55 Cute Good Night Text Messages that Melt the Heart

One of the sweetest ways to end the day is to send a cute text to someone so dear to your heart. A good night text message is not like the regular messages you send during the day, considering it’s the last thing the receiver reads before they sleep. After a long day filled with stressful activities, getting a lovely message from the one you love will always serve as a smile ignitor. It doesn’t cost much; only the ability to come up with some very sweet good night text messages for that person so dear to your heart is all that is needed. We rounded up some of the sweetest goodnight text messages for him and her.

Good Night Text Messages For Her

1. I’m sending you a sweet gift this night, open it by closing your eyes and enjoy the beautiful world waiting for you… Enjoy your night’s rest with sweet dreams.

2. The beautiful moon reminds me of the night when I gave you the first kiss, I will cherish that moment for the rest of my life as it marked the beginning of a sweet love story. Good night my sweet lady.

3. I wish the nights would be longer to have you more in my dreams but I also want the night to be short so that I can wake up and be with you. I am really in love with you my darling.

4. Hello love, this is to let you know that you were in my mind throughout the day and this night I pray I see you in my dreams. Have a wonderful night’s rest. I love you.

5. I’m proud to shout to the world that nothing is as sweet and cute as you. I always brag about you as the loveliest I’ve ever seen. Have a nice night my fair one.

6. I wish I could be there to hold you in my arms but I have to work late. Enjoy your sleep, my dear. See you soon.

7. I’m grateful you are mine, or else, I would live my life envying the one who has you by his side. You are too lovely my sweet. I love you. Goodnight.

8. Sweet nights and beautiful mornings. This is how it’s going to be with me and you forever. Good night my love.

9. I go to sleep hugging my pillow and picture you in my mind, knowing that someday, I will have the privilege of sleeping next to you. For now, I will be with you in my dreams every night. I love you so much.

10. It’s almost impossible to love you more than I do right now but somehow I find myself more in love with your sweet soul everyday. I can’t wait for a new day to love you more.

11. Before I sleep, I count one star in the sky for each reason I love you but now there are no more stars to count. My reasons for loving you cannot be measured. Good night my sweet love.

12. Goodnight, my princess, my love, my all. Sleep tight and dream of your prince charming.

13. You mean the world to me and I mean every word. Have a good night and dream sweet dreams.

14. I look forward to seeing you in my dreams but thoughts of how much I love you keep me up longer. Goodnight my love.

15. My day was a hectic one but my love for you kept me going. I can’t wait to see you again. Goodnight my dear.

16. Falling asleep without saying goodnight to you would be denying me a good night’s rest. Goodnight, sleep tight.

17. You have a permanent spot in my heart, tonight, tomorrow, and always. Sweet dreams my queen.

18. My life with you is a complete package and awesome are my days with you by my side. Goodnight the love of my life.

19. If it wasn’t for your love, how would my heart ever be? Good night dearie.

20. I appreciate you in my life and I’m grateful for every hard time you saw me through, every smile you put on my face, and more. I love you. Good night.

21. Thinking about our future gives me reasons to love you more. Your love is all I need. Good night dear.

22. I don’t feel it much during the day because I keep myself busy but by night, I really miss you. Sweet dreams my love.

23. I would have walked a million miles to sleep with you tonight but for now, have sweet dreams until the next time I see you.

24. I keep holding the pillow too tight, wishing it was you. Being here without you is hard. Goodnight my world.

25. I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you right this moment before I sleep. Good night.

26. Whenever you are ready to switch off the light and sleep, know that I’m wishing you sweet dreams.

27. No matter how far you are from me, I will always hold you close in my thoughts! Good night my love.

28. I owe you everything good for being mine and completing my life. I will love you forever, good night sweet.

29. I would dedicate my whole day to you because you were the reason it ended in success. My love for you will endure forever. Good night.

30. Just to let you know that the love I have for you is very pure and will endure until the end of time. Goodnight my love.

Good Night Text Messages For Him

31. Goodnight handsome. Dream about me.

32. When I see the stars shining beautifully in the sky, I realize that your love is even brighter than many of them. Good night my love.

