Rod Wave Kids: How Many Are His Children and Who are They?

Rod Wave’s children are two; they are twin daughters named Kash and Mocha Green, who were born in 2020 by his ex-girlfriend, Kelsey Dee Coleman.

Rod Wave’s daughters are currently 4 years old and pretty much stay out of the spotlight with limited social media appearances. This does not come as a surprise given that their father is one that tightly shields his private life no matter the level of fame that his music career has brought him.

Rod Wave and his Ex-Girlfriend, Kelsey, Welcomed Twin Daughters in 2020

Rod Wave has two children and they are the product of his relationship with a lady named Kelsey Dee Coleman. Coleman is African American, just like the rapper. She is also a native of Florida, like him, and is probably in the same age range as him. Rod Wave and Kelsey were together for a long period of time, but they protected their romance from the public.

Even after Rod Wave shot to fame in 2019 with hit singles such as Heart On Ice, Kelsey still maintained a private lifestyle. She never joined her beau on the red carpet for media appearances. She also kept her identity hidden on social media as this was the lifestyle she and her man preferred.

Social media sleuths were, however, able to lay their hands on some pictures of the couple together. Rod Wave also referenced his girlfriend in some of his tracks. In his 2020 song, Thug Motivation, he revealed that his girlfriend was pregnant with twins. He described it as a blessing and a win after so many losses.

The couple would later welcome their child sometime in 2020, and it was perfect as the pandemic meant that Rod Wave slowed down in his career and got to spend time with his family.

Some reports have it that the twins were born in 2021, but 2020 is more reasonable. The track Thug Motivation, where Kelsey’s pregnancy was mentioned, was released in January 2020. Therefore, biologically, she must have had the kids that same year.

Meet Rod Wave’s Twin Daughters


  • Date of birth: 2020
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Mother: Kelsey Dee Coleman

Rod Wave has twin daughters, and their official names have never been revealed. It is, however, believed that they are named Kash and Mocha Green. We do not know if the girls are identical or not. We also do not know who is older. It is, however, certain that the birth of Kash and her sister has irrevocably changed the life of their dad.

In an interview in 2022, Rod Wave revealed that having girls changed the way that he viewed the world. Whenever the rapper sees a girl, he recognizes the fact that she is someone’s daughter. Such a mindset definitely means that he will now be more empathetic to issues affecting women.

Mocha Green

  • Date of birth: 2020
  • Age: 4
  • Mother: Kelsey Dee Coleman

Another of Rod Wave’s twin daughters is named Mocha Green. Specific details about her do not exist in the public space, but there is no doubt that her father would lavish a lot of love on her and her sister. For one, he now has the material resources to provide for them after growing up in poverty.

Beyond the money, he also carves time out of his busy career to be home. Rod Wave once revealed that he was frequently on the move, but now that his twin girls have arrived, traveling and being on the road was losing its appeal as he wished he could be home with his kids.

Mocha Green and her sister Kash may be celebrity kids but their parents take care to shield them from the spotlight. Their social media appearances are few and far between. However, on one occasion, their father brought them on his Instagram live session. They were playing with him in his car while a popular kiddie’s song was playing in the background. This gave fans a confirmed glimpse of Rod Wave’s children.

Rod Wave Was Arrested for Assaulting his Children’s Mother in 2022

For a good period of time, Rod Wave and Kelsey had an enviable relationship. However, it is almost certain now that the couple is no longer together. In May 2022, Rod Wave was arrested for choking Kelsey in front of their kids at her home in Osceola County, Florida.

According to the police, the rapper went to Kelsey’s home to accuse her of speaking to other men. He then throttled her in front of their kids until she could barely breathe. He then let her go and left.

Rod Wave later returned to the house shortly and accused his ex of stealing his two phones. He damaged some things inside the house before leaving once more. Kelsey was forced to call the cops, and her report indicated that she and the rapper were not dating at that time.

Rod Wave was arrested and charged, but he made bail. The charges were later dropped. It is hard to tell whether he and Kelsey have gotten back together, but they will have to maintain good relations for the sake of the children they have together.


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