35 Best Biology Pick Up Lines To Impress Your Crush

Impressing your crush should have a measure of intelligence, and humor attached to it. Science pick-up lines do the magic but biology pick-up lines do the greater magic. Biology pick-up lines are so niche, highly intelligent, and portray lots of humor. When the table turns to love and dating, we always wish for a smart, cute, and funny person, and these pick-up lines are avenues of showing that you are a potential match for them.

Showing off your high knowledge of biology and flirting skills would sweep your crush off their feet and a positive answer is sure on the way. These biology pick-up lines will do the magic.

Biology Pick-up Lines That Can Impress Your Crush

  1. Babe, There Is No doubt That You Are Gibberellin Because I can Feel My Stems Elongating:

Without this hormone, plants won’t attain their height. Making it known that they motivate you to develop yourself is so cute. People have that joy when their value is acknowledged. Though this might be creepy, it will send more than a spark.

2. They Say Mitochondria Is The Powerhouse of A Cell, Then Permit Me To Say That You Are The Powerhouse Of My Life:

Mitochondria generate most of the cell’s supply of ATP which is used as a source of chemical energy and believed to be a form of bacteria that had a symbiotic relationship with the cell. Wow! In relationships energy is needed, else it will turn boring so telling one that they are your source of energy is great. It’s quite sweet.

3. If I Turned Out To Be An Endoplasmic Reticulum, Would You Want Me Rough Or Smooth?

The rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum are the two subunits of an endoplasmic reticulum which is a transportation system. The importance of your crush in your life should be spilled out to make the feelings flow.

4. You Must Be An Appendix Because I Have Got This Unusual Feeling In My Stomach That Makes Me Want To Take You Out:

One thing is certain, your crush is just hearing this for the first time, and it’s from you. You just landed yourself a huge credit. This portrays creativity and intelligence and will send butterflies to their stomach.

5. Hi Sugar, Let’s Form A Synapse and Exchange Neurotransmitters:

This is a sweet and cute way of asking for more closeness. The pick-up line speaks volumes of what you want. I bet that cheek is going red with a blush.

6. I Bet You Are The Cure To Alzheimer’s Because You Can’t Be Forgotten:

Though Alzheimer’s is a dreadful disease, the pick-up line is set to brighten the atmosphere around your crush and that whole day will be well spent with smiles all over.

7. What If My Right Leg Turned Out To Be The Cell Wall, And My Left Leg The Membrane, Would You Love to Be The Cytoplasm In Between Them?

The cytoplasm is a gel-like substance enclosed within the cell membrane. Someone just got a little dirty here. You have just asked for more than a friend position and this will surely get you that.

8. I Can’t Deny The Fact That You Will Be My Homologous Pair If We Were Chromosomes:

In the terra of biology, a homologous pair of chromosomes is a perfect match made from above. They are of the same size and work in the same set of genes- possessing enough variances to keep things absorbing.

9. Though The Organ Transplant Is Risky, I Don’t Mind Taking The Risk And Giving You My Heart:

Organ transplant is a high risk to health and life. Eventually, if the transplant is successful, recipients tend to leave their normal life and live a life full of medications and restrictions, because their body is susceptible to infections. Giving your heart and love to someone is a cherishable act because genuine love is rare.

10. I Wish You Can Come Closer And Listen To My Heart Murmur “I Love You”:

A heart murmur is a serious medical ailment. If one has a heart murmur they shouldn’t hesitate to go to the hospital. Expressing your feelings with abnormal things says much of how you badly want that person in your life and people love going where they are badly needed. You have just got a million miles closer.

11. I Would Have Put You Through A Blood Sugar Test But I Can’t Because You Are So Sweet:

You just got yourself a green card. This is simply saying that they are of a positive influence on your life. Positive responses coming with this will send you blushing red.

12. You Must Be Broca’s Aphasia Because You Take Away My Speech:

This results from the damage to a part of the brain called Broca’s area which is responsible for speech and motor movement. Wow! this will be too much for your crush because you just got them at the highest point and there is so no going back.

13. If You Are C6, Then I Will Be H12, And With The Air, We Breathe, We Will Be Surely Sweeter Than Sugar:

6 carbon atoms combine with 12 hydrogen atoms, and 6 oxygen atoms to form Glucose. With this pick-up line, your crush will feel the sweetness that they will experience when they say yes. Sweet and smart, you just got them.

14. Sweedy You Must Be An Anesthesiologist Because You Have Got The Power Of Knocking My Senses Out:

This is self-explanatory, it will crack the ribs of someone who doesn’t even understand biology. Impressing your crush should go with lots of humor.

15. Hello Baby, You Love Water Right? Meaning You Love 80% Of Me:

The human body is made up of 80% water and it is a major necessity that one can’t do without. You just forced your crush to admit loving you with this pick-up line. This line will be made more cute, funny, and interesting if they are allowed to answer the question first. The reaction that will be gotten from this will be so priceless and make you want to repeat it every time.

16. For The Fact That My Selectively Permeable Membrane Let You Through, There Is No Doubt That You Are The One:

Molecules and ions pass through the semi-permeable through osmosis. Whether your crush is a biology nerd or not you just got through their heart. It looks a bit simple but will do mighty works.

