later denied that they were dating but said that she is only a very good friend of his.

Before this relationship, Sydney had an affair with Stuart Alexander Lee, whom she met after college. It is known that the relationship lasted from 2007 to 2012. While what inspired their separation has remained unknown, it is not a secret that Stuart still adores her as he won’t stop saying credible things about Sydney. Among other praises he has heaped on her, he is fond of proclaiming that Sydney is a hard-working woman.

She Shares a Cordial Relationship with her Brother Justin Ryan

The reason Sydney and her younger brother, Justin, would keep low profiles are not far-fetched. Losing their mother to death at a very young age and watching their father go through accusations and trials were probably reasons they decided to avoid public and social media presence, especially Sydney. While Justine is active on Instagram, Sydney keeps her total privacy and does not have any social media account.

Sydney and brother Justin
Sydney and brother Justin

Sydney currently lives in St. Petersburg with her brother Justin where they are busily expanding their niches in the real estate business. They previously had an established company known as Justin Communications but are currently not active. They do their best to maintain a low profile and keep away from the media.

Where is Sydney Brook Simpson Now?

Records show that Sydney Brooke Simpson is very comfortable financially since she has her own real estate company and restaurant business. She earns a decent living from her real estate business and her restaurant, which she runs with her younger brother Justin. Sydney lives in her home, which she purchased in Tampa Bay Area. While we can only speculate on the extent of her wealth, there is no doubt that this young lady has done well for herself. She has been pushing the limits in her endeavors and is living comfortably. In all, it is obvious that she is doing pretty well financially.

Key Facts About Sydney Brook Simpson

  1. Who is Sydney Brooke Simpson? Sydney Brooke Simpson is the daughter of former American football running back, actor, and broadcaster, OJ Simpson.
  2. How old is Sydney Brooke Simpson? Sydney Brooke Simpson is 37 years old. She was born on October 17th, 1985.
  3. Where is Sydney Brooke Simpson from? Sydney was born and raised in California, United States of America. She is based in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, United States of America.
  4. Who are OJ Simpson’s kids? Orenthal James Simpson, alias OJ Simpson is a father of five. The former football running back, actor, and broadcaster has three children with his first wife and two with his second spouse.
  5. Did Nicole and OJ Simpson have kids? Yes, the two were blessed with two children; a daughter and a son. Justin Ryan Simpson and Sydney Brooke Simpson.
  6. Who raised OJ Simpson’s kids? On June 12th, 1994, Sydney and Justin’s lives were turned upside down. They were eight and five when their mother was brutally murdered alongside her friend, Ron Goldman. Throughout the trial, the two children were cared for by Brown’s family.
  7. What is Sydney Brooke Simpson’s ethnicity? Her ethnicity is African-American.
  8. What is Sydney Brooke Simpson’s zodiac sign? Her zodiac sign is Libra.
  9. What is Sydney Brooke Simpson’s profession? Sydney Brooke Simpson is a real estate agent and restaurateur.
  10. What is Sydney Brooke Simpson’s alma mater? Sydney Brooke Simpson attended Gulliver Academy and Boston University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.
  11. Does Sydney Brooke Simpson have any siblings? Sydney Brooke Simpson has one sibling and three half-siblings.
  12. What is Sydney Brooke Simpson’s height? Sydney Brooke Simpson is 5′ 8″ (173 cm) tall.
  13. What is her eye color? She has brown eyes.
  14. Is Sydney Brooke Simpson married? No, She is currently single.
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