Who Is Leo Robinton, Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance?

Emma Watson’s boyfriend is Leo Robinton, an American businessman who used to work for a Los Angeles-based company that legally deals in Cannabis. He was born on October 23, 1989 and is 34 years old.

Leo and Emma kept their relationship a secret until October 2019 when they were first seen together kissing in London. Their relationship has since been the talk of the town but they have been very tight-lipped about it and are still going strong.

Leo Robinton’s Profile Summary

  • Full name: Leo Alexander Robinton
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: October 23, 1989
  • Leo Robinton’s Age: 34 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Leo Robinton’s Parents: Mimi Robinton and Michael Robinton
  • Siblings: Daisy Robinton, Lily Robinton, Archer Robinton, Charlie Robinton
  • Leo Robinton’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Body measurements in inches: Chest 41, waist 30, hip 36
  • Leo Robinton’s Net worth: $850,000
  • Famous for: Being the boyfriend of celebrity actress and model Emma Watson

Leo Robinton Was Born Into A Well-to-do American Family In 1989

Leo Robinton was born to Michael Robinton and Mimi Robinton on the 23rd of October 1989, in the United States of America. He is currently 34 years old. Emma’s boyfriend comes from a white ethnic background and is an American by birth.

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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Leo was born and raised in the city of Palo Alto, California, in the United States. He comes from a large family – he has four siblings whose names are Charlie Robinton (his older brother), Daisy and Lily Robinton (his sisters), and Archer Robinton (his twin brother).

Updates on his parents, most of his siblings (including their age differences), and their whereabouts are difficult to come by at the moment. However, we can establish that one of his sisters, Daisy, is a cell & molecular biologist, storyteller, and strategist.

Leo Has Been In A Serious Relationship With Emma Watson For More Than One Year

Emma Watson’s dating life has always been a subject of interest right from her early days in the industry. Being a high-profile celebrity, she has been involved with several notable people in the past but none of them really lasted or even worked out.

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Who doesn’t know that the actress cherishes her privacy more than any other thing? But things have not been the same since 2019 when she drew the attention of the public to herself after she was seen kissing a ‘mystery’ man in London – Leo hadn’t been identified by any news outlet at the time.

The public became convinced that something serious was going on between the two after they were seen together again in April 2020. Since then, the lovebirds have publicly been to several places together, not minding the rumour making the rounds about their friendship.

He Seems To Be Deeply In Love With Her And Not Ready To Leave Her Side Any Time Soon

Recently, Emma and Leo were seen together hanging out excitedly. They’ve proved that what they share together is way bigger than people’s opinions about them. They’ve been going strong since 2019 and we don’t see them going their separate ways anytime soon.

In May 2021, it was reported that the Harry Potter star was engaged to her beau and that her career has been dormant for a while now. Watson, in response, criticized the outlet that published the news, stating that she was not engaged to her boyfriend yet and that she wouldn’t hesitate to share any news about her personal life with the public.

Reports making the rounds have it that the English actress would like a long-term future with Leo Robinton even though she is not in a hurry to get engaged to him. The two are happy with the way things are moving between them right now.

The actress is also said to have introduced her boyfriend to her parents, showing how serious she really is about him. The lovebirds are expected to make things official at some point in the future.

Emma Watson’s Boyfriend Is One Year Older Than Her

While we are yet to establish the age differences between Leo and his siblings, it is no news that the American hunk is not as old as he looks. He is quite a young soul trapped in an older body. He is only one year older than his girlfriend, a fact most people do not know due to Leo’s much-older looks.

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As mentioned earlier, he was born in 1989 while Emma was born on 15th April 1990 in Paris, France, to English parents Chris Watson and Jacqueline Luesby, who are lawyers by profession. The two have no problem with their small age gaps as they are more comfortable with the fact that they love each other so dearly and are in a flourishing relationship.

Robinton Is Yet To Publicly Open Up About Their Relationship

Watson’s fans are not just curious about the man she is seeing currently, they have also been itching to know how, when, and where exactly their paths crossed for the first time. Sadly, neither Emma nor Leo has considered it worthwhile to open up about how they got connected and we don’t see that happening any time soon because both of them do not naturally have interest in the camera and media and Robinton once went the extra mile to prove it.

