100 Good Reasons Why I Love You: Ultimate Guide To Expressing Your Love To Someone

Yes, the love feeling comes naturally but to continue loving someone, you have to remind yourself why you love them from time to time and a good way of going about this revolves around taking time to appreciate your partner for being a part of your life and for the positive influence s/he has had on you. The following list of Reasons Why I Love You was compiled after couples who have been together for at least a decade were asked to outline ten reasons why they love their partners. Going through them, you might find that there are many things to appreciate about your spouse that you have been taken for granted

Unlike what has been portrayed in many happily ever after romantic movies, being in love with someone can be challenging and definitely not something that naturally continues to exist. It’s like a garden one has to keep tending to avert infestation and the mistake of regarding loving someone as a steady state of mind is the reason many people have rushed in and out of romantic relationships.

How To Create Genuine Reasons Why I Love You Messages for Your Spouse

Firstly, your reasons why I love you messages must be honest, real, and unique. Your spouse shouldn’t read them and wonder if it is really about them. With that in mind, it is not ideal to just use a sweet message you found online, a line from a movie, or lyrics of a song; unless what it says is peculiar to your favorite person.

Coming up with such messages is really a no-brainer. You only have to ask yourself why you are with the person, what you like about him/her, and even the things that anger you most about the person. Think about how you met him/her, your first impression of him/her, and what you currently think of the person. All of these would help you come up with unique messages for your partner which, according to a study, affects romantic satisfaction positively.