17. With Our Genes Combined, We Will Surely Make Perfect Progeny:

This is super cheesy, sweet, cute, and works. It asks for more than be with me but forever.  Anyone getting this line will be stunned and can’t help bursting into a peal of uncontrollable laughter especially if you say it in a serious mood.

18. If You Were An Enzyme I Will Willingly Become Your Substrate:

Enzymes are proteins that work as biological catalysts and acts upon substrates. You just expressed how badly you want them in your life and how well the relationship will be. Nothing can be as sweet as this.

19. Without You In My Life, Even A Defibrillator Can’t Save Me Because You Are The Sinoatrial Node Of My heart:

This is the heart’s natural peacemaker responsible for initiating and regulating cardiac rhythm. If your sinoatrial node fails, a defibrillator won’t be able to save you. When one finds love, the person finds peace and telling your crush that they are your peace gives them the impression that you are meant for them.

20. I Can Never Introduce Foreign Bodies To My System, But For You, I Will Do It A Million Times:

Foreign bodies are things in the body that are not meant to be there. Going to extents to impress your crush is the greatest magic to win them over.

21. There Is No Doubt That You Are Like Amylase Because, With You, Everything Tastes Sweeter:

Amylase is an enzyme or special protein secreted by the salivary gland and pancreas that starts the digestion process. It breaks down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. No one can deny the fact that they blush uncontrollably when credits like this are given, so clever and sweet.

22. Will You Deny Cutting My Phrenic Nerve? Because With You Around My Breath Stops:

The phrenic nerve is found in the neck and if it is truly cut, you would be caught in a serious problem. You will be unable to breathe and lose the regulation of movement of your diaphragm. You will impress your crush 100% by indirectly telling them how hot they are. I bet you won’t forget the sweet reply you will get.

23. I Can Feel My Hypothalamus Secreting Serotonin Because Cupcake I Need You:

Serotonin is the hormone that stabilizes our moods, feelings of well-being, and happiness. There are lots of things that also release hormones and working it out with your crush is one of them.

24. Hello, I Am A T Cell And Am Here To Protect You From Foreign Bodies:

Try this line out with a biology nerd and let your head spin with their reactions. The T cells are essential parts of your body mainly in the immune system. Everyone wants someone that can stand up and defend them, this will kick through their hearts.

25. We Can Make A Mess Because There Is Lysosome To Do The Cleaning:

This line is just flirty and things can get cheesy with it too. Lysosome helps in the recycling of internal and external substrates.

26. You Got Some Action Potential So You Must Be A Neuron:

In as much as everyone has an idea of what action potential means in the romantic aspect, it is quite complicated when seen from the angle of biology. It is the mode through which a neuron transports electric signals.

27. You Are A Strand And I Am One, Let’s Twist To Form A Double Helix:

A double helix is formed by two-stranded DNA that runs opposite each other or anti-parallel, and twist together. This is a smart way of shooting your shot and I bet you won’t miss it.

28. What Did You Do To My Cerebellum? Because I Can’t Stop Falling All Over The Place For You:

This part of the brain is responsible for balance and if anything happens to it you will surely fall all over the place. This pick-up line will make your crush smile all through the day.

29. Am Really Weak On My Knees, You Are Just Like Osteoarthritis:

This is a common form of arthritis that doesn’t affect only the knee, it can affect any joint in the body. When you want to sweep that crush of yours off their feet you can go for this pick-up line.

30. Your Contagious Smile Puts Flu To Shame:

I bet you don’t want to compare your crush to flu? But you actually can, it’s their smile that you are complimenting. This is very funny and they will surely give this pick-up line a big grin.

31. There Are 206 Bones In Your Body… Can I Add More?

Adding more bones to one’s body will make it abnormal excess. Though it’s weird, weirdly expressing your feelings can be unique and interesting.

32. Ouch! I can Feel Your Left Eyes Hurt Guess It’s Because You Have Been Looking Right All Day:

This is charming, cheesy, and smooth and speaks volumes of confidence and creativity. She will blush at the pick-up line even days after hearing it.

33. I Bet You Need More Of Vitamin ME In Your Life:

The pick-up line is unique because your crush doesn’t have to be a guru to understand it. It’s cute, sweet, funny, romantic, and says it all. Their faces will beam with the brightest smiles.

34. Your Cuteness Makes My Zygomaticus Muscles Contract:

Though it sounds odd it’s sweet and cute. The zygomaticus muscle is also known as smile muscles, contracts when one smiles. You might want to show off your intelligence by explaining this to them.

35. Call The Medics! I Hurt Myself Badly Falling For You:

Flirty, cheesy, and impressing, but it will make you crush beam with smiles. The more confidence you say it with, the more your crush gets impressed.

Irrespective of the aforementioned biology pick-up lines, biology is vast and you can create your own pick-up lines. However, you should make the lines simple to understand even if the person is a guru. For those who know little or nothing about biology, you can use pick-up lines that are simple with clear meanings.

Pick-up lines can’t do the whole job here, they are there to create the first effect. You should come prepared to keep the conversation interesting and fun all the way

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