Carolyn Bryant’s Children: Get To Know Lamar Bryant and Roy Bryant Jr.

Carolyn Bryant’s children are Lamar Bryant and Roy Bryant Jr. She reportedly has two other children, Frank Lee, and Carolann, from her marriage to Roy Bryant Sr.

Carolyn Bryant, who passed away in 2023 at the age of 88, gained public attention in 1955 after she accused Black teenager Emmett Till of whistling at her. Emmett was subsequently lynched by Carolyn’s husband and J.W. Milam. The two men were charged with murder but acquitted by an all-White jury after Carolyn testified that Emmett grabbed and verbally threatened her.

Till’s murder and the acquittal of his murderers reignited the flames of the civil rights movement in America. While all those involved escaped justice, the incident has lived with them and their offspring, Lamar Bryant and Roy Bryant Jr., for the rest of their lives.

Carolyn Bryant’s Oldest Child, Roy Bryant Jr, was Born on 12 June 1952

  • Full Name: Roy Bryant Jr.
  • Date of Birth: 12 June 1952
  • Place of Birth: Indianola, Mississippi
  • Date of Death: 29 September 1995 (Age: 43)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: Three children (one daughter and two sons)
  • Parents: Carolyn and Roy Bryant Sr

Roy Bryant Jr. is Carolyn Bryant’s oldest child with her husband Roy Bryant. He was born on the 12th of June 1952 in Indianola, Mississippi, but was raised in another Mississippi town called Money.

Roy Jr. had a regular upbringing; however, events in his life took a huge turn after his parents got entangled in the Emmet Till murder in 1955. Roy Jr. was just three years old at the time and had no understanding of what was going on.

He would, nevertheless, be impacted by it forever as he was always brought to court by his mother as his father stood trial for murder. Life at home or in school was also not any different, as reporters always hounded the family to get a comment. Things would later get easier for Carolyn Bryant’s child as he attended school and participated in numerous extracurricular activities.

Roy Bryant Jr. Served in the Air Force Before Passing Away in 1995

Roy Bryant Jr. lived a normal life after leaving school. Carolyn Bryant’s eldest son first joined the U.S. Air Force, serving abroad in places like the Philippines before he was honorably discharged. He later got married and had three children (one daughter and two sons) before passing away on 29 September 1995. Carolyn Bryant’s oldest child was 43 years old at the time he died. His remains were buried at the Niblett’s Bluff Cemetery in Vinton, Louisiana.

Lamar Thomas Bryant is Carolyn Bryant’s Second Child

  • Full Name: Lamar Thomas Bryant
  • Date of Birth: 1953
  • Age: 53 year old
  • Place of Birth: Money, Mississippi
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Wife: Marsha Holley Bryant
  • Parents: Carolyn and Roy Bryant Sr

Carolyn Bryant’s second child and son is Lamar Thomas. He was born in 1953, a year after his older brother Roy Jr., in Money, Mississippi. He was about two years old when his parents were embroiled in a trial about the murder of Emmett Till.

Like it was with Roy Jr., Lamar also had to face the cloud of controversy that surrounded his family. He, however, had a normal childhood, earning a high school diploma and enlisting in the U.S. Air Force like his older brother.

Following his time in the Air Force, Carolyn Bryant’s second son moved to Raleigh, North Carolina, where he lives with his family and works a regular job. Lamar Thomas is married to Marsha Holley Bryant, and their union has lasted for several years. They are known to be parents, but it is not exactly clear how many children they have.

A Look at Carolyn Bryant’s Other Children

Besides Lamar and Roy Jr., Carolyn Bryant reportedly had two more children with her husband, Roy Bryant Sr. Their third child is a son named Frank Lee Bryant, while their fourth is a daughter named Carolann.

Frank Lee

  • Date of Birth: 19 November 1956
  • Date of Death: 12 April 2010

Frank Lee was born on the 19th of November 1956, a year after their family went through the murder trial of Emmett Till. He grew up in places such as Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana but spent most of his life in Greenville, Mississippi. It is not clear what Frank did for a living, but it is public knowledge that he was married with kids. Frank Lee Bryant later passed away due to heart failure on the 12th of April, 2010. He was 53 years old.


  • Date of Birth: 1958

Carolann, on the other hand, was born in 1958. According to reports, she was deaf from birth, but Carolyn did her best to care for her. She was said to have learned sign language just so that they could communicate. She even asked for primary custody of the child when she and Roy Sr. were getting divorced in 1975.

Carolann attended the Louisiana School for the Deaf. She would go on to live a normal life, getting a regular job and marrying her high school sweetheart. She is said to have lived in Jackson, Mississippi, for several years.

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