Who is Jimmy Garoppolo’s Girlfriend? A Look at His Relationship History

Jimmy Garoppolo does not seem to have a girlfriend presently, as he is not confirmed to be dating anyone.

The 32-year-old quarterback has always kept a tight lid on his private life ever since he gained fame and fortune by joining the NFL in 2014. This makes it difficult to know who he has dated or is dating. There have, however, been several rumors and speculations about his love life, and all of it is unpacked below.

Who is Garoppolo With Now?

It is hard to tell who Jimmy Garoppolo’s girlfriend is now. The NFL quarterback is notorious for shielding his private life, and this makes it difficult to tell the status of his love life. Garoppolo may have a girlfriend now, but if that were to be the case, then know that he has gone to great lengths to protect her identity from the public.

On the reverse side, it is also possible that Jimmy Garoppolo is currently single. One can’t tell for sure, and only time will unveil the identity of the person that Garoppolo is actually dating.

Who Has Jimmy Garoppolo Dated in the Past?

Jimmy Garoppolo is rumored to have dated the likes of Alexandra King, a model, and Kiara Mia, an adult actress, in the past. He never bothered to confirm the relationships, and whatever he had with these ladies ended after some time.

Alexandra King

Alexandra King is a 29-year-old American model and photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up in Boston and attended the Massachusetts School of Art and Design. King and Jimmy Garoppolo sparked dating rumors in late 2017, and things further gathered steam in early 2018. On Valentine’s Day 2018, Alexandra King shared a picture of them together on her Instagram and described Jimmy as her valentine alongside a red rose emoji.

Garoppolo did not comment on the post, but a month later, he and King were spotted together having a wonderful time at Disneyland. This made many conclude that they were in a relationship, and TMZ tagged King as Jimmy’s girlfriend, giving that Disneyland is the “one place you take a serious relationship to.” In early July 2018, Alexandra King and Jimmy Garoppolo were spotted shopping in San Jose, and many concluded that they were still going steady.

Jimmy Garoppolo
Alexandra King image source

Things, however, came to a halt that same month after Jimmy embarked on a date with a porn star named Kiara Mia. When the news broke, King deleted all of her social media posts featuring Jimmy, showing that there was trouble in paradise. By August, Garoppolo stated in an interview that the story of him and Alexandra King dating was news to him.

King was none too happy with this. When Garoppolo suffered what was a season-ending ACL injury in September 2018, she took to her Instagram story to post the word ‘karma’ alongside a smiling emoji. Many took this to be referring to her ex.

Kiara Mia

Another person that Jimmy Garoppolo is rumored to have dated is Kiara Mia, a popular porn actress. In the middle of July 2018, the duo went out on a date night in Beverly Hills. Pictures of them together eventually landed in the hands of the folks at TMZ, and they broadcasted it under the screaming headline “Jimmy Garoppolo Takes Huge Porn Star Kiara Mia On Bev Hills Date”.

This caused a small storm. Many TV pundits criticized Garoppolo for going on a date with an adult actress, and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith nicknamed him Porn Star Jimmy. Feeling well-chastised, Jimmy described the whole thing as a learning experience about how life was different in the spotlight.

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo and Kiara Mia on date night image source

Some publications called out the hypocritical nature of society for looking down on adult stars. They interviewed Kiara about the date, and she described Garoppolo in glowing terms. She described the QB as a true gentleman who values a woman with respect and honor and does not judge or criticize a woman without getting to know her heart and authenticity.

She further stated that very few athletes have the heart of a lion as Jimmy does and called on every man out there, not just athletes, to value and respect a woman no matter what her career choice is.

While not going into specifics of what happened between them, Mia stated that everything she touches turns to gold after the date with Jimmy. Therefore, when Garoppolo gave the best performance of his career in 2019, she reminded people about her previous assertion that everything she touches turns to gold. She also described Jimmy as phenomenal, talented, and a born star.

Tom Brady and Gisele Set Garoppolo Up With a Mystery Model in 2018

2018 remains the busiest year for Jimmy Garoppolo’s love life. The QB was set up on a date with a model by his then-teammate Tom Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen. They made a double date out of it, and Jimmy and the model talked for a while after that. However, things did not work out between them.

Mystery Blonde Lady in San Jose

In May 2018, Jimmy Garoppolo was spotted with a mystery blonde lady outside a cocktail lounge in San Jose. They reportedly met each other inside the lounge while the NFL player was hanging out with his pals, and things got interesting enough that they went outside to hang out together. Paparazzi photographed them together, and the whole thing immediately made the news. Garoppolo did not bother addressing it, and there were no more reported sightings of him and the lady.

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo and mystery lady image source

Following a busy 2018, Jimmy Garoppolo has learned to keep a tight lid on his love life. He may have likely dated several ladies since then, but the lesson he learned from the whole Kiara Mia situation means that he is now better and more careful in covering his tracks.

However, in the future, Garoppolo will likely tell the public who his girlfriend is and even get married. He hails from a close-knit Italian family of six, and there is every chance that he would want to replicate the same thing for himself.


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