Zoie Burgher
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A Young Florida woman, Zoie Burgher rocketed to Youtube fame only a few months of joining the platform. With over 1 million Youtube subscribers and 600,000 Twitter followers, she has become a social media success despite being evicted from Twitch where she was flourishing for sharing explicit contents. But who is Zoie? Read on to find out facts about her.

Facts To Know About The Female Gamer 

She is a Sagittarius since she was born on November 29, 1995. She is from Miami, Florida and grew up there with her family (sibling and parents). She is of white ethnicity and of American descent.

Social Media Career

Zoie Burgher
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She caught the social media bug in 2013 while at Florida State University studying international affairs after her transfer from Arizona State University. During that time, she was a huge fan of Rugby and politics although she wasn’t a real devotee of politics. Her obsession was with the political argument not about any party, so she played a nonpartisan politics. Her Youtube journey started at Twitch having used her experience with the company to study how to become a social media influencer. This helped her grow her viewers and followers organically. She is now entertaining thousands of Twitter followers and up to a million Youtube subscribers. She is also active on Snapchat, her Snapchat stories are viewed by more than 200,000 people. She was also a finalist to be Miss Coed 2016 as a junior.

But her success didn’t come without some past failures. First, she was kicked out of Twitch four times for sharing sexually arousing contents which were against the terms of the company. Her determination to become social media-famous didn’t let her quit, rather, she found solace in Youtube immediately she got the fourth boot from the site.

When her page started thriving just months later, she was motivated to try other endeavours using her fame. This led to the establishment of an all-women gaming company, named Luxe House. The goal behind its establishments was to bring inventive bikini-clad women together who would create gaming content and reality shows. The show chronicled the daily lives of the six members including Zoie gaming live on Youtube.

The gaming company looked promising initially and had a great start, its Youtube page had about 21,000 subscribers as well.

After its first break, the project didn’t bring much luck and prosperity even though the media CEO offered unique services such as consistent fan feedback. Its bad luck came from poor acceptance and viewership.

Despite the failure of the gaming investment, the Florida queen has achieved so much already. She lives in a luxury home and drives expensive cars thanks to the income that flows in from her social media sites. Her simultaneous twerking continues to bring in more cash and fans.

While many people claim Zoie’s cleavage and overall body shape are what keep her followers interested since many YouTubers struggle for years to gain the kind of subscribers she gained in just months, the truth is, the star is a great streamer (basically bikini Twerk) and knows what to put out there to entertain her followers.

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Other Ventures

Zoie has once featured her boyfriend named D’Angelo in a Youtube video published in 2017 titled “Reading Mean Comment With My Boyfriend”. She has also reached the final of Miss Coed 2016 competition as a junior.

Zoie Burgher Net Worth

Zoie’s bikini twerking has paid off thanks to her hot physique which she is always showcasing at any opportunity. She earns sufficient fortune from the platform. Her net worth is currently $135,000.

Personal Life/Boyfriend/ Husband/Child 

Nothing is known about Zoie’s relationship or her past affairs as she hides such personal information from the public despite her activeness on social media. From what we gathered, she is single and has no child yet. Apparently, her sexual orientation is straight. She loves touring the world and goofing with friends. She longs to visit New Zealand, Auckland precisely.

Quick Facts About The Internet Sensation

Birth name: Zoie Burgher

Date of birth: November 29, 1995

Birth sign: Sagittarius

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5 ft. 8 inches

Weight: N/A

Body Measurements: N/A

Body type: Slim

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Blonde