Ideas for Creating Your Own Newlywed Game Questions To Play With Friends and Family

The Newlywed Game questions are a selection of questions asked during the Newlywed Game which is a fun party game where the couple is quizzed on diverse interests ranging from their impression of themselves to each other’s favorite food with the goal of finding out who knows their spouse better.

The Newlywed Game is a party game and is wildly considered a wedding activity that has the capacity to spice up any wedding-related gathering. The game can be played during the bridal shower/bachelor’s eve or at the wedding reception. Even though most newlyweds would know much about each other, it’s still unlikely that they will get all the questions correctly and this is what makes the game fun!

As a newlywed or someone who is about to walk down the aisle, bouts of excitement will surround you. This is especially true for the ladies. A lot of friends, family, and relatives will be converging from different places to grace the occasion with their presence and the whole ceremony would be filled with high expectations for the newlywed or to-be couple. However, one of the activities that make the wedding ceremony an interesting one for both the guests and the couple is the newlywed game questions and we’ve compiled different newlywed game tips and questions to make your big day a memorable one.

Who Can Play Newlywed Game Questions?

The Newlywed games as the name implies are designed mainly for the couple but with the new trends we now have, the games have been modified to include not just the couple but also the audience – family members and friends. The main reason for this is to promote interaction among the guests, as well as the couple at the event.

On this note, it is important to choose close family members and friends who know the couple very well to make the game more fun. More so, to make the games more interesting, gifts can be given out to winners, or they can choose to go with the ‘dare option’ to bail themselves out.

Where Can You Play The Newlywed Game?

Traditionally, newlywed games are played mainly at the wedding reception as they are sure ways to turn any boring wedding party into an exciting one. All you have to do is pick the right moment to introduce the game during the party to get everyone’s attention.

However, beyond wedding receptions, these games are now being played at several other events, including bridal showers in order to inject more fun at the event. More so, these rib-cracking games can be modified to be played during wedding anniversary celebrations, as well as date nights to add more excitement to the events.

Best Newlywed Game Questions Couple Can Play At A Wedding Reception

Newlywed game questions

The wedding reception is a perfect time to play newlywed games in order to unwind and get into the party mood. A series of questions have been coined to give the bride and groom a magical moment and interestingly, these questions can be asked during the popular Wedding Shoe Game.

To play this game, the couple will sit before the audience with their backs against each other. The MC of the event would go ahead to ask them a couple of questions and they are expected to answer together by lifting the shoe that corresponds with the answer.

Here are some of the fun newlywed game questions to ask the couple:

1. Who said I love you first?

2. Who made the first move?

3. Who has better handwriting?

4. Who dresses better?

5. Who is the better dancer?

6. Whose phone battery always has more of a charge?

7. Who says I love you more?

8. Who is more likely to be running late?

9. Who is the better cook?

10. Who got the best grades in school?

11. Who do you love more than anyone in the world?

12. Which spouse did most of the wedding planning?

13. Who is more of a party animal?

14. Which spouse is more stubborn?

15. Which spouse is more of a flirt?

Newlywed Game questions
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More Newlywed Game Questions

Other newlywed game questions may require the couple to write down their answers. Here are sample questions for this part of the game:

1. Where would your partner like to go on their next vacation after the honeymoon?

2. Which of your habits does your partner most dislike about you?

3. If your partner could only bring one thing besides you to a desert island, what would it be?

4. What’s your partner’s favorite season?

5. What is the groom’s least favorite meal the bride prepares?

6. What is the groom’s favorite color?

7. What was the groom’s first car?

8. When and how did you start dating?

9. What is the Groom’s favorite game?

10. How many children does the groom want?

11. How many children does the bride want?

12. What is your partner most looking forward to doing at your honeymoon destination?

13. What is your partner’s least favorite thing to eat?

14. Where did you share your first romantic kiss?

15. What is your partner’s favorite movie?

Although the guests would be only spectators during the game, they are sure to have some good laughs by the response from the couple, especially when their answers do not correspond.

Newlywed Game Questions Can Also Be Played At A Bridal Shower

Newlywed game show

A bridal shower is designed for the bride-to-be and her girls to have a good time before she leaves the spinsterhood and with a few game ideas, this event will turn out just fine.

Other Newlywed Games You Can Play 

A couple of games that can be played during this event include the following:

1. The “Drink If” Game

This game is quite simple and fun to play as it involves a lot of drinking amongst the ladies. All you need to play this game is an array of healthy drinks, as well as a series of cards with different kinds of notes written on them. A card is pulled from the collection and passed round, if the details on it apply to the reader, she gets to drink before passing the card. An example of a question in this regard could be, “Drink if you’ve known the bride for 5 years,” “Drink if you’ve visited the couple’s honeymoon destination,” “Drink if you’ve dated a guy with the same name as the groom” etc.

