Is Andrew Tate Gay?

As far as we know, Andrew Tate is not gay because he has a history of dating only women. 

However, we are not saying for sure that he is not, but until he confirms it himself, we chose to believe that he is straight. Speculations about Andrew’s sexuality started making the rounds in early 2023 after he made a video asking people whether they would prefer to sleep with a transgender woman or a biological woman.

Is Andrew Tate Gay?

Andrew Tate has never publicly declared himself a gay man; however, some people believe he is. Rumors of him being gay started making the rounds in March 2023 after he made some comments about having sex with a trans woman instead of a biological one in the video below:

Because he thrives on controversy, it might be wrong to conclude that Andrew Tate is gay based on what he said in the video, especially as he did not say he was gay. Again, even though he is famous for saying many horrible things about women, he is also known to have been involved in romantic relationships with several females in the past and even currently, and not one man or transgender.

Is Andrew Tate Married?

Andrew Tate is not currently married. As a matter of fact, he has never been a part of the marital institution. Given his negative opinion about marriage, it might not be entirely wrong to conclude that we may never get to see Andrew Tate get married. This is based on the fact that he has made it clear that marriage is a total waste of not only a man’s time but also his resources.

Tate’s opinion on the subject of marriage could not have been expressed in any clearer way than how he did on the 28th of July 2022 when he joined the YouTube channel FULL SEND PODCAST to talk about different topics, including whether he’s scammed people, how influencers make money, and marriage among other things.

In the course of the podcast, the controversial former kickboxer was asked about his views on marriage by the podcast’s host, and in response, he said that marriage meant something to only women, adding that the idea of getting married “is completely and utterly fruitless.” Andrew Tate went on to share that he would never get married because he does not see the tactical advantage of doing so.

Continuing, he explained that it was fine if he decided to be loyal to a woman and be with her forever, or if he decided to have kids with a woman, or have a house with a woman and live with her; however, according to him, “it’s not optimal.”

The social media personality followed those comments up by stating that the idea of marriage in and of itself is “completely and utterly fruitless.” In his opinion, it’s for women because they are the ones who enjoy it. “But women enjoy lots of things when they don’t have to pay for it or organize anything.”

Proceeding with those remarks, Andrew Tate talked a little bit more about his reason for his stance against marriage. According to him, he did not like how the government gets “involved” when things don’t go well. He also added that marriage is something that is of benefit to mainly women, and as such, “no man wants to get married.”

Concluding his answer, Tate said there was no real “reason” to get married apart from the fact that men are “in a degree, [insecure]” of their partners possibly being unfaithful, and marriage is a way to not feel that way, so they keep their relationship secure with labels and “documents.”

Who Is Andrew Tate’s Girlfriend?

Andrew Tate is currently dating a social media personality named Sofiya Guliyeva. Sofiya, a 24-year-old TikToker, was born in Toronto, Canada, sometime in 2000. According to several reports, she is presently based in Dubai but also has a home in Turkey.

Sofiya Guliyeva, who also refers to herself as Baby G, is somewhat popular for her lifestyle posts on TikTok, some of which have featured Andrew Tate, aka Top G. She appears to have endeared herself to Tate by openly supporting his usually misogynistic views about women.

We still do not know exactly when the relationship between Sofiya and Tate started, but various online sources suggest that they might have started dating around late 2022 or early 2023. Although they seem to be so much into each other, we can say for sure that Andrew Tate does not have any intention of getting married to Sofiya or any other woman because it’s obvious that time has not made him change his position on the subject of marriage.


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Meanwhile, before Sofiya Guliyeva came into the picture, Andrew was in a relationship with Naghel Georgiana Manuela. Naghel is a Romanian model and social media influencer from Comănești, Romania. She used to work at Crama La Salina winery. In October 2021, Andrew Tate described Naghel as the woman he trusts in a post he made on Instagram. However, he never trusted her enough to make things official with her. For some unknown reason, Tate and Naghel parted ways.

Andrew has also been rumored to have dated American model and socialite Lori Harvey, the adoptive daughter of American comedian and TV personality Steve Harvey. However, there is no evidence of their relationship in the public space, even though some sources reported that they were seen together a few times. None of them also came out to confirm or deny being romantically involved with each other at any point in their lives.

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