50 Random Things To Say To Anyone Around You

A mental library of random things to say is often an effective method of learning how to easily initiate a conversation with people around you, including strangers, especially when you don’t have a clue on how to start. In such a situation, saying random things might just do the magic for you. Just like Robin Williams said, “You are only given a little spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it.” Life is run by sane people or people who claim sanity by walking on two legs and living a script. Madness is generally frowned at and condemned but in reality, if you have any spark of madness, cherish it, and, from time to time, do random things, say random things, go to random places, and may your sanity be the winner.

Random Things to Say to Anyone

1. If you could have an interview with a celebrity, who would you choose?

2. Pretend to pass out and when someone wakes you up, say, “Why did you interrupt my sleep?”

3. When I am thinking aloud and start spelling a random word in the sentence I was thinking, my cat thinks I am crazy.

4. I had lunch with Goerge Washington last night.

5. The next thing I am going to say is true. The last thing I said is false.

6. They say wedding rings are worn on the left hand because the partners are expected to leave.

7. While having a serious conversation, interject, “I was born as a baby.”

8. The Major League Baseball competition is usually called the world series, although it only has American participants, they can afford to call it that.

9. If a month lasts for one day, that means men will be paid salaries every day and women will… never mind.

10. If you step on someone’s foot, say, “I’m sorry. If I’d meant to do it, you’d know.”

11. Hello, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

12. When someone randomly changes the subject, just shout, “He’s at it again.”

13. Today is Monday which means that tomorrow is Tuesday and Yesterday was Sunday.

14. Go in the midst of people, point to the sky, and say “Look at that dead bird up there” and see how many people lookup.

15. When you are in a crowded place, say, “You guys might be wondering why I called this meeting.”

16. You can send your work colleague that says, “I regret to inform you that you are no longer welcome at The Knights of The Twisted Knee.”

17. What would happen when you tell someone to take a hike while you’re on an airplane?

18. If a waitress wants a tip, why is it that she doesn’t just ask what she needs to do to get one?

19. When someone asks for a favor, say, “After all these years, am I still beholden to you?”

20. Just keep walking because I’m walking behind you and will kick your backside if you stop working.

21. Take a desk to an elevator and when someone tries to get in ask “Do you have an appointment?”

22. If you are from Miami, then you should behave like a fish.

23. Visit an apple shop with orange and ask if your orange can be upgraded to an apple.

24. Why do you always call me whenever I’m pretending to be busy!

25. When someone asks for your name, say, I don’t even know my name, I have to check Facebook.

Funny Random Things to Say

26. If someone suddenly steps on your foot, mutter, “You wouldn’t do that if you knew who I was.”

27. When you bump into someone you know at random, you can say, “I will take you to the movies only if you will wait for me outside.”

28. It is easier to wake me up when I am asleep than when I am pretending to sleep.

29. Hey, do you know someone somewhere is making love right now?

30. If you find yourself in the middle of the road, that would be very dangerous.

31. I have read three whole books in my lifetime. I am yet to finish the third one.

32. Stop a taxi, then point at a parked car, and tell him to follow that car.

33. While having a positive conversation, just mutter, “Now let’s talk about why I am bitter.”

34. Polar bears sleep with penguins, everyone knows that!

35. Today is Saint Somebody’s day but you don’t know whose it is. Neither do I.

Funny Random Things To Say In A Conversation

36. When you offer someone gum, say, “It’s not what you think.”

37. Oh silly boy, you make me feel like I want to poop.

38. Sometimes I just feel like sleeping in my sleep.

39. When someone is trying to get your attention, say, “You can’t talk to me until you get my billing from my secretary. I charge per hour.”

40. Trying walking up to a stranger, ask for the direction to a certain place then begin to argue with the fellow about the direction.

41. When I grow up I will like to become a human being.

42. Ask your guest if you could serve them tea, if they say yes, say, “You have to wear a T-shirt to have my tea.

43. Are we ever going to change, “Give you a penny for your thoughts” to “Give you a dollar for your thoughts?”

44. When you order chocolate milk, say, Thank heavens for brown cows, otherwise, there won’t be any chocolate milk.

45. It is my birthday and I don’t have candles, can I set fire on your fingers?

46. Dress like a hen, go into MacDonald’s, and shout “Stop eating my babies!”

47. You can actually call my name instead of calling me on the phone

48. If you stop a taxi and he asks for your destination, say, “Jamaica.”

49. Here’s my son, and his dog, coming. My son is the one on the right.

50. Why is a necklace called so, does it have lace attached?

What is the use of Saying Random Things?

While outings, especially dinner parties and other gatherings can be awkward when you don’t know everyone in the room, there is no best way to break the ice than asking random questions. Although one may find it hard to settle on a particular topic that would interest everyone and allow contribution to flow continuously, saying or asking random questions might set the ball rolling.

