Secrets To Writing Love Poems For Him (Step By Step Guide With Pictures)

Looking for a unique way to show your boyfriend how much you care? Writing love poems for him will definitely work the magic. A well-written love poem speaks volumes about how much you care and it’s even better when the person occupies a special spot in your life. But make no mistake about it, writing a love poem for the one you love might sound simple but there are guidelines you must follow if you want the outcome to be everything you wished for. Such steps will help you find a form for your poem, as well as hit the jackpot by pouring out your emotions in the right order.

Guidelines For Writing a Love Poem For Him

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Before you decide to write a love poem for your boyfriend, something must have inspired the idea. Perhaps you have a few favorite poems or just stumbled upon some good ones and want to write one for your love interest. It’s okay to draw inspiration from these samples while making them unique by bringing in personal details. Below are some steps to guide you.

Make Up Your Mind About the Poetic Form

There are many options to choose from when you want to write a poem. Not that there is any pressure to write like a professional here, but when you round up your favorite poems, you will be able to know if you want to write sestinas like Algernon Charles Swinburne, sonnets like William Shakespeare or just go with the good old free verse like TS Elliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”. Whatever you choose will be your guide to begin the creative work that is about to go down.

Gather the Facts

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Facts are what will help you build your perfect poem and make it appear personal. Thus, it is important to gather all the data you need to express your true feeling for that special person in your life. First off, you need to think of your subject of love and the reason you want to write the poem in the first place. What do you like about your boyfriend? Write the details down. Also, what do you want to achieve by writing this piece? Understanding the reason you want to express your feelings in a poem will help the words flow when you get down to writing.

Draw an Outline For The Poem

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The same way you draw a plan for a building project, writing a love poem for him requires you to map out a strategy to make your creative efforts perfect. Don’t just jump into it because you might end up derailing from the angle you want to pursue it. Knowing the kind of feelings you want to express in your poem also helps in making the decision about the form you want to use for your poem. After gathering your facts together, draw an outline to guide you by arranging the facts in a way that best captures what you feel. Such an outline can look like this:

  • Trace the beginning of your love story with him.
  • Include important details like the first date you guys had and the first kiss you shared with him.
  • Vividly describe the emotions you felt during the early days of your relationship and work it down to the present stage.
  • Refer to a particular fun memory you had together or something he did for you, even if it seems very trivial.
  • Mention how you cherish him in your life and the impact he has made on you.
  • Highlight the personal traits that you love the most about him.
  • You can also add your challenges in the relationship as no union is perfect but in the end, cherish the way you two have handled your differences.
  • Be sure to conclude with emphasis on how strong you guys have grown in love and the fact that you keep growing stronger over time.

Write the Poem

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You have gathered your facts and laid an outline for the poem, it is now time to create the poem that best captures your feelings. The facts listed below will help you make the most of the information you are working with.

  • Such a poem should be written in the first person because it is personal.
  • It is also important to maintain the form you decided on before writing the poem. Going from a free verse to a sonnet might not be a good idea.
  • Literary devices like simile and metaphor help in turning your poem into a creative work of art. You can go the extra mile by personalizing them with things that are peculiar to the two of you.
  • A better way to include special memories of the two of you in the poem is to use sensory details with the help of the five senses (sound, sight, taste, touch, and smell). A good example is instead of saying “I missed you while you were away”, you can say “The nights were longer than usual, and waking up without feeling the warmth of your embrace or hearing the sound of your breath was the worst part”
  • Unique descriptions should replace cliches. These should include familiar terms and phrases that you and your partner often use or events that are unique to the two of you.

Read the Finished Poem Out Loud to Yourself

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When you have finished writing your poem, read it out to yourself and get the feel of how it would sound to another person. If you are convinced that your feelings are well represented in the poem, present the finished work to your partner. You can place it on the coffee table at home or on his pillow to make it look like a surprise. Also, personal decorations on the material used in writing the poem can suggest you care a lot.

How To Spice Things Up While Writing Love Poems For Him

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It is one thing to write a good poem for him by simply following the rules but there are certain techniques that will spice things up if you apply them. Beyond having good writing skills, the following ideas can turn your poem into a masterpiece and spice things up while writing love poems for him.

