Does Antonio Brown Have a Wife? His Relationship History Explored

Antonio Brown has never been married and so does not have a wife. However, the 36 year-old American football wide receiver has been in a number of relationships that have produced children. His most notable relationships were with Shameika Brailsford and Chelsie Kyriss. He has a total of six kids from different women.

Antonio Brown Has Never Been Married

Antonio Brown is not married. The athlete, who always makes the headlines for his exploits off and on the field, has never walked down the aisle or signed papers in court with any woman to indicate that he has been married in the past.

But while the public knows that Brown is a single man, it is also public knowledge that he has had a colorful dating history. The 5 feet 10 inches tall Miami, Florida native has been in a few high-profile relationships that have made the headlines.

Who is Antonio Brown Dating?

Antonio Brown is currently single. His last known and significant relationship was with Chelsie Kyriss, a social media personality, real estate agent, and designer who also happens to be the mother of four of his kids.

The two have had a topsy-turvy relationship as they have broken up and gotten back together on a number of occasions. They broke up in 2017 when a pregnant Chelsie accused her partner of cheating and creating a hostile environment for the kids. In 2020, the police were reported to have visited Brown’s home on numerous occasions following several domestic incidents. In 2022, the pair had an altercation that led to Brown being served an arrest warrant on domestic violence charges after he threw a shoe at her during an argument.

Antonio Brown and Chelsie Kyriss Started Dating in 2012

Brown and Kyriss started dating in 2012 after a mutual friend introduced them. She was reportedly working with Wilton Brands Inc. at the time. She had previously worked as a customer representative and an assistant teacher at a daycare.

Life as Kyriss knew it soon changed after her romantic affair with Brown took off, and she got pregnant. She had his first kid, a son named Autonomy, born in 2014, and another son named Ali, born in 2015. Their third child Apollo came in 2017, before the fourth one, Allure, was born in 2020.

Antonio Brown Wife
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Just like Antonio Brown, who has two other kids from different women, Chelsie also had other kids before meeting her athlete baby daddy. The social media influencer reportedly has two other kids from her previous relationship.

Antonio Brown’s Dating History

Antonio Brown and Shameika Brailsford (2000s)

Antonio Brown and Shameika Brailsford’s relationship has made the headlines on a number of occasions. The two dated a long time ago and share a child together, a son named Antonio Brown Jr., born in November 2007. They reportedly started dating in the early 2000s. Despite not having been together for a long time, the former couple have still had their fair share of legal disputes, most notably over the custody of their child.

According to TMZ, Shameika filed documents in Miami that Brown has had custody of their son for months and was refusing to let her see him. She, therefore, asked the court to send law enforcement to bring back her child even though the court awarded Brown custody. Brailsford accused him of failing to take care of their son as he was busy with his career. Brown’s lawyers, however, refuted the claim, saying that Shameika was trying to look for a way to squeeze her athlete ex out of money.

Antonio Brown and Wiltrice Jackson (Late 2000s)

Wiltrice Jackson is the other woman who has a kid for Antonio Brown. The pair dated when Brown was in the early days of his playing career. They welcomed their daughter Antanyiah on 18 March 2008. The two recently made headlines after Jackson filed an injunction on 14 April 2023 for unpaid child support. An arrest warrant was issued, but before it could be executed, the athlete and his lawyers paid what he owed.

Antonio Brown and Jena Frumes (2017)

Antonio Brown and Jenna Frumes reportedly started dating in 2017 when his baby mama was pregnant with their third child. According to reports, Brown had told Jena that he was not together with Chelsie anymore. The relationship, however, did not last long and soon ended.

Frumes is an actress, TV personality, social media influencer, and fashion model who began her career as a model before transitioning to TV. She gained fame after featuring on MTV’s “Wild ‘N Out.”

Antonio Brown and Stephanie Acevedo (2020)

Stephanie Acevedo is an American singer, actress, reality TV personality, and fashion model from Miami, Florida. The two are said to have started dating after Brown broke things off with Kyriss in 2020. The relationship, however, did not last as the football star got back with his baby’s mama.

Antonio Brown Wife
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How Many Children Does Antonio Brown Have?

Antonio Brown has six children. He is the father of four sons and two daughters from different women. His oldest child is Antonio Brown Jr. (born 2007), while his second child is daughter Antanyiah (born 18 March 2008). Brown’s third child is Autonomy (born 2014), and his fourth is Ali (born 2015). His fifth and sixth children are Apollo (born in 2017) and Allure (born in 2020).

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