According to reports, the young man quickly went to his Instagram and other social media accounts to protect their privacy immediately after the news about his relationship with the actress went viral. Currently, his Instagram account is private.

Watson once admitted in an interview that her matchmaker’s friends like setting her up and that she is not a fan of dating apps. Well, she could have possibly met Leo through a mutual friend but hey, we are not so sure.

Emma’s Boyfriend Is An American Businessman With An Impressive Net Worth

Leo Robinton is a businessman who used to work for a Los Angeles-based company that legally deals in Cannabis. He is said to have resigned from the firm in June 2019, a couple of months before he met Watson.

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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It is not clear what he currently does for a living and what he is up to at the moment. Robinton may not be a well-known businessman but it is easy to tell that he has done well for himself, considering his age.

The young man reportedly has a net worth of $850,000, which he supposedly made from his business endeavor. It is not clear if he has other sources of income and how he plans to keep up with both his endeavors and relationship with the Harry Potter star, who revealed in a 2019 interview that she divides her time between New York City and London.

A Look At The British Actress Emma Watson’s Dating History

Emma Watson has been romantically linked to many famous people in the past. At the early stages of her career, she publicly dated some men who left her in the long run as things didn’t work out for them.

Here’s a list of all the men she has been with.

1. Brendan Wallace

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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Brendan Wallace is an American entrepreneur, tech guru, and co-founder, and Managing Partner at the venture capital company, Fifth Wall. Rumors about him dating Emma started making the rounds in October 2018 after the two were seen kissing during a vacation in Mexico.

It became clear that they had gone their separate ways after Wallace was seen together in April 2019 with the New York-born actress Alexandra Anna Daddario. Nobody knows the reason why the two called it quits.

2. William “Mack” Knight

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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Knight is a tech mogul, entrepreneur, artist, writer, photographer, adventurer, business school graduate, and naturalist. He began seeing the Harry Potter star in 2015 and both of them were overly protective of their relationship then.

They made their first appearance as a couple in October 2015 at a showing of the Broadway musical, Hamilton, in New York City. William was said to have also introduced the actress to his mother.

The two were last seen on a dinner date in New York in late May 2017 while their separation came to the limelight in November 2017. No one knows why they parted ways after almost two years together.

3. Roberto Aguire

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Emma Watson has also been linked to the American film and television actor and producer, Roberto Aguire. The actress met Aguire for the first time as an intern in 2005 while filming Harry Potter and the Goblet.

The two started seeing each other in 2015 and later separated for disclosed reasons.

4. Matthew Janney

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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Emma and Matthew had a short-lived relationship that lasted for only 10 months. The two sparked dating rumor in January 2014 when they were seen packing on the PDA during a Caribbean vacation.

Janney, a graduate of Oxford University and rugby player, is said to have amicably parted ways with the actress. However, the two are still good friends.

5. Johnny Simmons

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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Johnny Simmons is an American actor famed for his role in the American fantasy disaster comedy film, Evan Almighty. He started a romantic relationship with Emma in 2011 after they got connected while filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Unfortunately, the duo couldn’t keep up after a while because the actor would not move to England, where the actress was studying at Oxford University.

6. Rafael Cebrián

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Watson’s relationship with Spanish musician and fellow Brown University student Rafael was quite an interesting one. The public caught a glimpse of their romance for the first time in November 2009 when they were seen getting cozy in New York City while watching a hockey game.

It’s unclear when they began dating, however, the then-lovebirds went their separate ways after dating for six months.

7. George Craig

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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Craig is an English model and the lead singer of the British band, One Night Only. He met Watson in the year 2010 while shooting an ad campaign for Burberry. The two briefly dated before calling it quits for reasons best known to them.

While they were still together, the pair made several public appearances together, including attending the Glastonbury Festival in England in June 2010. George also got the actress featured in his band’s music video for Say You Don’t Want It.