Let it Come From the Heart

Pouring out your feelings can be easier when you are writing them down so why not make the most of that. Also, the best love poems are usually the ones that come from the heart. In this case, pointing out the different ways you think he is special will be a good idea. Focus on the good qualities you like about him, including being a good listener, caring, generous, and supportive. Be sure to make it clear that you appreciate the things he does to make you happy.

Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable

The moment you start expressing your feelings, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position and it’s okay. Try not to hold back. This is not the time to play tough as you might mean you cannot freely express your feelings in the poem. Allow your feminine side to take over as you pour out your heart in the lines of the poem you are writing for him.

Make Use of Hyperboles But Don’t Overindulge

Exaggerated facts like “I love you to the moon and back” boost the quality of your poem and make it more lively. Hyperboles are good in poems because they help you express your feelings better and make a strong statement while at it. While you may not exactly go to the moon for any reason, the words send a clear message of how deep your feelings for the person are. Notwithstanding, don’t use this figure of speech too much to avoid coming across as a joke.

Use a Rhyming Form

While rhymes are good in poems, don’t make them appear cheesy by overdoing them. Whether you use a perfect rhyme, slant rhyme, or any other type of rhyme you want, rhyme scheme can make your poem a fun piece to read. You can go with the pattern of using the same sound at the end of each line or stanza and you can eighter change the sounds after a stanza or continue to the end. Overall, you don’t need to work yourself up about rhymes, if you can’t do it, let it be.

Leverage Fond Memories You Have With Your Boyfriend

Always include any memory that will resonate with your partner while writing love poems for him. It could be as far back as the first time you met and the circumstances surrounding the meeting. You can also take him down memory lane by writing about a vacation you embarked on together or a particular time he was very supportive. In all, try to focus on the positive memories and make it detailed by describing specific things about the memory, like what he was wearing on a particular day.

Avoid cliches

If you have heard it from several sources, it’s a cliche, and using such phrases (like “roses are red…”) will take away the personal touch from your poem. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use such expressions. In any case, you can try making yours unique by knowing the message which the cliche is trying to pass across and find original words to personalize it. Memories with your boyfriend can help you out here. You can also use his personal traits to replace some of the common ideas in the expression. Overall, when you stumble on cliches, try to understand what they are trying to say and use personal facts to make it appear original.

Apply the Use of Humor and Wits

Never underestimate the power of humor. If you really want to make the effort count, don’t be stiff in writing love poems for him. Crack a few jokes and get your wits on in the lines to ensure you get a smile from him while reading the poem. You can use the memories you share together or things that make him laugh to infuse a good joke in the piece and watch him light up while reading the poem.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to be someone else or sound like a particular poet because you think they are cool. Allow your real personality to reflect in the lines of the poem as this is the only way you can genuinely express your feelings.

Compare Positively

Every relationship has ups and downs but how the couple handles the challenges is what matters in the end. While writing a love poem for your boyfriend, you can compare where you guys started from and the journey so far to where you are at the moment, pointing out the positive outcome, and looking at a brighter future.

Some Questions You Might Have About Writing Love Poems For Him and Their Answers

Q: How do I start a love poem?

A: Oftentimes, starting a poem is the most difficult part as you may lack ideas or words to begin, and sometimes, an overflow of emotions can cause this dilemma. Nevertheless, a good way to start your poem is to write down all the ideas that come to your mind and while going through them, you will surely get some kind of inspiration.

Q: What should I include in a love poem for my husband on our anniversary?

A: Depending on the anniversary, 5th, 10th, 15th, or as the case may be, leverage the memories you two have shared together during your time as a couple. Don’t forget to compare where you are coming from to where you are while focusing on the positive parts.

Q: My boyfriend is a teenager, how do I impress him with a poem?

A: First of all, make a list of the things you like about him and find a way to include them in the lines of the poem. You can also use past memories if you have known him for a long time but in the absence of that, use the things that are familiar to the two of you to express your feelings.

Q: Is it okay to write a love poem for my boyfriend?

A: It is absolutely fine to surprise your partner with a love poem. In fact, it adds some spices to the relationship.

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