Reasons Why I Love You Messages for Your Wife or Girlfriend

  1. I grew up with a mother who made sure my sisters were raised to be independent, yet good homely women. So when I met you, it wasn’t hard to see you are a keeper. You’re my perfect woman.
  2. Anytime I hear people say good women are scarce, I wonder if it’s because you embody the goodness of a thousand women. You are an expression of everything noble and virtuous
  3. It was easy for my heart to connect with you the first time we met, even though I couldn’t describe what I felt about you then, I knew I’ve met someone I shouldn’t let go of. Your gentility is addictive, there’s none like you.
  4. Babe, there’s something I have never told you. My friends think I underemphasize your qualities. But it just that I can’t find the words to express how special you are. I didn’t realize living had so much meaning until you came along.
  5. You are very hardworking and industrious as much as you are homely and hospitable. I really struck a jackpot with you.
  6. I really love how you are always able to handle whatever life throws at you. You always know what to do and when to do them, what people want and why they want it. You seem to know everyone’s needs and what everything needs. How are you of this world?
  7. There’s nothing sexier than your go-getting attitude towards everything. You always have your way with whatever you want. I was foolish but you wanted this marriage to not fail. Thanks for not being a quitter, I’m seduced for life.
  8. You don’t need me to survive, you need us to survive and that’s the most attractive thing about you. I love you my darling.
  9. Wifey, it’s adorable you have a mind of your own and the will to disagree with me when you suspect I’m on the wrong path. Challenging my decisions has saved us so much trouble. If you choose to take the lead, I’d be glad to follow for the rest of my life.
  10. I met you at a home, and your ways around kids got me thinking about you more than I should. The kids were very fond and playful with you, yet I could tell they have serious respect for you and would talk to you about anything. That was a quality I wanted for the mother of my children and looking at how our kids have turned out, I’d ask you to marry me again after one month of meeting you in another lifetime.
  11. Hey babe, you’re an absolutely amazing lady with so much to remain thankful for that our path crossed; you’re so teachable and quick to make corrections when you’re wrong. I love you and forever will.
  12. Thank you for being so accommodating, you’re ever so kind to people within and even without, you’re far so quick to refresh everybody that crosses your path. I love you now and forever my lady ❤️????.
  13. My lady, I would spend so much time talking about your beauty; how it serenades all of our pictures together, and how you’re far so kind to share the total package with me. I love you now and forever ❤️????❤️
  14. Hey babe! You are so loving and can engage me in conversations anytime. They’re never boring, you are always full of gist My Talkative, yet wise in words. I love you now and always.
  15. Knowing you is the best thing that has happened to me and loving you is what my heart easily yields for; your character and simplicity are most commendable just as your relentless commitment to me is overwhelming.
  16. You are caring and kind, you know when to offer a helping hand to me, no one understands me as much as you do.
  17. You’re truthful, precise, and always careful with little details. Your consistency with your values is second to none and super attractive.
  18. Your humility and meekness have influenced my life more than I can ever imagine; it is now important for me to treat everyone fairly. It is your greatest gift to me, thank you for that.
  19. I love you because you bring out my positive aspect, you make me feel important, accomplished, and handsome.
  20. You encourage me to intentionally be a goal-getter and to see the hurdles of life as a motivational tool to strive harder. You believe in me, and I love you with all my heart for that.
  21. My favorite of the many reasons why I love you is your deliberate ways of striving to cheer me up whenever I struggle with depression. You are indeed the light of my dark moments.
  22. I sincerely believed there was no such thing as being in love before I met you. For me, it was an excuse for people to be stupid. You have changed this with your contagious positive energy and I would declare any day you are the love of my life.
  23. I’m very disorganized and everywhere but you put me together and continues to stick by me. I can never stop loving you!
  24. The thrill you give me is unspeakable! I feel fulfilled knowing I’d have to come home to you for the rest of my days. How are you so interesting?
  25. It was your beauty that attracted me to you, but your easy-going ways have left me very appreciative of knowing a friend that knows you. Life with you is very peaceful.
  26. You have made me mad, I know this because I look at you and smile sheepishly. No one has ever made me feel this way, and excited for what the future hold for us.
  27. I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without you. You are the best thing that could happen to anyone and I’m glad I stole you away.
  28. With you it’s okay to be confused and vulnerable; with you, I’m not afraid to share my crazy thoughts. I feel safe in your arms and you are always my special person.
  29. You were a crazy lady when we first met, and I loved that. Soon I realized you are also sensible and cooperative so I got to love you more. I can’t love you more, but then that was what I thought when we marked our 5th wedding anniversary.
  30. It might sound cheesy but I really believe you are perfect, at least for me. In a thousand lifetime, I’d still wife you.
  31. After so many years together, I still get excited when you hold my hands. There is something that never gets old with you.
  32. I would be lost without you, you make me feel whole and safe; I love you more than I can ever express.
  33. You don’t get angry when I’m angry and you always know how to cheer me up when I’m sad, I truly can’t do without you.
  34. Your words have been consistent with your actions, you have not only told me how much you love me, but you have also shown me that I’m really your One and Only.
  35. You and I have built an incredible life together, You didn’t allow me to throw it all away and it’s one of the reasons why I love you so much.
  36. The most fascinating thing about us is that we are inseparable when we are together, irrespective of the fact that we are independent individuals.
  37. I love that you seem to be always awake when I’m awake, asleep when I’m asleep, and even sick when I’m sick. It’s like our identities have merged into one.
  38. You are an exceptional mother to our kids, you are loving and caring. You take care of everyone; I don’t really understand how you do that but I’m eternally grateful for all you do.
  39. You are not only my wife, but you also play the role of a mother, you are my friend, my playmate, and literally my everything.
  40. I now see the world through your eyes and it’s as beautiful as you are. You made me realize that there is nothing as important as being helpful to people. For that, my heart belongs to you till the end of time.
  41. The world disappears whenever I’m in your arms, I could stay there forever because I know it’s one place I’m completely free to be who I am.
  42. Distance has never been a barrier for us and it’s because you take deliberate measures to keep our hearts together when we are apart.
  43. There are many reasons why I love you, you have become very important to me and all I do; you are the first person I turn to when things are tough and the first I celebrate my achievements with.
  44. For someone I have spent so many years with, it’s really remarkable that I can still stay awake all night talking to you about nothing of much significance.
  45. You are like a bank of crazy ideas that have added so much value to the quality of our lives. You kinds are rare and it’s one of the reasons why I love you.
  46. You have sacrificed so much for building our home, I can’t imagine what would have been without you. You complete me.
  47. I like the way you call me by my full name when you want to get my undivided attention; you’ve rocked my world in great measure.
  48. The finest thing about you is your commitment to happiness. You are always happy and it sets the mood in our home.
  49. There is nothing as attractive as being married to a woman who knows her worth and is not afraid to freely express herself. It has made being in love with you remarkably easy.
  50. Your cracking laughter makes me anticipates being with you when we are apart. I’m addicted to you.

