Orlando Brown Jr Parents: Get To Know Mira Brown And Orlando Brown Sr

Orlando Brown Jr’s parents are Mira Brown and Orlando Brown Sr. While not much is known about his mom Mira, we know that Orlando Sr. was a football player who played as an offensive tackle before getting into the restaurant business. He later passed away in 2011.

It is unknown when Mira and Orlando Sr got married, but they had their famous son on May 2nd, 1996. Orlando Jr would take after his old man by having a career as a football player, playing as an offensive tackle in the National Football League. The 28-year-old Super Bowl champion has so far played for the Baltimore Ravens (2018–2020), Kansas City Chiefs (2021–2022), and Cincinnati Bengals (2023–present).

Meet Orlando Brown Jr’s Mother, Mira

  • Name: Mira Brown
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American

Orlando Brown Jr’s mother is Mira Brown. Despite having a son who is a famous athlete, absolutely nothing is known about her. It’s only known that she is named Mira Brown and birthed a future Super Bowl champion in 1996 with Orlando Brown Sr.

Orlando Brown Jr’s Dad, Orlando Brown Sr. was an Athlete

  • Name: Orlando Brown Sr
  • Date of Birth: 1970
  • Date of Death: 2011
  • Age at Death: 41 Years old
  • Occupation: Pro Football Player, Restauranteur

Orlando Brown Sr. was born in 1970 in the Washington, D.C., area of the United States. Much about Orlando Sr’s early life is not known, including the identity of his parents and whether or not he had any siblings. What is known is that he was an American by nationality and African-American by ethnicity.

Orlando Sr attended H.D. Woodson Senior High School, where he excelled in sports, particularly football. He would go on to enroll at South Carolina State University, where he continued his exploits in football as a college athlete. What he studied there is, however, not known, and it is not clear if he was able to finish at the institution.

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Orlando Sr. Played in the NFL

The dream of every college athlete is to one day make it as a professional through the draft. Unfortunately for Orlando Sr, he was unable to live this dream as he went undrafted in 1993. He would, however, still make it to the NFL as an undrafted free agent, signing with the Cleveland Browns.

Orlando Jr’s father spent three seasons with the Browns, playing as an Offensive tackle before joining the Baltimore Ravens. He gained a reputation on the field as an intimidating and energetic player thanks to his height of about 6 feet 5 inches and weight of 360 lbs. This led to his teammates nicknaming him Zeus.

Brown would go on to play for a few more seasons before retiring. The money he made from his playing career went a long way in helping him get into the restaurant business. He notably set up the first Fatburger franchise in the city of Maryland.

Orlando Brown Jr’s Father Died in 2011

Orlando Brown Sr was looking forward to watching his son play college football before one day making it to the NFL when he was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis, an acute, major, life-threatening complication of diabetes that occurs when the body produces excess blood acids (ketones) but not enough insulin.

Orlando Brown’s father lived with the condition for a short while before he passed on. According to reports, he was found dead in his Baltimore home on the 23rd of September 2011. A state medical examiner’s report stated that it was indeed complications of diabetic ketoacidosis that led to Brown’s death and that there was no foul play as once suspected. He was about 41 years old at the time.

Were Orland Brown Jr’s Parents Married?

Details about Mira and Orlando Brown’s life together are unclear. While there are a few reports that say they were once married, that does not seem to be the case. It appears that the duo were only dating when they welcomed a child together but never got around to tying the knot.

It is said that Orlando Jr has four siblings, but it is not clear if they are a product of his parent’s relationship or their relationships with other people. Regardless, nothing is known about any of them.

Orlando Brown was Greatly Inspired by His Dad

Orlando Brown Sr. is the major reason his son was able to play in the NFL as an offensive tackle, following in his footsteps. The junior Brown acknowledges this and always does his best whenever he is out on the field. He also often talks about his inspiration, most notably when he is faced with a decision to play in another position.

In addition to living his father’s dreams on the field, Orlando Jr’s has not let go of his father’s memories. He has done this by joining efforts with the largest type one diabetes research network in the world, TrialNet, to raise awareness about the prevention of the disease.

It is said that relatives of people with type 1 diabetes have a very high chance of ending up with the disease. One of Orlando’s siblings reportedly has the disease, which further prompted him to work towards creating awareness about screening and prevention research.

Orlando Brown Jr. has personally been able to get more than 225,000 relatives of type 1 diabetes victims to participate in screening and studies on TrialNet.

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