2. A Panty Party

The panty party game is a fun game a bride and her bridesmaids can play during a bridal shower. It simply entails each bridesmaid coming along with a pair of pants which best describes the bride’s personality. These panties will be hung on a clothesline without the bride watching and she would be asked to turn around and guess which bridesmaids bought her which pair of pants. To make it more fun, the bride would have to take a shot anytime she fails to identify who gave her which panties.

3. Ring Hunt Game

Ring hunt is an adventurous but interesting game that a bride to be and her ladies would love to play. All you have to do is hide several rings at the location of the party and ask the ladies to find it. Together with the rings, you can also attach notes which dares the girl to do something in order to keep the ring. The lady with the most rings who completes all her dares will be declared the winner!

4. How Well Do You Know the Bride Game

This game is a test to know who knows the bride very well. It’s a competitive and fun game to play, especially if the bride’s childhood friends or long-term acquaintances are in attendance at the party. A series of questions about the queen of the day is compiled and the person who gets the most points is crowned the queen’s BFF.

5. Adult Pictionary

Pictionary games are best played in teams, so, divide your guest into teams of 2s or 3s. Get each team to demonstrate or draw a random picture, word, phrase whilst others guess what she is trying to say. This game is fun because all naughty phrases and acts can be included and it is sure to make the audience have a good laugh while guessing the answer.

Other Newlywed Games Involving the Couple At The Wedding Reception 

Instead of having a traditional wedding reception where guests just sit, maybe dance, and watch the couple, you can spice up the event by engaging your guests in a couple of fun games. There are several wedding games for guests but some ideas you can choose from include:

1. Wheel of Fun

To create a platform for your guests to interact, the Wheel of Fun is the best option to go with. It can be achieved by creating a wheel of activities and guests will be invited to spin the wheel. Creative ideas for the activities that can be included are: ‘Show Us Your Best Dance Moves’, ‘Pick a Couple to Kiss’, and ‘Ask The Bride & Groom To Kiss’ among others.

2. Where Were We?

For this game, the host of the event will hang a couple of pictures of the bride and groom taken at different places. The guests would be asked to guess where the couple might have taken each picture. Their response can be written down and given to the host to announce. for every correct answer, a gift will be given to the person.

3. Paper Bride

For a fashionista bride, playing paper bride at her wedding would be very exciting. The guests would be divided into teams and provided with lots of toilet paper and one person in each team will pose as a model for the others to construct a wedding dress. At the end of the activity, the bride will pick the dress she likes from the available samples.

4. Dart Art Station

A dart art station at a wedding reception is a unique activity that the couple, especially if they are art lovers, would cherish for the rest of their lives. To pull off this game, hang several canvases at the designated art station and attach water balloons which will be filled with different colors. A dart-throwing section will be positioned about a couple of meters away and the guests will be allowed to throw darts at the canvas. These darts will pop the balloons and splash paint on the canvas which will give you a beautiful piece of art. The couple takes this piece home as a memorial.

5. Bride and Groom Trivia

This fun game involves the bride and groom leaving pieces of paper with questions about their lives at each guest’s seat. Guests would answer the questions and submit their slips to the MC who would read the answers. The guests with the correct answers will be given the centerpieces on their respective tables to take home.

How To Make The Newlywed Game Questions More Personalized & Fun For Your Occasion

There are many ways to get started with the newlywed game and one of them is to ask spontaneous questions during the reception. However, this method may not be too convenient, especially for newlywed games played at the wedding reception as the couple would need time to think before providing their answers. This makes it quite a tricky and slow method. So, to get the best out of newlywed/couple games, it is necessary to prepare for the games and the steps to follow include the:

Step 1: Select a host

A very important tip to ensure a successful and fun-filled newlywed game session involves choosing a host. This person who could be the MC of the event would be in charge of asking the questions and at times, chipping in some hilarious remarks to make the game more entertaining.

Step 2: Prepare a list of questions ahead of time

The host of the event should draft a list of questions to ask the couple and send it to them. The bride-to-be, as well as the groom, will answer the questions separately and send in their answers which the MC will keep until the wedding reception when all will be revealed.

Step 3: Get a notepad to record the score

Keeping the scores during the newlywed couple games is important as the person with the most points will emerge as the winner. This can simply be done by the MC on a piece of paper or notepad during the course of the game.

Benefits Of Playing Newlywed Game Questions

Newlywed games are notable for providing an insight into the relationship of the couple for the observers, as well as the participants. The questions can be tailored to cover simple facts about the couple’s preferences, personalities – down to details of their love life.

More so, these games are known to spice up wedding receptions, as well as bridal showers. They encourage socialization among the guests while serving as a source of entertainment and great laughs. To achieve all these feats, it is also important to keep the questions as simple as possible and avoid any subject that might cause an awkward situation for both the couple and the audience.

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