Pete Davidson Race, Ethnicity And Nationality

Pete Davidson’s ethnicity is Caucasian with German, Irish, and Italian ancestry. His nationality is American, as he was born in Staten Island, New York. Pete Davidson has often spoken about his background in interviews and also incorporated it into his comedy routines. Despite this, many still find him racially ambivalent, and some have even concluded that he is biracial. However, as a deep dive into his roots will show, this is not actually so.

Is Pete Davidson White?

Pete Davidson is white. He was born to two Caucasian parents. His late father, Scott Davidson, a firefighter who died in the 9/11 attacks, has German, Irish, and Italian roots, while his mother, Amy Waters, is of Irish heritage, but also has some distant German roots. Therefore, Pete Davidson’s ethnic background is mostly Caucasian, which means he is White.

What is Pete Davidson’s Nationality?

Pete Davidson is of American nationality. He was born on the 16th of November 1993 in New York City, specifically, Staten Island. The fact that Davidson was born in New York automatically confers American nationality on him. There is also the fact that both of his parents are Americans, which means that even if he were born outside the U.S., he would still be an American national.

Pete Davidson grew up in New York, and this was where he started pursuing his comedy career after dropping out of college. From performing at clubs and cafes, he graduated to the TV screen, appearing in MTV shows such as Failosophy, PDA and Moms, Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out, etc. By age 20, Pete Davidson had made it to Saturday Night Live, and he used the legendary show as a launch pad for what is now a successful career as a comic, actor, producer, etc.

Is Pete Davidson Jewish?

Pete Davidson is half-Jewish, thanks to his late dad, who had Jewish roots. Pete Davidson only discovered his Jewish roots in 2017 after undergoing an ancestry test. The test showed that he was 48% Ashkenazi Jewish. Other components of his ethnicity included Irish, German, Scottish, and English. The results also showed that Pete Davidson was 1/16th Sicilian.

Pete Davidson was much taken aback by the results of his test and asked his mom about it. She then confirmed that his late father was Jewish. The whole thing came as a shock to the comic as he had been raised as a catholic. All the schools he attended were equally institutions run by the church, including St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School, Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, and St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights.

There is also the fact that his late father, who is Jewish, didn’t really practice the faith but rather was an adherent of the Catholic Faith. Even when he died, a funeral service was conducted for him in the Catholic Church.

Davidson has since gotten over his initial shock and has accepted his heritage. There is nothing to indicate that he is overly religious. For him, his Jewish identity will be more of a cultural one rather than religious.

Pete Davidson Was Raised as a Catholic But No Longer Religious

As indicated above, Pete Davidson was raised in the catholic faith by his parents. He attended predominantly catholic educational institutions while growing up. However, he has since parted ways with the church as an adult. In fact, he is critical of the Catholic Church, and this has to do with the multiple allegations of sexual abuse of children by priests that have long dogged the church.

Back in 2018, the catholic diocese in Brooklyn and Queens were required to pay out nearly $29 million to settle cases of sex abuse allegations. In early 2019, Davidson took a swipe at the Catholic Church, pointing out that there was no difference between the church and disgraced musician R. Kelly save for the fact that Kelly has better music. His comment didn’t go down well with the Catholic Church, and they demanded an apology.


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