Reasons Why I Love You Messages for Your Husband or Boyfriend

51. You are endearing and loving, handsome and mischievous. I couldn’t have made a better choice, you are full of so much fun.

52. I really like and appreciate how you go out of your way to do house chores. You are the best!

53. I often find that knowledge and pride go hand in hand, but this has never been the case with you. You are humble to the core and I really like that.

54. Your level of maturity, especially when it comes to handling conflicts, is the first of many reasons why I love you. It was the key trait that sealed my fate with you.

55. I find the fact that you are very knowledgeable attractive. There’s hardly a topic to which you can’t make a decent contribution. It’s just too sexy.

56. You are God-fearing and deeply so. I’m very glad you willingly submit to the rulership of God.

57. I know certain things can never be a problem for us, I know I can trust you and it gives me a lot of peace of mind.

58. It’s cute that despite your intelligence, you are never condescending when speaking and relating to people.

59. You complement me in so many ways; your ways with words have helped me a great deal and I often find my expression through you in difficult situations.

60. I love the way you go out of your way to take care of me. You involve yourself in all I do and always ask how to be helpful. Thank you so much for this.

61. The first thing that attracted me to you is your insistence on what you want. You are not confused about what’s best for you and the people around you.

62. You are very patient and understanding; you wouldn’t even give up on me when everyone expected you to. I appreciate this a lot.

63. Not being a pushover is one of the reasons why I love you. You have mastered the art of politely refusing what you don’t want.

64. In a world full of so much mistrust, it refreshing to know I have someone I can always count on to look out for my interests.

65. You’re smart and your smile makes me happy. You seem to always know what’s on my mind, and it’s adorable.

66. I Love how you genuinely care for people. It’s the most beautiful thing about who you are.

67. You understand how important my family is to me and you have embraced my parents and siblings as yours. I can’t stop adoring you for this.

68. I like that you hate manipulation and have not been manipulative. You’re straightforward and sincere.

69. You are so passionate about helping people and haven’t been discouraged to continue doing this even though it has gotten you in trouble a couple of times.

70. You are so transparent, open, and free with me. I love that I can always tell what you are up to. With you, there are no secrets and it makes me feel good about us.

71. I have always dreamed of a man that would support my dreams and you have made me realize that dreams do come true.

72. I love that God is important to you and you wouldn’t be part of anything against His will. You understand what real love means, I’m stuck with you for life!

73. You are someone I could tell anything without being worried about being judged. You have genuinely shown that I can always count on your full support. You want to see me prosper, how can I stop loving you?

74. In a world of depressing misogyny, it’s refreshing to know that I’m married to a man who takes great pride in doing house chores. I love you, my strongman.

75. You are so dedicated to me that you make me feel like the only person you care for in this world. I really feel loved and can’t help loving you more.

76. It seems unreal but you know me better more than I know myself. It’s as though you are a mind reader specifically designed for me.

77. You always keep your words, I can’t think of anything you have promised me without fulfilling it.

78. I love that you are very thoughtful and considerate. I love that you are kind and firm. I love that I’m your priority.

79. You are adventurous and I have had so much fun since I met you. I sincerely didn’t know it is possible to be this happy until I met you.

80. I love that you are a loving husband and a responsible father to our kids.

81. You understand me, respect my judgments, and puts me first before anything or anyone. I’m truly your queen.

82. The fact that you need to plan everything with me is romantic; it has aligned our plans for the future together

83. Every time I wake from sleep and you compliment me on how beautiful I am, it really makes me feel special and wanted.

84. You are a very attractive man with so much to offer the world. I’m really honored you chose me to be your life partner.

85. I sincerely feel I would run out of breath someday with the way you make me feel anytime you lift me with your strong arms. We have been together for many years and you still create the time to make me feel special, I love you for this.

86. I have no doubt you would be the best father any child can have and I can’t wait to tell our kids how you have also been a loving partner from day one.

87. I like the way you look at me and get carried away at times, and I love that my beauty isn’t the only thing I have to offer; I’m part of all the things you do and with you, I have discovered I could do so many things.

88. Your strength and confidence comfort me more than you can ever imagine; you help me stay calm when everything seems to be falling apart.

89. You have been so good to me and reasonable that I feel so stupid rejecting your advances so many times.

90. There are times I wonder how you are so much different from most men I’ve known. You never get tired of listening to me and have never made me feel unimportant. You are my world, and I love you.

