Is Wendy Williams Transgender and How Many Husbands Has She Had?

Wendy Williams is a popular TV personality, actress, and fashion designer. She is best known for The Wendy Williams Show which kicked off in 2008 when...


Who Is Leo Robinton, Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance?

Emma Watson's boyfriend Leo Robinton and their relationship have been the talk of the town after the two were photographed hanging out recently on...



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Best Socks For Women

The best socks for women will not be anything short of durability, soft, trendy and comfortable. You may have concluded that women have little or no business with shoes. That may not necessarily be true. Though the number may not be as much as those of men, more women are now investing in good quality socks- from the typical shoe socks, to knee socks, gym socks or perhaps something to keep the feet warm. Socks are generally good for protecting the feet from diseases like Psoriasis. So irrespective...


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