Justin Roiland’s Wife: Is He Married or Dating Anyone?

Justin Roiland has never been married, and he is not believed to be dating anyone at the moment. The American actor, writer, animator, and voice actor is more focused on salvaging his career following a wave of allegations that range from domestic violence to sexual assault.

Roiland has been accused of using his fame and fortune to lure people in and then proceed to have sexual relations with them, sometimes without their informed consent. He has, however, denied the allegations in the strongest possible terms.

Does Justin Roiland Have a Wife?

Justin Roiland does not have a wife and has never been married. The 44 year-old voice actor, animator, writer, and producer doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to settle down, and it may actually be some time before he can do that, given the challenges that he is currently facing. In September 2023, NBC published a wave of damning allegations against Roiland.

Their report alleged that he utilized his fame and fortune to get close to nearly a dozen women and non-binary people and proceeded to have sexual relations with them under questionable circumstances. While some of these relations could pass as consensual, others were obviously nonconsensual.

Roiland has denied all the allegations about him. While acknowledging that some had turned up online before, he maintained that they were false and defamatory.

Who is Justin Roiland Dating Now?

Justin Roiland is not believed to be dating anybody now. It is possible that he currently has a girlfriend but is choosing to shield her identity from the public. Such a step would even be more crucial now as every aspect of his life is under scrutiny. Amidst the allegations against Roiland, people have dug into his past and unearthed what they believe to be disturbing utterances that he previously made.

Back in 2011, Roiland was a guest on The Grandma’s Virginity Podcast, co-hosted by Ryan Ridley and Jackie Buscarino. In the course of their conversation, he stated that he is attracted to 14-year-old girls who are well-endowed and look 18. He stated that girls such as that are fully developed and are online talking, and he wouldn’t mind having sexual relations with them.

The podcast hosts tried to get him to backtrack on his line of reasoning, but he went on to say that back in the olden days, about 100 years ago, 13-year-olds were getting married and having kids once they looked womanly enough. Justin Roiland would later say that he waits until the girls are 18 in relation to his love life. Such words made many view him as a creep and further lent credence to the allegations against him.

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Who Has Justin Roiland Dated in the Past?

It is difficult to unearth the identity of Justin Roiland’s past girlfriends, but we do know that he had a girlfriend who was living together with him in 2019 up until January 2020. They split in January 2020 after he allegedly abused her physically.

The lady reported the matter to the authorities, and investigations were conducted. By May 2020, criminal charges were filed. In October 2020, Roiland was formally arraigned, and he pleaded not guilty to charges including one felony count of domestic battery with corporal injury and one felony count of false imprisonment by menace, violence, fraud, and/or deceit. A restraining order was granted against him.

The Hollywood star was ordered not to harass, threaten, or surveil the person named in the protective order. He was also prohibited from coming within 100 feet of the person and required to surrender any guns he may have owned or possessed.

The protective order was to run until October 2023, but in March 2023, all charges against Roiland were dropped as the prosecutors cited insufficient evidence to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. The court documents and public reports consistently referred to Justin Roiland’s ex-girlfriend by the moniker Jane Doe, and her name remains unknown to date.


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