DC Young Fly Parents: Meet His Dad and Mum

DC Young Fly’s parents are Betty Whitfield (his mom) and Solomon Whitfield (his dad). The 32-year-old American comedian, social media star, actor, and businessman is the youngest of seven children born to his parents, who were together for many years before separating in 2006 when their now-famous son was 14 years old. Below is more about DC Young Fly’s dad and mum

DC Young Fly’s Parents are Betty and Solomon Whitfield

Betty and Solomon Whitfield are the parents of John Richard Whitfield, the social media star we know today as DC Young Fly. The duo came into the limelight as a result of the accomplishments of their son, who has a thriving entertainment career and a net worth estimated to be in the region of $3 million.

While the exact timeline of Betty and Solomon’s marriage is unknown, the couple is believed to have been married for a couple of decades before they called it quits. This is deduced from the fact that they have seven children, and their youngest was 14 years old when they ended things. It has also been reported that DC’s siblings are older than him by some distance.

Who Is DC Young Fly’s Dad, Solomon Whitfield?

DC Young Fly’s Dad is named Solomon Whitfield. He is American by nationality, while his ethnicity is African American. According to reports online, he was born sometime in 1931. This means that he was 61 years old when he had his famous son in 1992.

Solomon would have been 93 years old today, but he passed away. He is reported to have died in 2013 after suffering Alzheimer’s disease. It is not known what he did for a living to provide for the large family he had. Regardless, we know that he spent most of his life in the U.S. state of Georgia.

Betty Whitfield is the Mother of DC Young Fly

DC Young Fly’s mother is an African-American woman named Betty Whitfield. Unlike her late ex-husband Solomon, we do not know when she was born, hence the mystery surrounding her age. We, however, know that Betty spent a great deal of her life in Georgia. What she did to contribute to support her family is not known, but it is reported that she did a lot for them.

Betty’s sacrifices clearly made an impact on the life of DC Young Fly, so much so that the pair have had a very close relationship over the years. Her son famously presented her with a plush car after he began making it big. He said it was a “thank you” for all that she had done for him over the years.

DC Young Fly's parents
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Betty and Solomon Whitfield Had DC Young Fly in 1992

Betty and Solomon Whitfield had their son on the 2nd of May 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. DC Young Fly spent a better part of his growing-up years in Adamsville, a neighborhood in west Atlanta noted for its high crime rate.

DC was inevitably caught up in the web of the crime wave in his neighborhood from the tender age of 13. In addition to partaking in various crimes, he started experimenting with various drugs and so came in contact with the law on more than one occasion. Thankfully, he was able to turn his life around to be an influential member of society.

What Is Known About DC Young Fly’s Parents and Family

Attribute Information
Full Name of DC Young Fly John Richard Whitfield
DOB of DC Young Fly 2nd May 1992
Nationality of DC Young Fly American
Net Worth of DC Young Fly Estimated to be around $3 million
Parents Betty Whitfield and Solomon Whitfield
Marriage Duration (Approx.) Several decades (Exact years unknown)
Year of Separation 2006
Total Children 7
DC’s Position Among Siblings Youngest
Solomon Whitfield’s DOB 1931
Solomon Whitfield’s Nationality American
Solomon Whitfield’s Ethnicity African American
Solomon Whitfield’s Death 2013 (due to Alzheimer’s disease)
Betty Whitfield’s Ethnicity African American
Known Sibling of DC Young Fly Richie Whitfield (known as Da Crew)
Tribute Tattoo on DC’s Forehead “DC” in honor of his late brother Da Crew

Meet The Other Kids of DC Young Fly’s Parents

DC is the youngest child of his parents, who have a total of seven children. Almost all of his siblings are not known to the public. However, one that is known is DC Young Fly’s older brother, Richie Whitfield, better known as Da Crew (DC). DC is believed to have gotten the first letters of his name from Da Crew, who was killed in 2011. As a tribute, DC got a tattoo of those words on his forehead as a tribute.

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