91. I was all about career and personal development but you came into my life and made it possible for me to pursue my dreams and still have a family life. It is the most significant of all reasons why I love you.

92. You are a man not afraid to be vulnerable, you have treated me as an equal, I couldn’t have been happier without you.

93. I remember the day you proposed to me, you promised to spend the rest of your life making me happy. You have strived to keep that promise for the past eight years. Thanks for all you do.

94. There were many chances for you to walk out of my life, yet you stood by me. You believed in me when no one did and I will spend the rest of my life showing you how much I appreciate your patience.

95. We have made so many memories together right from the first day I met you. You have been a faithful and supportive partner, and you give me unspeakable joy.

96. Waking up with you beside me every morning is the greatest feeling ever. You have given me many reasons to be happy in life, more than I ever asked for.

97. I have come to believe that with you by my side, I can stand against any storm of life. You have made me a very different and better person. For your sake, I’m hopeful for a better tomorrow

98. You met me at a stage in life where everything seemed to be working against me and you helped me conquer my demons. You are the best man any woman can ever wish for.

99. I re-fall In love with you every time I see you. You are very interesting, handsome, and sensible.

100. You are the light in my darkness, the beginning of living a purposeful life, I want to be with someone like you for the rest of my days.

Other Ways To Appreciate The Love of Your Life

As much as it is important to express your appreciation for your partner with words, it is also necessary to do other things that will make him/her see how much you love them. Generally, these things boil down to a deliberate effort to show how grateful you are for the contributions s/he have made to your life.

In fact, gratitude is the fuel on which relationships run. When a spouse is duly appreciated and acknowledged for the good things they do, they feel valued and it goes a long way in helping the relationship flourish. It is a give-and-take situation: the more you appreciate your partner, the more they become committed to not just being with you but also to keeping you happy.

In addition to sending them reasons why I love you messages and gift cards, you can do the following to appreciate your partner.

1. Buy Them Something They Like When They Are Not Expecting It

Gifts are very powerful. So once in a while, get them a gift for no reason. It is an effective way of showing your appreciation to your partner, especially when s/he is not expecting any gift from you. Do not wait for his/her birthday or for your anniversary to do this, and ensure you hint at the purpose of the gift. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive but if you can afford to, don’t relent to go overboard. While presenting the gift, say something like:

  • You have been a wonderful wife/husband and I got you this.
  • You deserve the best of everything so I got you the …… you’ve always wanted.
  • You take care of us so much and I decided to appreciate you with this.

The powerful thing about gifts is that can leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of your partner. It should never be neglected.

2. Make Them Take a Break from Their Responsibilities

For couples that have built a family together, the responsibilities that come with running their home can be overwhelming and cause avoidable problems for the relationship, especially when one of the parties is feeling unappreciated. To avoid this, you should make your spouse take a break from their responsibilities for a day or weekend.

They can use the time to do whatever they want: hang out with friends, get an exotic spa treatment, and what have you. It is important to not bother them while they are away; also, ensure that whatever they do at home is well taken care of. Nothing is relieving about returning from such a break to met an untidy home with everything out of place. The purpose of the break would be defeated and instead of feeling appreciated, your spouse would feel unnecessarily stressed out.

3. Be Physically Affectionate and Don’t Hold Back On Your Feelings

Life is generally stressful with a lot of things to frustrate one daily; don’t add to the frustrations by holding back when you have to be physically affectionate with your spouse, especially if they are up for it. It is a very effective way of appreciating their love and devotion to you.

When you are physically intimate, it reassures him/her that you are aware of what they bring to the table. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or detailed, just kiss them a little deeper and hug them a little longer.

Final Words 

Many relationships have failed because those involved starved the love they had for each other. They fall in love and gradually begin to neglect the fact that they have to nurture their affection. Sadly, it takes more than falling in love to sustain a relationship and as such, there has been an increase in divorce rates across the globe.

It is often assumed that cheating is the major reason many marriages failed but according to a study, lack of commitment and too much conflict have destroyed more marriages than infidelity. Not been appreciated can be the underlying factor behind the lack of commitment your partner is feeling. And, if you and your spouse are fighting a lot, it’s also possible it’s because both of you don’t express your gratitude for each other.

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