Keys to Understanding When Men Are Interested Through Their Body Language

One popular fact that you probably know by now is that most human communication occurs through body language. In a world like ours, particularly when it comes to dating, understanding body language is a valuable skill, especially to determine if men, who are notoriously known as poor communicators, are interested in you.

Think of a person’s body language as the gatekeeper to their inner thoughts. Through their posture, smiles, head tilts, and other cues, you can gain an approximate understanding of what they are thinking. One of the cool things about a person’s body language is its ability to reveal an interest they have yet to register in their conscious mind. So, understanding each sign means opening your eyes to a wealth of unfiltered information.

Body Language Signs to Look Out for When Men are Interested in You

You don’t have to be a psychology expert to pick up on signals that could inform your decision, especially when it involves your romantic life. Yes, none of these is infallible, and sometimes, you could misread them. But unless you are dealing with a spy, most of these signs will reveal what years of research have shown – the man is interested in you.

1. He Smiles a Lot

Short of standing up and declaring in a moment out of a 2000s rom-com, you will not get a better indicator through body language that a man is interested in you. Yes, you might want to get acquainted with the different kinds of smiles out there, but most of what you will get from a man often covey interest.

If the smile is pointed at you, if it is full, going from ear to ear, and it happens a lot, even before you say a word to each other, or if you get an endless stream of smiles from him, there is a strong chance that man is not just interested in you, he has strong feelings too.

2. He Often Leans in Your Direction

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Unless you are dealing with a masochist, most people want to spend time with people they enjoy. So, if you find yourself in the company of men and one or a couple are leaning in your direction, that body language might signify interest.

The exciting thing about this sign is it often happens unconsciously. It is one of the most natural and raw human reactions to attractiveness and interest. Therefore, you do not have to worry about him faking it. Wherever you are, in a bar or at work, if a guy leans towards you, he most likely has some interest in you.

3. He Adjusts Himself When You are Near

No one is exempt from the desire to look our best when we are around those we respect and care about. The story is no different for a man who likes you, even if he is, overall, a slob. There is still a subconscious desire to look his best when you are around, reflected through his behavior when you walk into his environment.

He will try to adjust things like posture, dress, and look to present himself in a way he hopes you find attractive. That is, of course, if you are not his boss. If you are, chances are it is more about looking presentable in front of authority, which is quite different.

4. He Stumbles over His Words

Most people develop speech anxiety when they are speaking in front of a group. The general idea is we get nervous when we feel like we are getting judged. That uneasy feeling is not limited to public speaking, and it can be a revealing body language for men.

Suppose a man stumbles over his words when talking to you? in that case, he likely really wants you to think highly of him, and his nervousness is overriding his speech pattern. If you are the kind that values unwavering confidence in your men, it might be off-putting, but at least you will walk away knowing he likes you.

5. He Licks his Lips

Ever noticed your mouth gets extra saliva when you smell or see good food? That is where the phrase, mouth-watering comes from. Believe it or not, the same biological function applies to men when they are interested in women. Studies show that a man’s salivary testosterone increases when he is attracted to a woman.

With excess saliva, a man might lick his lips to get rid of the excess. Now, he could do it cutely or creepily. Either way, you will come out of the moment, knowing he has some interest in you.

6. Sits with His Legs Spread Around You

Manspreading can be annoying. It can also reveal when men are interested in you. When a man sits with feet widths apart, his body language communicates openness and vulnerability, which can mean he has an emotional interest in you.

Naturally, it would be best if you considered the context. If he is sitting in a tight space, he might merely be seeking comfort. If he has poor posture, it could be part of a bad sitting habit. You can think of this as one of those signs that need to be evaluated with others for proper analysis.

7. He often wants to touch you

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The idea behind understanding men and their body language is peeling back the mystery behind the subtlety. This sign is one of those times when the truth is ridiculously overt. When a man often wants to touch you or feel you, you can bet there is plenty of romantic interests bubbling under the surface.

It often comes from a desire to be close to you. If you are the type that overthinks, it can also reveal a hidden trait of clinginess. However, instead of jumping the gun, you should take it as a sign of interest and let time unravel the rest.

8. Tries to Make Himself Taller

This is one body language based on his desire to portray himself as a worthy mate. For all our evolution, we, especially men, are all

still just animals who use body language to signal interest in a potential mate. As a male peacock would spread its feathers to communicate worthiness to surrounding females, so would a man make himself bigger and taller to achieve the same.

It is a behavior that stems from the fact women often equate height with strength and protection. A man who consistently tries to make himself taller and bigger than he is around you is likely a man who likes you.

9. His pupils get enlarged when he sees you

Figuring this out could be a brief period where you have to look into his eyes (a sign of attraction). But if you are hell-bent on determining if men are interested in you, this is an accurate body language to observe. It is one of those impossible to fake signs that often mean what they suggest.

Multiple studies over the years, have shown that our pupils get dilated, i.e., enlarged, when we are attracted to something or someone. Just be sure he is not on drugs or suffering from any of these conditions before making your final verdict.

