Who Was Dennis Tissington and What is The Cause of His Death?

Dennis Tissington was an old man who became infamous online in 2016 after a video of him smashing the windows of a certain Damian Dallyn’s car went viral. Recently, it emerged that he had died, however, details about his alleged death remain vague, and his family is yet to confirm if the information is true or false.

Dennis Tissington Became Popular for the Wrong Reasons

A lot of people never knew a man like Dennis James Tissington existed until August 2016 when he became notorious following a video that surfaced and trended online. In the video, he is seen breaking the windows of a car in the course of a confrontation with another man identified as Damian Dallyn. Meanwhile, the incident happened in Grande Prairie in Alberta, Canada.

Considering the fact that he was already relatively old at the time, it was surprising that a man his age, 67 as of then, could behave the way he did. This got a lot of people interested in knowing who Dennis was but unfortunately, there’s practically no information available about him except that he worked at a home building company in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, according to a report by CTV News.

The video which made him widely known was recorded and posted online by Damian Dallyn, whose car windows he broke. Speaking to CTV News, after the incident, Dallyn revealed that he was trying to clear up a landscaping dispute with Dennis Tissington’s step-son, Tyler Stojan, on Saturday, August 6, 2016, and after an argument, he walked back to his car.

While Damian was seated in his car parked by the road side, Dennis walked towards him, holding a baton. It was at this point that the former started recording with his phone. “You’re going to be in the hospital if you don’t get out of here,” Dennis tells Damian. Immediately after that, he smashes the front driver’s side window with the baton, and does the same to the rear passenger window.

It is Not Known if Dennis Got a Jail Term for Assault

According to CTV News, the Grande Prairie Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) told them that they first got a call with regards to the incident at about 4:30 p.m. on the same day it happened. Consequently, Dennis Tissington was arrested and charged with mischief.

However, Damian Dallyn, the man he assaulted, wasn’t satisfied as he believed that weapons and assault charges should also be laid. A lot of people in various online communities were also not happy with the charge, siding with Damian’s opinion that it should be more than that.

Tissington was slated to appear in court on October 3, 2016, but till date, no one seems to know the outcome of the case. The conversation came up on reddit in 2020 and many redditors were eager for an update about the “the crazy boomer”. Sadly, nobody could give any information about that.

However, responding to someone who commented that boomers run the game and that they don’t go to jail, a member on the platform (imthefrizzlefry) said, “…you are right, he got off with a slap on the wrist and basically permission to do it again. No jail time.”

Rumors of Dennis Tissington’s Death Surfaced in 2022 

In January 2022, barely six years after the incident, reports emerged that Dennis Tissington had died, not only that, it was rumored that he died in jail. However, no authoritative site has confirmed the speculations yet, neither has any member of his family.

As of now, the rumor seems to be nothing but a hoax. Seeing that no one has heard anything about the old man since the viral 2016 car-window-smashing video, this might as well be a ploy by whoever started the rumor to get Dennis or his family to talk about him and the incident which made him known.

If He is Truly Dead, then He Must Have Been Over 70 Years at the Time

As of August 2016 when Dennis’ video circulated, he was said to be 67 years old. This means that he was born sometime in 1949. If truly he died in January 2022 when rumors of his death circulated then he was either already 73 years old at the time of his death or would have turned 73 sometime in the year.

Although it would be nice to get some clarifications from Dennis or his family as to whether he is really dead or still alive, it will truly be a relief to hear that he is still very much alive and healthy.

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