Caroline Fentress
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Caroline Fentress didn’t always know that her beautiful face and gentle charisma would get her a man that will bring her to the limelight. She was only an elementary school teacher who was not concerned about walking the red carpet or being written about by tabloids until her marriage to Grey’s Anatomy and Batman Forever actor Chris O’ Donnell drew people’s attention to her. Though the marriage has brought her the current level of fame she has now, she still seems not gripped by it as much as the family love does. Instead, she is focusing on being Chris’ red carpet companion and building her household. Let’s check out the woman who Chris O Donnell describes as his strongest pillar.


Caroline birth sign is the tenth in the zodiac sign; Capricorn. She was born Caroline Morton Fentress on January 3, 1973. Not much information can be confirmed about her childhood but she attended Rolins College in Winter Park, Florida, USA and graduated with the class of 1995, the same graduating class as actor Christopher Fitzgerald and Chris Guokas. While some of her classmates dabbled into acting and have joined the elites of Hollywood, Caroline instead chose to give back to the society by teaching elementary school. It was in this course that she met the Winnetka, Illinois native actor whose natural star skills prepared the way for him and made him an A-list actor in the 90’s.

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Caroline Fentress Children and Family 

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Caroline and Chris met in Boston college through her brother who was Chris’ college roommate. They began dating immediately and got married in 1997 – three years into their romantic affair. The actor once said he knew she was the one from their first kiss. They have been married for over two decades now and yet their love seems so young.

They have five children and seems to be done with producing offsprings. Their first child is Lily Anne O’ Donnell. She was born on September 3, 1999, exactly two years after their wedding.

The couple welcomed their second child Christopher Eugene O’ Donnell Jr. on October 24, 2000, and gave some space before welcoming Charles  McHugh O’ Donnell in 2003.

In 2006 their fourth child arrived and was named Finley O’ Donnell. According to Christopher, he and Caroline thought they were done with having babies at this point even though he wanted five children. Fortunately, a miscommunication led to his wife’s fifth pregnancy.

This last pregnancy was the most surprising to the two who have been strategic about their previous pregnancies having assumed that they had stopped at baby number 4.

Nonetheless, they couldn’t be happier for their fifth child. Her name is Maeve Frances and she was born on 10 December 2007.

Caroline Fentress is really a private person and doesn’t seem interested in fame. On the other hand, Chris is all about social media and is very active in sharing some of their family times. As busy as the father-of-five appears to be, he has found a way to balance his career and family. He without regrets turns down roles that could give other actors an edge as long as they conflict with his family’s interest and one example was turning down Men in Black. 

The actor who became Hollywood heartthrob with his 1995 Batman Forever role says he is more satisfied knowing that he has achieved the life he had always dreamt of; a large close-knit family and a flourishing career to foot his family’s bills.

That family life is very important to him and is what motivates him to work even harder than ever.  He creates time to take his wife to dinner, hang out with children, attend his children’s special events at school and deliver awesome performances in countless film roles he keeps getting.

The actor also goes on different romantic trips to fun places and has been to Paris and French Caribbean Island of St. Bart’s with his beloved wife Caroline who he describes as the greatest support in his life.

The Scent of A Woman star and his wife also find a way to enkindle their social lives even when they are not out for dinner or taking trips. One time, his wife planned a game of charades with 60 adults divided into eight teams whereby they raced through every room in their house for fun. The two also have organized a wine pairing dinner in their home. The classy event hosted their friends who didn’t only enjoy wines but also an outdoor pizza.