10. He stares a lot at you

This physical demonstration is another body language sign that reveals when men are interested in you. When a man stares at you, not occasionally but repeatedly, chances are, he is smitten.

Not just in a casual sense, either. There is often a primal drive to it, which can be entirely sexual or out of intense romantic feeling. Sadly, as illuminating as this sign can be, it can also be a nightmare when you don’t feel the same way.

11.  He tries to stay civil when you are around

The saying ‘Men will always be men’ may be outdated by several modern standards, but there is still some truth in it. When men are with their friends or colleagues, they can be a little rough in behavior and language. If he actively reins it in around you, even on a whim of your presence, it probably means he likes you.

It is one of those body languages that even men recognize, and chances are, before you notice, his friends have been teasing him relentlessly about it. If he behaves completely differently around you, and you are not his boss, that is most likely a man interested in you.

12.  His voice changes into a sweeter tone

Same group as the former. Note that the thematic idea is a man wants to present the best version of himself when he likes you. Changing from an abrasive, coarse tone to a gentler and sweeter tone is a body language used to communicate vulnerability and sexual desire when a man is interested in you.

He wants you to feel comfortable and protected around him. It is fakeable, but there is always an intuitive transition that distinguishes that it is real if you listen closely. On its own, it is not indisputable evidence, but paired with other signs (there will be others when it is real), you will know when he is interested in you.

13. Tries to stay focused when talking to you

Men are Interested Through Their Body Language
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Whether it is work or sports, when a person has a strong interest in something, they pay close attention to it. When a man is interested in you, he will give you his undivided focus. There won’t be phone distractions, interrupting your stories to watch the game, or abandoning the conversation.

When there is a reason to do any of these, he will usually lead or follow it with an apology before he returns to giving you his undivided attention. When you notice these, chances are you are talking to a man who likes you.

14.  He raises his eyebrows when you are in the room

It may seem unusual, but what he does with his eyebrows when you are around can indicate his interest in you. When you like someone, you want more of them. That feeling reflects in the increase of the eyes’ aperture, causing an involuntary raising of the eyebrows.

Called the Eyebrow Flash, it is a universal signal of attraction that often lasts one-sixth of a second. Try and look out for other signs, though, as he might be using it to signal the attention of a presumed friend or acquaintance. So, be sure they don’t think you are someone else before you start planning a wedding in your head.

15. He is very ‘erect’

Let’s be frank, of all the body language signs that men are interested in you, not many have the explicit nature of an erect mickey. It is a body organ with a ‘mind of its own,’ often responding to brain signals that are yet to be processed consciously.

But it is not just the mickey. Other parts can also tighten and stand in accord, such as muscles, and as we mentioned earlier, height. If he makes a point of standing upright, with tensed muscles, that is a man with some significant interests in you.

Is it Possible to Fake Body Language?

Nonverbal communication, another phrase for body language, makes up a significant percentage of human interaction. If you are dealing with men who understand this, they have most likely also learned to fake their body language, just as people lie with words.

But do not go into the world with the belief it is that straightforward. Besides the fact that you can’t fake every body language, not everyone faking it is doing so out of malice. For instance, men who suffer from low self-esteem can fake confidence by making themselves taller and adopting an open posture.

While these actions might signify an interest in you, that may not necessarily be the case. He could be doing so as part of dedicated practice for personal growth to come across as a confident individual. Therefore, it is necessary to treat body language has one half of the equation when determining someone’s interest in you. Make use of other enlightening signals like their conscious actions and words. Often, those who genuinely want you will communicate their desire via different modes of expression.

It is also worth noting that not everyone intentionally fakes their body language. Sometimes, some factors affect a man’s body language, causing them to send an unintended signal.

Are there Factors that Can Unintentionally Change A Man’s Body Language?

Men are Interested Through Their Body Language
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So, if a man is not intentionally manipulating his body language to signal interest in you, what else could be going on? Personal growth, which was mentioned earlier, is one example. A man who wants to come across as approachable, friendly and understanding can adopt signals like focused attention and open posture.

Other factors that can unintentionally influence a man’s body language include happiness, sadness, stress, nervousness, and anxiety. These and other emotions can have an unintended impact on how a man relates to you, either positively or negatively. The word ‘negatively’ is used because certain emotions such as sadness or stress, as well as nervousness and anxiety, can make a man seem uninterested in you.

However, the good news is, with the positive signs, it takes a lot more than one body language signal to determine if men are not interested in you. Some of them include –

  • Being physically closed off
  • Avoiding physical contact with you
  • Refusing to give you his complete attention
  • Looking bored around you
  • Acts more warmly around other women
  • Avoids making eye contact
  • Being unnecessarily mean

There are many more, but you get the idea. A repetition or consistency in the display of one or a combination of these actions could suggest he is not into you. But just like the signs that suggest he is interested, you want to be sure they are not one-offs as those unintentional factors could be determining the direction of his body language.

Joanne Lawrence
Joanne Lawrence
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