What to Say To Your Girlfriend To Make Her Feel Special Everyday

Notwithstanding the relationship we find ourselves in, be it platonic or romantic, we must create an environment that ensures the other party feels good and special. Knowing how valuable you are to people generates a positive feeling and helps with self-esteem issues.

In romantic relationships, your significant other needs reassurance when it comes to your commitment and feelings; it is up to you to ensure that they feel special and wanted. For women, the need for reassurance is even more necessary; research shows that seven out of ten women are constantly thinking about their relationships and this leads to anxiety and a feeling that they are undervalued. If you’re in a relationship with a woman, there are numerous things you can say and do to make your girlfriend feel special every other day.

Are Kind Words Really Necessary In A Relationship?

The power of words cannot be overstated. The words you choose to use can define the dynamics of your relationship. It can alienate your partner or bring them closer. Even when you have good intentions, it is still vital that you choose your words carefully. Kind words may come in the form of compliments, but if you choose the wrong words, it may defeat the purpose of your intentions.

If you are a person who is not used to expressing kind words to your partner and are looking for things to say to make her feel a bit more special and relaxed, try the words below:

  1. You are a wonderful person
  2. I think you are amazing at what you do
  3. Thank you for being so loving
  4. You are so beautiful
  5. I am here if you need anything
  6. Great job with the food
  7. How was your day?
  8. I am proud of what you have achieved
  9. You will do great things
  10. You are so brilliant and intelligent

According to a study by the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science, offering kind words can help increase the connection between people. If you seek to improve the bond between you and your girlfriend, then one of the best things you can do is say kind words. Saying any or some of the examples above is a great way to begin that process, depending on the circumstances.

How to Melt Your Girlfriend’s Heart With Words

What to Say to Girlfriend
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When you are in a relationship, you have to observe and study what makes your partner happy and what is important to them. It could be their work, career, body, or cooking. It has been established that for women to feel secure in a relationship, they need to be continuously reassured and be treated specially.

One of the ways to do this is to seek to melt your girlfriend’s heart with words. These words could be of affection, praise, or reassurance. The most effective way to do this is to pay her compliments continually. While compliments may not pay the bills and put money in the bank, research shows that they help to improve the countenance of an individual in a similar way that money does. Compliments also work best when it is direct and genuine. To do this, find out the things that are important to her and positively comment on them.

The fastest way to melt your partner’s heart is to make sure whatever compliment you are directing at her is personal. Women respond much better to personal compliments than impersonal ones. Here are 15 examples of what you can say to melt your girlfriend’s heart:

  1. Your mind is as sexy as your beauty
  2. You know how to make me smile
  3. You have the most gorgeous smile
  4. I love the way you walk
  5. You are the most selfless person I know
  6. You are even more beautiful in the morning
  7. Your brilliance wows me every time
  8. I think you are an excellent cook
  9. Your company is so lucky to have you
  10. You are the best decision I ever made
  11. I love how level-headed you are with me
  12. You have such a wonderful body
  13. The way you run your business is inspiring to me
  14. You make me want to be a better man for you
  15. There is no one more perfect for you than me

What to Say When Talking to Her in Person

The importance of face-to-face conversations cannot be overstated. Though we live in a digital age, we should not forget that having face-to-face conversations with people remains very important. It is even more critical when the person you are talking to is your girlfriend or loved one.

Texting can often mask body language and important cues. Thus, when you are making romantic declarations, doing it in person is much more advisable than texting. It communicates respect, courage, and commitment as this Vox study shows. The following are examples of things you can say to your girlfriend in person to make her feel special:

  1. Can you feel how fast you make my heart beat with excitement? (Put her hand over your heart)
  2. You are the reason I am currently smiling
  3. I adore every single thing about you
  4. My dearest, I remember the minute I first laid eyes on you
  5. I am 100% sure I’m totally in love with you
  6. You are my safe place
  7. Holding you in my arms like this is the best feeling ever (make sure you are holding her)
  8. Seeing you be yourself makes me feel so good
  9. Waking up next to you is always the highlight of my day
  10. I love to watch you move. It is so elegant.

What to Tell Her Via Text

What to Say to Your Girlfriend
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Due to a variety of reasons, you may need to go away for a while. This should not stop you from reminding her everyday that she is special. It could be a long-distance relationship, or she is at work, or you are extra sweet by texting her whilst you are together. Say some of these things via text to make her lighten up:

  1. Even though you are not here, i carry you everywhere with me
  2. Counting the seconds till you are in my arms again
  3. I hate saying goodbye to you every time we see
  4. I think about you every single hour of the day
  5. Hey baby, i hope your day was as beautiful as you are
  6. Life without you is like a pencil without lead; it is pointless
  7. Your absence is a vacuum that cannot be filled by anybody else
  8. I miss you every single second
  9. One text from you brightens my whole day
  10. Distance is nothing when you are this close to my heart

How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special Without Words

According to Stanford psychologist Barbara Tversky, not only do actions speak louder than words; they also happen faster. It has been argued that to understand people’s genuine motives, look at their behavior, and not what they say.

As a guy, you should have other avenues to make your girlfriend feel special. Ways that resonate more than speaking just the words or sending them via text. Backing up your words with nonverbal behavior serves to reinforce your commitment to making your lady feel like a princess. The following are tips on how to make your girl feel special without words:

  1. Always be there for her physically and emotionally
  2. Always give seemingly small but significant gifts
  3. Create new and lasting memories with her
  4. Take on some of her tasks and solve them for her
  5. Always ask her what she wants and how she is feeling
  6. Seek her opinion on important topics and decisions
  7. Speak her love language
  8. Be her support system
  9. Remember things that are important to her and participate in them
  10. Respect and treat her like your equal

Key Takeaway

Whether you are the chatty type or a man of few words, the underlying secret to deeply connecting with your girlfriend lies in using kind words said out of the sincerity of your heart, before which no emotional barrier could stand.

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