Making random comments or asking random questions can come in various forms, and while they might have your back in such awkward situations, you must know when you’ve reached the limit. If don’t have a clue on how to keep conversation flames going while with your friends or in a gathering, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the best conversation starters which can help you on your next outing. You can say these random things to friends or strangers to strike a conversation with them or keep a conversation going.

Is saying random things to a stranger a good way to strike up a conversation?

Random Things

Some people find it very easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger by saying random things, while to others it is a difficult task. It could even be worse for someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder. To such a person, the thought of talking to someone you don’t know can be very depressing, especially when such a person is a prominent personality.

An interesting fact to note is that everyone you meet has something unique about them, and so when meeting a stranger, your initial focus should be on saying the first thing, which is the introductory statement, and it should be very simple. When that is done, you would be marveled at how the conversations will smoothen by themselves.

For you to have an interesting conversation with people, be it at a networking event, party, office, elevator, bus station, or on the road, you must have the following clues in mind:

1. Be Courageous: When meeting a stranger, chances are that the person will probably like you more than you think and you both may enjoy the conversation more than you think, but you have to be brave to make that first step. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone who you might think is somewhat different from you because having such a conversation can be the most interesting and enlightening experience for you.

2. Give a compliment: Complimenting someone might just be what you need to get that conversation started. When you compliment someone, it shifts focus to the other person and makes them feel good. While having anxieties about someone we don’t know can be nerve-wracking, focusing our attention on them can help us get past the awkward moments.

3. Be Curious: Don’t just give a compliment but also ask questions. Experience has shown that those who ask more questions are more liked by whoever they are having a conversation with than those who don’t ask or asks fewer questions. By asking questions, it can be a perfect avenue to kick off a conversation or also keep a conversation going.

4. Don’t Be Scared to Go Off Script: When meeting someone for the first time, don’t go about asking the same old stock questions such as what’s your name, where do you work, or where do you live? Instead, ask a question that would make the other person curious or a comment that can be very engaging. Don’t forget to be yourself, so that the other person can be comfortable and express themselves pretty well.

5. Talk About What You Two Have in Common: Finding shared interests makes conversations smooth and enjoyable. If you share things like the same weather or met at the same restaurant or meeting, then it would be quite easy to talk about events from there, and who knows? That might just be what would keep the conversation going and fun. You may go as far as finding out if you share the same hobby or mutual friends. The truth is that you might share lots of interests, but the fear of what the other person might feel or how different they are may end up ruining our chance of having the best conversation ever.

What do you say when you don’t have anything to say?

Random Things

Whether you are a good conversationalist or not, there will always be a time when you would run out of clues as to how to keep a conversation going with a group or a stranger. In such times what do you do? Even though keeping a conversation going can sometimes be very difficult, especially with strangers or a group you are unfamiliar with, it’s okay to panic a little but don’t lose focus entirely.

There are things you can do to stand right back at your feet and boost your confidence. And having some of these techniques will not only help you socially but also in a professional environment where networking is paramount. When you find yourself in such a situation try out the following:

1. Share Little Things About Yourself: Sharing stuffs about yourself is quite an uneasy conversation filler. However, they can go a long way in helping the other person get to know you. By so doing, you’d also get them to talk about themselves thereby keeping the conversation going.

2. Let Them Tell You About Themselves By Asking Interesting Question: Generally, people always like to talk about themselves, especially during an exciting conversation. They do so not just because they are too proud but because it’s a topic they know quite well. When you find yourself struggling with how to keep a conversation going, asking simple questions like why they look tired or where they got their clothes because you are looking for a similar one, etc. For you to be able to achieve this, ask open-ended questions only, rather than yes or no questions.

3. Don’t Be a”Know-It-All”: Knowing it all doesn’t make a good conversationalist because those who know it all always try to dominate conversations, which can turn others off. Since your goal is to enhance the flow of your conversation, just keep it simple and don’t try to show that you know something about everything.

4. Have a Conversation About Things You Wish Were Happening: Oftentimes when you feel the conversation is over and everyone is struggling to keep the atmosphere cool, bringing about a talk about things you wish were happening or things you are dreaming of could spark up a more lengthy conversation which would end up making everyone happy. You can also try to make up stories about things and seek their views.

5. Talk About Food: Food is a very interesting topic you can talk about anytime, any day. Not many know about the latest technological advancements in the automobile industry, but at the very least, you know that everyone has a passion or opinion about one food or the other. You can expand further by talking about different cuisines that you have tried out, and the ones you like most. If you are both going to have a meal later, you can also ask or suggest what you can eat. Doing so would definitely keep your conversation warm, and there won’t be a dull moment.

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