The Truth About Kevin Gates and Dreka’s Relationship and Marriage

Kevin Gates and Dreka Haynes have been married for 9 years but have been together for longer as they started dating 21 years ago. Kevin Gates and his wife reportedly met and started dating as high school students in 2003. More than a decade and two kids later, they married in 2015 and have remained together ever since.

Kevin and Dreka’s relationship and subsequent marriage have not been a bed of roses for either party, but they have faced all the challenges squarely. It was reported in mid-2022 that they had ended things after Kevin sent out cryptic tweets and was spotted out and about with another woman. The couple, however, found their way back to each other by the end of the year and appear to still be going strong.

Kevin Gates Met Dreka in High School

The love story of Kevin Gates and Dreka Haynes began in 2003. Details about their first meeting and how the relationship kicked off are sketchy, but it is reported to have started in high school. This was where their paths crossed for the first time, and they have been together ever since despite all the ups and downs.

Dreka was by her man’s side when he started showing interest in having a music career. He reportedly started recording in his grandmother’s house but did not have an idea of how to make it into a business. This was where Drekka stepped in as she took time to study everything about the music business and helped her man create his own path to success.

Dreka Became Kevin Gates’ Wife in 2015 After Welcoming Two Kids

Kevin Gates and Dreka had spent 12 years together and had two kids before they decided to make things official by getting married in 2015. It is not exactly clear what type of ceremony they had to bless their marriage, but since they are practicing Muslims, it is believed to have been one that is in accordance with their faith.

Before then, the couple had already become parents to two kids – a daughter named Islah Koren, born on November 30, 2012, and a son named Khaza Kamil, born on May 10, 2014. Despite having their lives in the spotlight, Dreka and Kevin have kept their children’s lives private.

Kevin Gates and Dreka
Kevin Gates, Dreka, and kids – image source

Dreka Serves as Her Husband’s Manager

Dreka is her husband, Kevin Gates’s manager. Kevin started to make waves in his hometown of Baton Rouge in 2007. He collaborated with several other local artists, and their music was beginning to gain a national audience when things halted for a bit after he was sent to prison for 31 months from 2008 to 2011.

Dreka stood by her man’s side through all of this as she waited for him to serve his time. Upon his early release for good behavior, the pair returned to the grind as Gates immediately began working on new music. Together, they co-founded a record label called Bread Winner’s Association, through which they released all of his new music.

Between 2013 and 2014, Kevin Gates again found himself in prison for parole violations. He would return to jail a couple more times for various reasons, including battery and felon in possession of a firearm. 

Throughout the times he was in prison, he continued to put out music with the help of Dreka, who served as his manager and controlled the business side of things.

What Happened To Kevin Gates and Dreka?

Dreka appeared to have been playing her part as a wife and manager very well, giving it all that she had, but this did not stop Kevin from being with other women. In a 2013 interview with Complex magazine, Kevin Gates hinted that he had children with other women and was keeping them away from the public eye.

In a 2016 interview with Angela Yee, he stated that he had sex with other women and that his wife also participated. He reiterated that the relationship he had with his wife was not based on sex, so he didn’t mind his wife getting involved. In 2020, a sex tape featuring Gates and a woman who was not his wife was released to the public.

Two years after that, in 2022, he sent out a few tweets that suggested his relationship with Dreka had ended. He wrote, “At times, we miss our X’s, but it’s in the past for a reason – do you not recall the smell, the arguments, the energy being drained, not reaching your goals, the money you could have made, the money you f**ked up, the time you should’ve invested in yourself – f**k em. #CarryOn.”

In June 2022, Kevin was spotted at a restaurant in New York City with Love and Hip Hop: Miami star Jojo Zarur. The duo took photos for fans, and a video shows Kevin and Zarur holding each other as they walked away.

Kevin later released a song titled “Super Gremlin,” which all but confirmed his split from his wife and suggested that she cheated on him. He also said that he covered up for her to protect her image. Part of the song’s lyrics said: “Took the blame in interviews and made it look like I was trippin’/ Made the ‘Dreka’ song, lied to the world while trying to protect her image.”

Are Dreka and Kevin Back Together?

Dreka and Kevin Gates appear to have weathered the latest storm in their relationship and are back together. When things were hot about their break up in mid-2022, Dreka, who is pretty active on social media, did not publicly respond to the rumors of her cheating on him.

Things remained calm on her end until she was pictured alongside Kevin and their kids at an airport. The couple were seen holding hands, which confirmed to an extent that they were back together. Things went quiet from then on until the end of the year when they were seen again getting intimate at a New Year’s party.


Who is Kevin Gates’s wife now?

Kevin Gates’s wife is Dreka Haynes. The couple has been together since 2003, when they started dating. They got married in 2015.

How Long Have Kevin Gates and Dreka Been Together?

Kevin Gates and Dreka have been married for 9 years but have been together for longer as they started dating 21 years ago.

Why did Kevin Gates and Dreka Break Up?

Kevin Gates and Dreka reportedly broke up because she cheated on him. Actual details of what happened are unknown, but they have since mended things and are back together.

How Many Times Has Kevin Gates Been Married?

Kevin Gates has been married once. He married his longtime partner and baby mama, Dreka, in 2015.

How Many Kids Do Kevin Gates and Dreka Have Together?

Kevin Gates and Dreka have two kids – a daughter named Islah Koren (born on November 30, 2012) and a son named Khaza Kamil (born May 10, 2014).

Is Dreka Kevin Gates’s Cousin, or are they Related?

Dreka is not Kevin Gates’s cousin. The couple are not related in any way.


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