About us

Skinnyscoop extensively covers a range of topics under various sections such as beauty and fashion, people, family and relationships, entertainment and lifestyle stories, home and kitchen, etc.

Skinnyscoop.com is a comprehensive, relevant and reliable information resource where we aim to satisfy your desire for knowledge and personal skills development which is why we put in hundreds of hours of research and analysis to come up with helpful contents and information just for you.

What Is Our Editorial Policy?

We want Skinnyscoop to be useful, accurate, and trustworthy and to achieve this, we recruit and work with well-trained and seasoned researchers, writers, editors and reviewers chosen and vetted for subject-matter expertise. We are deeply committed to making only fair and unbiased reports in every content we publish; therefore, we subject each of our articles through a multi-tier, multi-layered review. Our team of experienced writers research and write with the reader in mind, with the main goal of providing our users with useful and informative content in a way that is both user-friendly and relevant.

Further to this, an editor (who is knowledgeable in that particular field) is mandated to perform a thorough fact-check of each article, review sources and links for references, quotes, and statistics. In addition, reviewers provide a critical layer of review to ensure the integrity of the content before the article gets published.

On the other hand, our statistics and guides are updated from time to time to ensure the information we have is not only current but also accurate. Our objective is to differentiate ourselves and stand out as number one in the niche we operate in and get known as a trusted and respected platform. In doing this, we don’t lose sight of the need to constantly provide our readers with satisfying, accurate and actionable information that they can always trust. Please take a look at our Editorial Policy Page for more on our Editorial Ethics & Guidelines


In writing an article, we source materials from a variety of sources and ensure that the information they bear is truthful and factual. We refrain from publishing any piece of information our editorial team has not fully checked and vetted.

Corrections, Updates, and Deletions

We take absolute measure to ensure that the content we publish is accurate when written, however, given how dynamic the digital media space is, if there is a need to make a correction after an article has been published, we don’t hesitate to effect the change no matter how negligible it might be. We are straightforward, very cautious, and are guided by our editorial ethics in the information we publish.