Meet Genevieve Mecher, Jen Psaki’s Daughter

Genevieve Mecher is the daughter of Jen Psaki, an American television political analyst and former government official who served as a political advisor under the Obama and Biden administrations.

Jen Psaki’s daughter was born in July 2015 and is currently 8 years old. She gained public attention as a toddler when she was pictured in the Oval Office with former United States President Barack Obama, who walked and crawled with her.

Profile Summary of Genevieve Mecher

  • Full Name: Genevieve Vivi Grace
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: July 2015
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Age: 8 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Parents: Gregory Mecher and Jennifer Rene Psaki
  • Grandparents: Eileen D. Medley, James R. Psaki
  • Siblings: Matthew Mecher
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Height in Inches: 4 feet 5 inches
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Height in Centimetres: 162 centimeters
  • Genevieve Mecher’s Weight: 34 kg
  • Eye Color: Dark-brown
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Famous For: Being the Daughter of Jen Psaki

Genevieve Mecher is Currently 8 Years Old

Genevieve Mecher is 8 years old as of 2024. The adorable young girl was born in July 2015 in Washington, D.C., to Gregory Mecher and Jennifer Rene Psaki. She is no longer that toddler we saw with the President of the United States in the Oval Office.

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Being born to American parents in the United States confers American citizenship on Genevieve. Ethnically, she can be categorized as White or Caucasian, as she has Greek and Polish ancestry.

Who are Genevieve Mecher’s Parents?

Genevieve Mecher’s parents are her mother, Jennifer Rene Psaki, and her father, Gregory Mecher. The couple are popular political figures in the United States, with her father having served as the chief of staff for Congressman Steve Driehaus of Ohio and chief of staff for Rep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts.

Her mother, Jen, is the more popular of the two as she served as the 34th White House press secretary under the Biden Administration. Before that, she was the White House deputy press secretary (2009), White House deputy communications director (2009–2011), spokesperson for the United States Department of State (2013–2015), and White House communications director (2015–2017) under the Obama administration. She currently hosts a weekly TV program, Inside with Jen Psaki, on MSNBC.

Both members of the Democratic Party, Genevieve Mecher’s parents, are reported to have first met at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in 2006. They would go on to date for about four years before getting married. They wedded on the 8th of May, 2010, at the Woodlawn Farm in Ridge, Maryland. A Protestant minister officiated the ceremony, and family, friends, and close associates were in attendance.

Does Genevieve Mecher Have siblings?

Genevieve Mecher has a sibling. She is the older one of her parents’ two children, as she has a younger brother born four years after her. Jen and Gregory welcomed their second child, Matthew Mecher, on the 23rd of April 2019. He is currently 5 years old.

When Did The Meeting Between Genevieve Mecher and President Obama Occur?

Genevieve Mecher
Genevieve Mecher and President Obama – image source

The famous meeting between Genevieve Mecher and President Obama happened in 2016. At this time, Genevieve’s mother was working in the White House as the communications director for the Obama administration. It is unclear why Jen had her kid with her at the White House, but she had brought her daughter, who was still a toddler, to her workplace and got the opportunity to enter the Oval Office, where she met with the President.

President Obama has a reputation for having a sense of humor and making light of any situation. He also loves to play around a bit when the time calls for it, whether with a young person or an older one. So, it was not surprising to those around when he played around with Genevieve when the opportunity presented itself.

The President folded his sleeves and got on his knees to crawl like her. He also walked around with her in his office. Pictures of Obama crawling and walking alongside Genevieve were subsequently taken and posted on social media, instantly making Genevieve famous.

Where is Genevieve Mecher Now?

Genevieve Mecher currently resides with her family in Virginia, where they own a home reported to be worth about $1.638 million. The young lady is still of school age and would be enrolled in one of the better institutions in the area. 

Details of the school are, however, not known to the public as her parents would want her to have a normal life despite the early exposure she had for crawling with the President as a one-year-old.

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