8. Chord Overstreet

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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Chord is an American singer, actor, musician, and songwriter. He is easily recognized for appearing on the TV series, Glee. Watson and Overstreet briefly dated in the year 2018. Report about the singer dating the actress became public knowledge in February of that year when they were seen together on a date.

Their relationship was subsequently confirmed one month later after they were seen in Los Angeles on a sweet stroll. The pair’s romance gradually fizzled out after some months and neither Emma nor Overstreet has opened up about the reason for their separation since then.

9. Will Adamowicz

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Emma Watson and Will Adamowicz met in 2011 as students at Oxford University. While it’s not clear when they started seeing each other, the public caught a glimpse of their romance for the first time in April 2012 at Coachella. Their separation was confirmed by Watson’s rep in the year 2014.

10. Angus Willoughby

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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Angus Willoughby and Watson first met at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. The two started seeing each other in 2007 until 2008 when they amicably called it quits. The reason for their separation, to date, is still shrouded in mystery.

11. Francis Boulle

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Francis Boulle broke up with Emma Watson because he “didn’t want to be the boyfriend of some child actress”. He was first seen flirting with the actress at a Cartier polo party in 2008, after which he decided not to commit to the relationship again.

He admitted that he liked the actress then but asserted that he wanted to achieve his own fame for what he has done. Boulle is a diamond heir and web entrepreneur.

12. Jay Barrymore

Who Is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend and Fiance Leo Robinton?
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British financier Jay and Emma broke up in 2009 because of distance after dating for one year. The banker, who’s seven years older than the actress, couldn’t deal with the long-distance between them as Emma was studying at Brown University in Rhode Island at that time.

Leo Robinton’s Sister, Daisy Robinton, Is Known Around The World For Her Incredible TED Talks

Daisy Robinton is a scientist, as well as the Co-founder & CEO of Oviva Theurapautic, an organization that aims at empowering women and transforming healthcare through innovative therapies that promote ovarian function.

She is well-versed in gene editing and developmental biology. The UCLA and Harvard graduate has toured around the world teaching people more about science through research and other means.

Daisy is also the founder of the Science in the News Spring Public Lecture Series at Harvard University. She currently works in the Stevens lab, where she primarily focuses on mechanisms of microglial development and dysfunction during normal development and neurodegenerative disease.

Key Facts About Leo Robinton

  1. Who is Leo Robinton and what is his connection to Emma Watson? Leo Robinton is Emma Watson’s boyfriend, he is a young businessman who was first linked to Emma Watson in 2019, and they have been in a relationship for nearly three years.
  2. What happened in October 2019 that brought attention to their relationship? Pictures of Emma kissing Leo in public during a day out in London were leaked online.
  3. How private is Leo on social media? Leo is very private on social media, and after his identity was revealed, he deleted his social media accounts to protect his and Emma’s privacy.
  4. What is Leo’s profession? According to The Sun, Leo is a businessman who used to work for a company that specialized in legal cannabis.
  5. Who are his family members? Leo has two older sisters, an older brother, and a twin brother named Archer.
  6. How serious is Leo and Emma’s relationship? Sources claim that they are very serious and that Leo has already met Emma’s parents. They spend all their spare time together and are very much in love.
  7. Did Leo propose to Emma? No, despite rumors that Leo proposed to Emma and that she was stepping back from acting to spend time with him, Emma has denied the rumors and said that she will share any news herself.
  8. Does Emma see a long-term future with Leo? Yes, Emma is reportedly all in and has her heart set on a long-term future with Leo, but she doesn’t want to rush into an engagement.
  9. How do fans feel about Emma and Leo’s relationship? Fans are shipping the couple and are eagerly waiting for more news about their relationship.
  10. What can we expect from Emma and Leo in the future? It’s unclear what the future holds for Emma and Leo, but they seem very happy together and are enjoying their time as a couple.
  11. How tall is Leo Robinton?

    Leo Robinton is 5 feet 10 inches or 178 centimetres tall and he weighs approximately 155 pounds or 70 kg. He has blue eyes and dark brown hair. His chest, waist, and hip measurements are 41, 30 and 36 inches respectively, and he wears US size 10 shoes.

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