Does Keanu Reeves Have Wife or Kids?

Keanu Reeves does not have a wife, as he has never been married. He also does not have any children. The actor has, however, dated several popular ladies over the years. He was also previously engaged to an actress named Jennifer Syme. They were also expecting a child together, but the child was unfortunately stillborn. This caused a strain on the couple’s relationship, and Syme later died in tragic circumstances a year and a half later.

All this devastated Keanu Reeves and made him live a solitary life for years. He has however now emerged from grief and is in a relationship with an artist named Alexandra Grant.

Keanu Reeves Has Dated Famous Actresses But Has Never Been Married

Keanu Reeves has never been married. He has, however, dated a couple of his fellow Hollywood celebrities over the years. Amongst the ladies that Keanu Reeves has dated is actress, Jill Schoelen. Jill Schoelen was his co-star in the 1986 TV series, Babes in Toyland. They dated for three years before breaking up in the late 80s. Another lady that Keanu Reeves dated was Sofia Carmina Coppola.

Coppola is an American filmmaker and actress as well as the youngest child and only daughter of revered filmmakers, Eleanor and Francis Ford Coppola. Reeves and Sofia Coppola briefly dated in 1992 after meeting on the set of her father’s films.

Keanu Reeves has also been romantically linked with American-born English actress, Claire Forlani. He is also said to have dated British-born American model and actress, China Chow, and Canadian filmmaker – Brenda Davis, but this is not confirmed.

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Keanu Reeves was Previously Engaged to Jennifer Syme, an Actress and Record Producer

Keanu Reeves has never been married, but he did come close with his late former girlfriend, Jennifer Syme. Syme is a native of Pico Rivera, California, and was born on the 7th of December 1972. She variously worked at a film production company as well as a record label, where she was able to reach an executive position. She also worked as a personal assistant to some musicians and was featured in a handful of short films as well.

Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme first met each other at a party organized for his defunct band, Dogstar, in 1998. They started dating that same year, and their relationship blossomed. They moved in together and reportedly got engaged.

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They Had a Stillborn

Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme discovered that they were pregnant with a baby girl some months into their relationship in 1999. The couple was ecstatic about the development and were happily looking forward to the birth of their child. Their joy was, however, cut short as the baby was stillborn on the 24th of December 1999. The death of the child sent both Reeves and Syme into grief. This heavily weighed on their relationship, and they broke up thereafter.

Reeves and Syme Later Broke Up and She Died in an Accident

Following the breakup, Keanu Reeves remained on friendly terms with Syme and was reportedly working on getting back together with her. That never happened though, as Syme tragically died in a car crash on the 1st of April 2001. She and Reeves had earlier had lunch that day, and she later headed out to a party hosted by Marilyn Manson. While coming back, she was intoxicated and drove her car into three vehicles. She was killed on the spot.

Syme’s death devastated Keanu Reeves, and he acted as a pallbearer during her funeral. She was later buried near their daughter. It has been two decades since Syme’s death, but there is no doubt that her death has impacted Keanu Reeves. The actor has never spoken directly about the loss, but he has addressed the issue of grief and death in multiple interviews. He has revealed that grief and loss never go away but stay with one forever.

Keanu Reeves
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Keanu Reeves is in a Relationship with Alexandra Grant, a Visual Artists

Keanu Reeves is not married now, but it is a possibility with his current girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. Grant is an American visual artist. She was born on the 4th of April 1973 in Ohio. She holds a BA in history and studio art from Swarthmore College. She also has an MFA in drawing and painting from California College of the Arts.

Grant uses painting, drawing, sculpture, video, and other media to examine texts written by others, for instance, illustrating books. She has exhibited her works in various cities. She has also taught at schools such as the Art Center College of Design, the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s Distance MFA program, Syracuse University, and Ashesi University in Accra, Ghana.

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They Went Public with their Romance in 2019

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant first met each other at a dinner party in 2009. They became friends. They also worked together on Reeves’ books of poems, such as Ode to Happiness (2011) and Shadows (2014). The duo also opened a publishing company together, X Artists Books, in 2016 and later started dating.

Reeves and Grant only made their relationship public in November 2019, but sources confirm that they have been dating for some years before then. They remain together to date, and rumors have it that they might end up getting married. Reeves has previously spoken about his desire to get married and have kids, and it is believed that he may still do that with Grant.

Then again, the actor also believes that he does not need a piece of paper to cement what he has with Grant. Whichever way it goes, the two are quite happy, and their relationship is blooming.

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Did Keanu Reeves Lose a Child?

Keanu Reeves lost a child named Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. Ava Archer Syme-Reeves is Keanu Reeves’ daughter of his late fiancée, Jennifer Syme. She was, however, stillborn. Ava’s death caused a lot of grief for Reeves and Syme, and they later broke up. They later patched their friendship and were looking to maybe start dating when Syme died in tragic circumstances in April 2001.

Reeves has never directly spoken about the daughter he lost, but he has spoken about grief before. He was once asked what happens when one dies, and his response was that he didn’t know. He, however, knew “that the ones who love us will miss us”.

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