Is Pauly Shore Gay or Straight? Here are All The Facts About His Sexuality

Pauly Shore is not gay. The actor and filmmaker’s sexuality is straight. However, he sparked gay rumors in 2017 after he made a post about being gay on his Facebook and Twitter pages. But going by his relationship history so far, there is nothing to suggest that he is actually gay. He is currently not dating anyone but speculations are that he is hiding his gay partner. There is still no evidence to substantiate these claims.

Why do Pauly Shore’s Fans Think he is Gay?

Most often, gay rumors about celebrities begin from their most noticeable associations, but this was not the case for Pauly. Before 2017, there was never a doubt as to what his sexuality is. However, all of that changed in September 2017 when he made a post on his Facebook and Twitter pages announcing that he is gay and asking for first responders.

Pauly Shore

Being that he is a seasoned comedian, his fans were not sure at first whether to take his post literally or to just expect a show. Considering that his career is not everything it used to be in the past, many thought of it as a stunt he wanted to use to draw attention back to himself and his works.

The above would be a very reasonable explanation for his post and would definitely not be the first of such stunts the actor has carried out to call attention to his works. Back in 2003, the actor faked his own death in Pauly Shore Is Dead to resurrect his dying career. Because he has not unveiled any gay partner since the announcement, it is safe to say he was just trying to get some attention.

Has The Actor Ever Been Married?

The answer is no, Pauly Shore has never been married. Many have often wondered if he was married in the past but since the 54 year-old is not one to hide the details of his personal life, it is unlikely.

He has been in relationships with different women in the past, none of which he has denied or actively come out to give details of. However, none of his relationships ever led to marriage.

Is Pauly Shore in a Relationship at the Moment?

Pauly Shore is not in any known relationship at the moment. Since he made his being gay post, Shore has been sure to keep his relationships well away from the prying eyes of the media. Hence, it is not known if he is dating anyone male or female. Speculations are that if he suddenly prefers to keep it lowkey, he might actually be gay after all.

These are the Women Pauly Shore Has Dated

Pauly Shore

From our records, Pauly Shore appears to be single at the moment. His relationship history, on the other hand, is a very interesting read. The comedian has been connected to a few well-known actresses in the past.

Pauly Shore was in relationships with Alex Noble (2014), Jewel De’Nyle (2002), Kylie Minogue (1997), Jill St. Marks (1991), Savannah (1991 – 1992), Tiffani Thiessen (1990), Deborah Laufer (1988), Midori and Kina Tavarozi.

His first known relationship was with adult film actress Shannon Wilsey. There are no details on how long they were together, but it all came to a tragic end in 1994 when she got involved in a tragic car accident. Although she did not die from the injuries she sustained, she would later take her own life because she could not live with how much the accident disfigured her face.

In 1997 the actor took to the romantics again when he fell in love with actress Kylie Minogue. This was on the set of his movie Biodome which did not do as well as many expected it to. He remembers that when he met Kylie, he had no idea who she was and she didn’t know who he was either, but they just connected. It is assumed that their relationship did not end on a good note because Kylie refers to Biodome as the worst mistake of her acting career.

Other women he has been rumored to have had a thing or two with are Tiffani Thiessen and a much younger girlfriend who he was spotted with in 2015. Although there are no details about her, the two packed on a massive public display of affection on holiday in Miami and then went radio silent. Since then, Pauly Shore has not been seen out and about with anyone.



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