33. I will only stop loving you the very day that air ceases to blow. Good night my dream come true.

34. I can’t thank you enough for always being there for me when I was feeling low, you were there to make me have hope again. Good night my heart, my all.

35. I will give anything to be there for you. You are more precious than all I will ever have. Have a sweet night’s rest, my love.

36. No matter how influential I become, you will forever be my best companion. Good night and sweet dreams mate.

37. Good night my heartbeat. No tight schedule is enough to stop me from giving you all the attention you so need.

38. It’s going to be a lovely night because it ended with sweet words from the one I love. Good night my jewel.

39. I wish I can spend every single night in your arms, whispering “Good night my love.” Good night dear.

40. Good night my dear. May this night usher in a fruitful day for you tomorrow.

41. You are so loving and caring and I can’t help but confess it tonight. Thanks for being this lovely person. Good night my knight.

42. You are my superhero. You alone make my heart rock! I love you. Goodnight my dearest.

43. No matter how much distance threatens to keep us apart from each other, my heart will never be far from you my love. Good night.

44. The thought of your sweet love brightens up my life. Good night my hero.

45. Can’t wait for the morning to come so that I can see you again. Good night baby.

46. Goodnight my heartthrob, wish you pleasant dreams and a tomorrow filled with success and happiness.

47. You are the first person I think of when I wake up and before I fall asleep. You’re never out of my thoughts. I love you. Good Night!

48. I want you to stay in my heart forever – morning night and noon. I love you darling, Good night.

49. I apologize for not being able to write your name in the sky. Instead, I have inscribed it in my heart where it will stay forever. Goodnight my king.

50. You are all that is wonderful in my life. The center of my world and my prime joy are you. Believe it for life! Good night.

51. All my wonderful moments were spent with you and I appreciate you for giving me the best life has to offer. Good night love.

52. You are not just the last thing I think about in the night, and the first thing I think about every morning – You are all the reasons my thoughts are awesome! I can’t keep you off my mind.

53. Just when I thought I was lost forever, your love came and rescued me. You are the most special person I have ever known. Good night and sweet dreams my heartbeat.

54. Tonight, I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart! Good night love.

55. Your love for me is more than I asked for. Thanks for loving me. Good night.

Why You Would Want to Send a Good Night Message

Good night messages are specially crafted to end the day in a sweet mood. Thus, they ought to be different from what you would normally text your partner during the day. Getting a sweet message from someone you care about before closing your eyes to sleep does have a tingling effect similar to the butterflies in the belly.

Even though it is widely believed that women are more mesmerized by love gestures and messages, believe it or not, even the toughest men get moved by these sweet good night messages when they come from someone they love. Overall, it is important to send good night messages to that special person in your life because it might be the last thing they read before sleeping and it would most likely put a smile on their face, even guarantee a bright day the next day. The messages tell them you are thinking about them.

It is also important to send good night text messages if you don’t want your relationship to become stale and worn out. Exchanging lovely texts is one of the ways couples keep the fire burning in the relationship. It is a perfect way to express your feelings and you can be flirty and bold with it to spice things up.

Do Guys and Girls Like Good Night Texts?

Both men and women appreciate a sweet good night message from someone they care about. Communication is the key to a healthy and successful relationship and without any doubt, anyone would want to get sweet text messages from someone they care about as often as possible.

You may not know this but your partner may spend a lot of time checking their phones in anticipation of a text from you which simply means they love getting those texts. So, the next time you feel like sending your partner, just do it, it will be very much appreciated and sow positive seeds in your relationship.

Tips on How to Write Sweet Good Night Messages

Whether you want to be bold, cute, flirty, or crazy, writing a nice good night message requires a lot of commitment to make it get the desired result. If you really want it to turn out perfect, employ these tips:

  • Be realistic with your words
  • If you feel it in your heart, write it in your text
  • Don’t fake the feelings or they might catch up with you one day
  • Keep it simple but sweet
  • Let your words say you have him/her in your mind
  • Use emojis and smileys to buttress your point
  • Don’t be pushy or desperate
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